About Me

For your information, I'm just a 16 year old broke student who still desperatley wants Shovel knight for his Wii U


my interests? well I love videogames, I play them whenever I have free time, I love music too, I don't have any pets because I travel the world a lot, though once I had a cute little cat...sadly she died due to unnatural causes. I love reading, I am a bookworm needless to say, I do some sports too, regular swimming and even in the gym once in a while.

top 5 favorite games:

1. The last of us
2. BioShock 1
3. borderlands 2
4. Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask
5. Hearthstone

favorite song: stairway to heaven

favorite bands (I'm quite old school, luckily for me I had friends who teached me to like music from the 60's, and if you're wondering, no I don't like modern pop music. The only modern bands I listen to are Indie rock bands) (this list changes frequently)

1. System of a Down
2. Nirvana
3. Blink 182
4. Led Zeppelin
5. Rolling stones

favorite books:

1. Metro 2033
2. Metro 2034
3. The shining
4. Eragon

Outside the things I have already descirbed I like Art in general, drawing and photography are my main interests, I have won the second national Italian prize in photography and I am now dedicating myself to improving my drawing skills (which are still lack-luster I may say)

I hope you got an idea of who I am, I am flattered if you read up until this point and I hope you have a good day.

Skills and more interests:

Guitar player
Bass player
Photographer (I have won a few prizes)
Drawer (Currently taking Art IGCSE)
MLG pro (I quikscoep all teh n00bs)

Rocker and Mod (didn't expect that in the 21 century ei?)
learning to compose music (amateur composer)

flute player

doorbell player (that one took me a few years to master)

(Mostly music related as you may have noticed)

Location In The Zone!!

Profile Information

Minecraft distruct1 Xbox NO PSN distruct10 Steam IIDISTRUCT1II

Contact Methods

Skype giordano.pinnelli