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    ((We'll meet in an alleyway.

    To avoid confusion and delay, I'll post as the employer as well as my own character, FalloutGirl can take command whenever she desires, if anyone doesn't have anything to object I'll start)).

    "Nobody" .

    The Ripper was staring through the coffee shop window, no one was there.

    "Might it be a trap?" Drake thought, in that same moment, his phone buzzed.

    Change of location, alley next to StreetPark 11, can't miss it, waiting for you there"

    "This better be a damn joke" The Ripper said, slightly frustrated, he hated being played in this way.

    He started walking away from the coffee shop and directed himself towards the alley, surprisingly, it was just opposite to the alley where he had murdered the assassin.

    "Fate can be a funny thing you know Drake?" The Ripper stated while sighing, hopefully, they wouldn't have gone near that alleyway, his black hoodie and jeans easily mixed him with the other civilians.

    "And I'll also need to change into my work clothes again" The Ripper said, even more frustrated than before


    He reached the alley, he saw a man, sitting on a chair next to a table which didn't seem to belong there, Ripper couldn't see him clearly, he slowly advanced with his trench coat on and his civilian attire in his backpack.

    "Ah, you must be one of the criminals I contacted" the man said without standing from his chair.

    "Take a seat, wait for the others to come" He continued, with a calm and reassuring voice.

    "Others?" Ripper asked confused

    "Yes, you're not the only one in this operation, no one could lone wolf this one Drake Ellerton" The man responded in a calm voice.

    "HOW DOES HE KNOW MY NAME" Rippers confused mind said, but after a minute, he decided to sit down next to the man and wait for the others to arrive.

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    Quote from Mecha_Kn1ght»


    ((psssh, we're aiming for teh staaarz))
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    Quote from Ampulugator»

    (( I love that plot. Now add in some NPC mooks and we're good to go ))

    ((We still need to see with falloutgirl though))

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    Banned for liking 5 nights at freddies

    rest in kill boyo

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    ((Plot Idea:

    In this city, something is happening.

    Crime, is finally grouping together.

    But some criminals understand, their can't be organized crime, without justice.

    Some gangs needed to be higher than others, so that everything remained clear, criminals needed a leader, someone they could look up to, someone who's only name struck fear into people's hearts.

    A gang war is brewing.

    But not a simple battle between 2 gangs.

    This is complete war, between all the gangs.

    The former leader of the strongest gang has died, and it is our time to assemble our own gang, get on top of the food chain, but our little gang had something special in mind......

    A certain person not only wants to become gang leader of all, but he also wants to become the Kingpin of this city, he want's to get close to leading it.

    And that's what we are here for, hired by this man to be part of his special army, his army of criminals and killers. He wanted to form the Alpha group, the group that would lead him to being king of the city by defeating other gangs, corrupting cops, gaining information and finally making the government of the city fall under his command.

    We will be robbing, killing, Hijacking trains and cars, hacking, spying, assassinating, all to reach the final goal….

    Gain the equipment and info to infiltrate the Glass tower, a skyscraper in the middle of the city, guarded by the government, it contains all information, bank codes, money, everything in a criminal's dream and especially....The throne to the city

    Come one then, we got a government to take down.

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    ((Oh, and I know this might sound stupid, but what if we gave our personal idea on a plot-line to falloutgirl? I mean, I have had various experiences writing books and I have made my fair share of role plays since my first years here on the forum and even managed to make a simple monster hunting RP to have a deep lore I didn't even imagine I could have created.

    from there falloutgirl can modify and tinker with our idea's and get one which she really likes))

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    ((But I want The Ripper to keep ripping D:

    keep the role play up!))

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    Quote from Ampulugator»

    ((gotta love the friendly neighbourhood psycho))

    ((Thx for the inspiration))
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    Quote from Ampulugator»

    ((well that escalated quickly))

    ((Bam, Psyco criminal in action))
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    "I SWEAR, I WON'T DO IT AGAIN, I WON'T MESS WITH YOU AGAIN, I SWEAR" yelled the hired gun as he stumbled backwards into a deserted alley, pure terror in his eye's, fear was spread all over his face, gripping and contorting it into terrifying expressions.

    A shadow was in front of the man, a sinister shadow, it was slowly pacing towards the assassin, cornering him in the dead end of the alley.

    The assassin tripped on something and fell backwards onto his back, his hip hitting something hard causing a throbbing pain in his right leg.



    "I don't think you understand" The shadow said calmly as he extracted a weapon from his trenchcoat, a crude, un-elegant and brutal weapon.

    The man saw the weapon and his pupils dilated even more.

    "NO, NO, I UNDERSTAND, I UNDERSTAND" he said, tears now coming down his face.

    The shadow held the weapon in front of himself, as if to admire it, as he came closer, a ray of light that penetrated through the tall urban buildings hit him, revealing his identity.

    It was The Ripper, wielding a butcher's hook.

    "You killed an entire family just to get my attention, you then came up to me, in my personal shack, thinking you and your beloved pistol could take me out" The Ripper threw the assassin's pistol in front of him, the former quickly grabbed, only to find out it was empty.

    "You know what all people that try to kill me have in common John?"

    The assassin sat there, cold sweat and tears down his face, wondering how The Ripper knew his name.

    "THEY'RE ALL DEAD!" The Ripper growled, finishing his sentence and rushing towards the assassin.

    "PLEASE, JUST ARREST ME, ANYTHING, BUT DON'T KILL ME!" The assassin screamed desperately as he saw The Ripper approaching.

    "men get arrested, DOGS GET PUT DOWN" and with that, The Ripper jammed the hook into the man's shoulder, creating a desperate and primal scream to erupt.


    "You really had to do that?" Drake asked from behind his mind as The Ripper was getting his phone out.

    The Ripper ignored the question and looked at his phone, he had received a message which specified the location of a coffee shop where to probably meet up with an anonymous individual.

    "Might it be the men who sent a killer after you?" Asked Drake as The Ripper felt his presence become stronger in his mind.

    "No, it couldn't, The man was working lone wolf, he hoped to sign a bounty only after killing me, to avoid bad impressions, I checked personally, he was such a dimwit" The Ripper responded, thinking logically who could have sent that message.

    "someone might be trying to hire us" The Ripper finally states as he started walking towards the exit of the alley, stepping over a dead body.

    "well, I think I can take care of the situation then" Drake stated, knowing he would have been used for social encounters.

    "No, you'll mess things up, when we're talking about killing, I'll do the work, you can try and order some coffee later if I feel like it" responded The Ripper.

    "Well, you still need to dress like a normal civilian, or, as you call it going "under disguise"" Drake stated.

    The Ripper realized he was right, he needed to change to his civilian attire.

    "I'll let you in control only when I say so, ok? No trying to take control" The Ripper told Drake as he started to get his civilian attire out of his backpack.

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    Quote from Ampulugator»

    ((after reading through the application in more detail, I can smell some influence from Ace))

    ((Now can you?

    but jokes aside, I didn't copy from anyone and I was more inspired by Jack the Ripper and Rorschach from Watchmen if I have to be honest)).

    ((Oh, and my App has been edited, sorry for my confusion, should be OK now))

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    Name: Drake Ellerton(?), prefers being called "The Ripper".

    Age: 29

    Gender: male

    Appearance: (below is an image)

    Drake is a slim and tall 1.9 meter man, he is obsessed by his criminal attire, considering the costume his real identity and his actual face just a disguise, his face is usually covered, but in those rare occasions where he takes his hat and mouth cloth off he reveals to have long, black hair, 2 eye's of different colour (one's green, the other blue).

    although rather thin, don't let his appearance fool you, he is strong and and can easily fight off even armed men, his slim physique also permits him to be fast and agile.


    Is obsessed by his mask and will do anything to not let his identity be known to the media, this may induce teamwork problems, but this never had been a problem for him since he usually works lone wolf.

    furthermore, he is difficult to relate to due to him having personality disorder.

    Past Experience In Crime:

    Bounty hunter, mercenary, killer for hire, currently a vigilante which uses lethal force.

    Main Skill: Master of hand-to-hand combat and many martial arts.

    Minor Skills: slightly proficient with guns, great eloquence when using other personality, great agility and flexibility, great at being stealthy and at disguising

    Short History: his past is dark and unknown, he has suffered many abuses as a child which lead him to being a schizophrenic killer which will be explained through-out the RP if anyone is interested.

    He has a few main personalities, his main one is "The Ripper". In this stage he is usually cold, silent, calculative, and smart. This is also one of the 3 personalities where he thinks killing is fine, although he does it only when necessary.

    His other personality is simply "Drake Ellerton", it unknown whether this is his real name though, in this stage he acts like a normal civilian, he is a great talker and can easily get out of bad situations simply by talking, in this form he is opposed to killing, when not patrolling the streets at night he usually is in this form, although the Ripper dislikes becoming Drake due to his soft nature, although he recognizes that it is sometimes necessary to infiltrate and mix with the population.

    His other form is a form that both Drake and the ripper dislike, he goes by different names, but both the ripper and Drake call him "The Butcher".

    The Butcher is unpredictable, blood thirsty and goes on killing spree's, he is usually evoked by accident once Drake or The Ripper get infuriated or badly hurt.

    He is disliked by Drake for being a murderer, and also disliked by The Ripper for being un-calculated, act in stupid and un-smart ways and do anything just to kill.

    Both The Ripper and The Butcher seem to have great surgical and anatomical knowledge, Both of them use this knowledge to torture and kill, However all this knowledge alongside fighting techniques seems to be lost once The Ripper or The Butcher become Drake.
    The smartest of the 3 is The Ripper, the least being The Butcher.

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    interesting :3, I think I will join if I get some time on my hands

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    Quote from CAN_Archer»

    Ooo... Because the Rolling Stone really are still at the prime and are ready to pump out albums again.


    No. There's a lot of crap on the radio now, there was a lot of crap on the radio then. Then were stupid celebrities and fake singers back then as well. If you need a modern music guide I can get you one.

    I never stated that rolling stones are still at their prime, I just said they were old but gold, but recently their singer is now throwing lots of crap and stuff to other bands for no reason which seems stupid to me and is changing what I thought was Mick Jagger.
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    Quote from TeamWoofel»

    Where's the Rolling Stones!? Definitely one of the best bands ever.

    I guess if I had to pick one of them, it'd be Imagine Dragons since I somewhat enjoy "Radioactive"

    But I really don't like any of these bands.

    Well, surely rolling stones have been a big part of rock, I personally love them, "paint it black", "Angie", all great songs, but now-a-days bands such as the rolling stones are slowly loosing their fame and slowly other bands and so called "celebrities" are taking their place, celebrity in bleeding quotation marks as of the term celebrity now is a very washed down version off what it used to mean......Looking at you Kim Kardashian.

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