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    This is a tabard:

    Simple idea really.

    On some servers you might be on a certain team. If your on a certain team, you'll probably want to...look like your team or have a feeling of "team pride" (or you probably just want to easlily be able to find other members of the team or maybe look cool or whatever...)

    Anyways tabards would make it very easy to represent yourself to fellow server-goers. Here is how they would be crafted.

    All tabards need 2 leather and 1 wool of any color.

    This is how you craft a orange tabard...

    and this is how you craft a brown tabard...

    and a purple tabard.... I think you get the point. Tabards can be any color (as long as you have the dyes to make it that color of course.)

    They can not be enchanted and do not give any perks (besides austhetics of course.)

    They will have there own little slot beside ther armor slot and they do not stick to armor or anything so you can change tabards if you want to.

    Once you make your tabard you will be able to choose a design for your tabard (for instance, maybe one design to choose from is a creepers head. If you choose it, a black outline of a creepers head will appear on the front or back of your tabard. I dunno how many designs the tabard creater would be able to choose from. 20 maybe? All having something to do with minecraft...)

    If you want to change the design you have to go to a anvil and insert your tabard and some wool and you will be able to change the design.

    You do not need armor on to have a tabard on.

    Also should be available on survival mode, just in case you want to customize your looks.

    Supporter ideas
    MUSHROOMSOCK has come up with a couple ideas for tabard designs:

    2. Plain


    4. Checkers


    6. Cube

    7,8,9,10,11. Tools.

    12. Skull (Crossbones?)

    13. Ore

    14. Diamond

    15. Cookie

    16. Portal

    17. Guardian Eye

    18. +

    19. Halved Vertically

    20. Halved Horizontally
    And here are some more design from undeadgaming606:

    1. Gold Ingot

    2. Iron Ingot

    3. Lapis Lazuli

    4. Emerald

    5. Nether Quartz

    6. Redstone

    7. Ender Eye

    8. Ender Pearl

    9. Wither Skeleton Skull

    10. Nether Star
    Even more design ideas from stevecraftwood:


    Diamond Sword/Pickaxe crossed over a piece of diamond ore


    Eye of Ender
    Draconzis has a simple idea to make tabards not have a full slot, but share the chest piece slot.
    Snowbiome_chaos has come up with an idea to make it so that after you make your tabard, you can get any random thing (like a creeper head or a stick) and add it to your tabard via the crafting table for your design instead of picking one at the begining.

    So theres my idea i hope you like and support it. Its nothing game breaking and adds a lot of character variety.

    Although still pretty new, it seems like this idea is pretty popular so far. Most people like this idea. Cool. Now i think something that would "win" over peoples support would be actual 3D models of tabards with different designs and colors. If someone is interested in making a 3D model of a couple tabards, PM me. Thanks!

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    Quote from Nocturnal42
    Why not? Support. Also, did you know you could uncheck "Show Ingredient names" to get rid of the stuff at the bottom(images) its cleaner and there is no use for those. I'm bored so I'm going to make them all. Here you go.

    Thanks for making all of these, but i wont actully be able to add them to my ideas thread unless i make them all myself. It wont let photobucket them all at once.
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    posted a message on What would you do if the above avatar farted on you?
    Oh very elegant buddy, farting on me while your all dressed up in a suit.

    Very mature pal, very mature.
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    posted a message on Just wanted to see if anyone else had any experiences like this...
    Quote from Nraveles

    I see these things when I create them. Plus everytime I build things, I don't leave things, even if it's dirt. The shivers, i get it, but at times it doesn't feel like "thrill shivers". It feels like the kind you get when you're walking alone at 12 midnight in a deserted, shady alley way in the middle of a dark neighborhood. Fear, not thrill.
    1. They are yours and you forgot about them.

    2. You are trying to prank us/lead us to some kind of horrible herobrine joke.

    Look, im not trying to be sassy but this is kinda obvious.....
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    posted a message on A couple, simple ideas to improve the ocean a bit
    Okay so here are my pitches. I posted some of these idea's on reddit and they liked it so here you guys go.

    The abyss is a new biome that is kinda creepy to explore. Here it is (here is mine from reddit):

    Its like an underwater ravine, except it goes very deep.
    Is very dark and hard to see.
    Has lots of natural caverns with air pockets and chest to scavenge. Like natural generated terrain. And yes i said you will find a treasure chest in the caverns filled with loot.
    Has silt (a new muddy block) that sits at the bottom of the abyss and is only found there. It cannot be crafted and it looks really, really muddy.
    Has natural sponges that can be found there (in caves and on the walls and etc.)

    Not very rare. Probably as rare as lets say, a desert.

    Because the ocean still needs more variety.

    Worth exploring?
    Yes. For the sponge, silt, new mobs (i'll get to that), and the caverns you can mine into (they are deep so you can find every ore.) Also the treasure chest.

    Here is an idea from somesome who go's by the name of daily_do_good on reddit. He or she added on to my original abyss idea by adding the clam/pearl idea. Here it is!

    Clams. They are purpleish blue and are mainly found in the abyss (some can be found scattered throughout the ocean though.)

    They are a passive mob and will try to flee when attacked (they have 5 hitpoints so not that much health.) When they are not fleeing they just sit down on ground or a ledge in the ocean.

    They will always drop "themselves." Clams can be used to make clam chowder. Using this recipe:
    (gunpowder equals clam.)

    Clam chowder restores eight foodpoints.

    Clams also rarely drop a pearl.

    Pearls are shiny, bright, glass like orbs. You can right click a pearl when you are in a ocean (you can be on a boat and not literally in the water.) Anyways, right clicking the pearl will send it off in the air like an eye of ender.

    It will lead you to the nearest Ocean Monument (a new ocean structure Jeb has created for the next update. Here it is here:


    Because the ocean needs more variety.

    Worth going for?
    If you want a easier way to find Ocean monuments, yes. And clam chowder restores a pretty good amount of food points.

    (here is the link to my idea on reddit:

    Cuttlefish are a squid looking mob. They are small and have natural camoflague. Also, they are kinda cute (and i dont usually use that word. Here is proof:)

    Okay so they are found in the abyss and in the open ocean. But they are significantly less rare in the abyss.

    They travel in packs of around six and are scared of basically everything. If you move torward
    one...ZOOM. Its like an ocelot.

    Upon death, they drop a tentical. Tenticals can be brewed to make a potion of camoflague. Its like a potion of invisibility, except for it does not show armor or weapons equipped. And it does not make you fully invisibile, but allows you to camoflague into your background (can be anything including the sky.) When you move you are 100% noticeable but when your not moving, it can be hard to spot you. (Mobs will not spot you unless 1 block away.)

    Wild cuttlefish have 5 lifepoints.

    Can also rarely be fished up.

    Cuttlefish can also be used as pets. If you have any kind of flower with you (and its out), the cuttlefish will become interested. Slowly moving torwards you. Dont make any sudden moves or they will speed away.

    Once they are 1 block away from you, a little question mark will appear above its head. Thats when you scoop it up with your glass jar. (They are small animals.)

    So once you have it in a jar you can empty it into any water source (it has to be 1 block of course.) Anyways once you got your new pet, feed it.

    Feed it salmon, clownfish, and normal fish so it can grow. (Pufferfish will kill your pet.) Every 5 fish eaten grows your pet cuttlefish by a little bit. They can get up to 4x bigger than a wild cuttlefish (they appear to be fat.)

    Pet cuttlefish show emotions. A scared face will show above its head when another player/mob get to close. The cuttlefish will try to start speeding away, or trembling in fear.

    A food symbol above the head means that your pet wants to eat (but it can always eat.) Also, cuttlefish cannot starve to death BTW.

    A heart symbol above its head means it wants to play. Playing consist of you throwing a block into the water, and the cuttlefish will grab it and will camoflague into its texture until it gets bored and throws it back.

    A fully grown pet cuttlefish will help you defeat hostile creatures.
    If a hostile creature walks past a fully grown pet cuttlefish's water source/home, your pet will wrap its tenticals around it. Squeezing it to death (Only can do it to one mob at once before it gets tired and cannot do it for 5 seconds.) The hostile creature has to be 3 blocks away or less, the cuttlefish will swim as near to it as it can.

    Also avoids creepers. And hostile mobs do not attack the pet.

    Pet cuttlefish start off with 7 lifepoints, but gain one more everytime they grow. (Up to 11 lifepoints.)

    Because the ocean still need more variety.

    Worth getting?
    If you want to camoflague potion and a new pet that attacks nearby hostile mobs, yes.

    Its a new ore only found in the oceans. It is found in the caverns of abyss's in abudance, but also found scattered on the ocean floor.

    It looks like a little pale shell when mined. When you mine a seashale ore, you get 4 seashale. 4 seashale crafted like so gives you a seashale block:
    (grey dye equals seashale)

    Seashale blocks changes colors over time. It starts grey, then changes to dark blue, then to dark green, then yellow, then red, then pink, then dark purple, then back to grey.

    Putting a seashale block into the ocean will attract cuttlefish, squid and clams once in a while. They also rarely attract guardians. (A new mob Jeb has created for next snapshot.
    Here ya go:

    Seashale blocks also produce a small amount of light. As much as a redstone torch.

    Putting seashale into a furnace gives you smooth seashale. Smooth seashale is seashale, except smoother!
    It also changes colors more rapidly.

    Seashale can also be traded to villagers for medium tier things (swords and stuff.) Be wary, villagers take a lot of seashale.


    Because the ocean still needs more variety.

    Worth mineing?
    Yes if you want to manually attract ocean mobs. And/or you want to build with the only dynamic block in the game. Or if you want to trade with villagers.


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    I dont mind zombie sieges. I just wish there was more to them. I wish they were more complicated than a bunch of zombies zerging a spot.

    I just dunno how that would work.
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    TF2 as we speak, or type.
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    posted a message on NEW BLOCK: SEA LANTERN, CONFIRMED

    That makes two new ocean blocks. CHUGGA CHUGGA, HERE COMES THE HYPE TRAIN.
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    posted a message on More More village interactions (player interactions and nonplayer interactions)
    All we have is trading, i want more. Even if its simple and it does not do anything special. Here are my pitches: (Keep in mind all the bolded text is an idea i think would be cool to add.)


    Launching fireworks slightly outside a village (at night) causes all villagers to come out and look at commotion. Last as long as there are fireworks in the sky (each firework=3 seconds a villager is outside.) Mobs will stay away from village/villagers as long as fireworks are in the sky.

    None really, its mostly a why not factor. Im thinking about making it so every 3 fireworks, a pair of villagers will breed a new baby villager. Not sure yet.


    Whenever there is a lighting storm, some villagers will go inside the saftey of their house while others will run around the village, crazily. The villagers inside there homes will look out at the villagers running around in the storm, with a confused look on their face. ("What are these idiots doing?")
    Oh and as you know, if a villager is struck by lighting, it turns into a witch.

    Aesthetic (not pretty asthetic, but a humorous asthetic.)


    If there is a iron golem in the village, some of the kid villagers will ride on his shoulders (dismount at night and when he is fighting, and when they are grown.)

    Aesthetic (the kind that makes you say dawww.)


    If a pack of wolfs wanders in or by the village, and if the villagers have bones or bonemeal, they will tame some into dogs. And will protect against zombies and players. Maybe a tamed cat has a automatic chance to spawn in a village. What do you guys say?

    Gives the villagers a little more defence (most do not have an iron golem in them.) And as for the cat, aesthetics and creeper scarying.


    List of the activites/description

    Dancing- Sometimes, on evenings before they go inside, they will dance with each other. If your around you will here soft and sweet background music. They arnt doing the tango, they are slow dancing.

    Flower picking- Sometimes, plains village villagers (not all of them) will go out of the village limits and simpily pick some flowers. They then will keep them, sell them (for something extremely simple), or decorate them around the village. Take your pick.

    Going to a well- Desert village villagers, if a well is nearby, will sometimes travel to it (not all of them) and sit by it and drink some water i guess.

    Kids goofing around- If a village has 2 or more kids, the kids will chase each other and run around and such.

    WEDDING (idea by wailwail)

    On a rare occasion, the village will throw a wedding for two of the villagers. Everyone will watch as the priest says...whatever priest say to wedded couples. They then will kiss, little hearts will fly on there head and WALLA, a new baby villager. Like i said, rare occasion and the max amount of villagers should be around 10-15.

    Keeps the population at a natural steady rate.

    Thats all for now, support if you can!
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    posted a message on More biome specific things. More VARIETY never hurt anyone! (With examples)
    We already have some biome specific structures, mobs, and blocks. But i think we need more.
    Since 1.7 it is a little bit more hard to find different biomes, so, once your in a biome i think that their should be at least 1 biome specific mob (like ocelot in jungles.
    1 biome specific block (like podzol in mega tagia.)
    And 1 rare (or kind of rare) biome specific structure (like temples in the jungle.)
    And i am also suggesting that all biomes can have small villages, that will give bigger rewards if you give them things from far off biomes. It would be a cool little economy system (even though most of the villagers will still trade you the normal things.)
    BTW, i am NOT including sub-biomes in this suggestion. I actually think that would be to much!
    Well thats what i gotta say. Hope you can support!

    Edit: You want examples? I'll give you guys examples.

    First though....
    Lets talk about the trading economy:
    Lets say you trade or obtain a biome specific item, (like lets say cocoa beans.) If you try trading it to a savanna village, or tundra village, it will be worth a lot more than it seems.

    See the point of that is to encourage exploration, it rewards you. And like i said before, all main biomes will have a new village that is just as rare as a plains village. Mostly smaller though.

    Okay, okay examples

    New biome specific mob: Elephant. Can drop 1-4 leather. Semi rare. Can be ridden with a saddle but not the fastest animal. Can run over mobs and has about 45 health. Neutral, if attacked will charge.
    Also drops 1-2 ivory that can be traded in non-savanna villages for somthing good.

    New biome specific Structure: Konerac. Its a big temple that has base that is a square prism, but the top goes into a cylinder sprial. Made entirely out of stained clay. It is bigger than a pyramid, and has about 3 chest hidden inside of it.

    New biome specific block- Pottery block. Found in Konerac temples. They are vases and such. Can be set down for decor, or traded wit hnon-savanna villages for something good. Appeared to be made out of stained clay.

    New biome specific mob: Cobra. Hostile mob that has 10 life. Not very rare. Does 3 damage per attack plus 1/3 venum damage for 5 seconds. Drops snake skin, can be traded in non-desert village for something good. Also drops 1 snake fang, that can be "added" to a melee weapon to make it poisen an enemy for 1/3 health. (Last 3 seconds.)

    New biome specific strucure: Already has one (pyramid.)

    New biome specific block: Already has some (chiseled sandstone found in pyramids.
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