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    Quote from wolflord117»

    Im wondering if anyone can help me. Im using ruins mod for minecraft 1.7.10 and have just installed the ruin templates made by Jordan_Greywolf, however it appears that many of the ruins incorporating command blocks are not generating properly... there are just stacks or individual command blocks sitting there where it appears a structure should be. Anyone have any idea why? I'm not familiar with command blocks.

    I had this problem once with minecraft 1.7.10 when I updated the fastcraft mod to fastcraft-1.22.jar. The Ruins mod ruinstrigger command stopped working and command blocks would just exist in the world doing nothing. Once I rolled back to fastcraft-1.21.jar, the problem went away.

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    Quote from seesar0008»

    Lycanite, do you happen to read any H.P. Lovecraft? If so, you should do some more Lovecraftian mobs, or maybe even a boss. I think shoggoths would be pretty cool, and imagine how awesome it would be to have to go through some kind of ritual to summon an Outer God like Yog-Sothoth or something?

    There is a Lovecraftian style mod already out there (including Shoggoths!): Abyssalcraft
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    posted a message on Voxels - Customizable Trading with Creeper Villages and new In Game Currency (Voxels)
    Quote from abidoang»

    Hello! I just downloaded this mod and it's an amazing mod! It really adds in a small RPG kind of feeling.

    However, I think I just discovered a bug. After a creeper village gets spawned in the world and then the player continues exploring, the newly generated biomes looks really different. Biomes that's supposed to be full of trees and foliage are left empty now. Here are some screenshots.

    As you can see here, this is the newly generated Taiga biome after a creeper village is spawned. The biome is supposed to be full of grass and spruce trees, but there are none here.

    This is the Forest biome.

    And this is the Swamp biome.

    Also, if you watch PopularMMOs showcase of the mod and take a close look on 7:44, the biome in front of him didn't have any trees nor grass whatsoever.

    I hope you can sort this out! Thanks!

    I noticed the missing trees as well. I just assumed the creepers in the village cut them all down. 😜
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    Really cool overlap between a Doomlike Dungeons entrance and a Floating Ruin (from the Floating Ruins mod):


    Minecraft 1.7.10

    Forge 1614



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    Quote from Ariannae»

    It looks like the RUINSTRIGGER command gets broken when updating to the more recent versions of Fastcraft (ctest21 and up). I've left a comment in Player's thread to hopefully get some information on how it can be fixed. Atomic, if a fix is plausible, would you be willing to incorporate the fix into the 1.7.10 versions, or are you done with them at this point?

    I just noticed this as well when I updated fastcraft. RUINSTRIGGER no longer works with fastcraft-1.22.jar. but still works fine with fastcraft-1.21.jar. It's interesting that in the changelog for fastcraft, it says "- fix compatibility with ruinsmod" but RUINSTRIGGER doesn't work with this version either. My workaround is just to use fastcraft-1.21.jar.

    minecraft 1.7.10
    forge 1614
    java 8
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    Quote from Toinane»

    Okey guys! Thank's a lot for your reports on the crash, I fixed it, you can download the new version 1.7.10 here


    Sorry for the inconvenience, the link is now available :)

    1.8.9 update in progress actually, and 1.9 in the same time!

    The new rendering json make the update more complex, but not impossible :D

    Thank you for updating the 1.7.10 version!

    Also, I noticed that the Gany's Surface recipe for chocolate bar conflicts with the Cake is a Lie recipe for chocolate roll so I changed the Cake is a Lie recipe using the MineTweaker mod.

    MineTweaker script:
    // Chocolate roll conflicts with chocolate bar
    [[<minecraft:dye:3>, <minecraft:sugar>, <minecraft:dye:3>],
    [<minecraft:dye:3>, <ore:listAllmilk>, <minecraft:dye:3>],
    [<minecraft:dye:3>, <minecraft:sugar>, <minecraft:dye:3>]]);

    BEFORE MineTweaker recipe change:


    AFTER MineTweaker recipe change:


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    posted a message on Falling Meteors Mod [v2.14.3]

    My son dressed up as an alien creeper for Halloween this year! Thanks for creating such an amazing mod. We love it.


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