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    In-game name: - dirt_block_82
    Age: - 16
    Where do you come from? - US
    Do you speak English? - Yes
    Read all server rules? (We don't want floating trees/ 1x1 towers or -bridges): - Yes
    Where did you hear about our Server? - Got a comment on my shaderpack about this server and possible integration
    Did you know MoveCraft before? - No

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    Thanks for the response. I'm not entirely sure whether I understand what you're asking. However, I linked some images of a world I generated below, as well as some images of caves. I'm going to hold off on the nighttime images for now if you don't mind, as I'm currently working on revamping the sky (it looks horrid at night currently).

    Let me know if there's any kinda coloring you'd need to be adjusted. If you'd like, I could develop the shader custom for your server. It would help give the shader some direction, I think.


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    Updated to version 1.4

    -New Sky!

    -Better specular

    -Better shadows

    -Bug fixes

    -1.13 compatible (for the most part)


    -Link Removed

    What is Apex?

    Apex is a new work-in-progress shaderpack for Minecraft version 1.12.2.


    Version 1.4:

    Screenshot by dirt_block_82

    Screenshot by dirt_block_82.
    Screenshot by dirt_block_82.
    Screenshot by dirt_block_82.
    Screenshot by dirt_block_82.
    Screenshot by dirt_block_82.
    Screenshot by dirt_block_82.
    Screenshot by Pasquale.

    Version 1.2:
    Screenshot by dirt_block_82. Screenshot by jamzDoge. Screenshot by jamzDoge. Screenshot by jamzDoge.

    Licensing Stuff:

    Basically, don't steal my code, please.

    You can:

    - Use my shader in videos, although it's probably not worth it in its current state.

    - Modify my shader for personal use; don't share it.

    You cannot:

    - Redistribute my shaders in any form without my explicit permission.

    - Share any modified form of my shaders, with the exception of custom presets (the .txt file that relates to a shaderpack).

    - Copy/paste code/files into your own shader without my explicit permission.


    Easy download:

    Link Removed

    Link Removed

    Link Removed

    Link Removed

    Link Removed

    Annoying (but more up-to-date) download:

    Latest Dev Version


    1) Download the latest preview version of Optifine.

    2) If you are using Forge, place the .jar file in your .minecraft/mods folder. Otherwise, just open the file and follow the steps.

    3) Run Minecraft once after installing Optifine.

    4) Download the shader from above.

    5) Place the .zip file in your .minecraft/shaderpacks folder.

    6) The shaderpack should now show up in your shader list (Options -> Video Settings -> Shaders).

    How to report issues:

    You could ask in this thread, or on the shaderLABS discord channel where I usually reside. Preferably, however, you could create a new issue on the Repository.

    When reporting an issue, please attach a log (.minecraft/logs/latest.log), and if possible let me know what GPU you're using.

    Things to Note:

    This shader is at an early stage. It has some basics including diffuse lighting, shadows, tone mapping, depth of field, and HDR.

    Please don't complain about this shader not having features that other shaders do. However, please do suggest new features, I love new ideas.

    You can track shader progress through my GitHub Repository.

    Thanks to:

    Daxnitro, for making the original shadersmod.

    Karyonix, for updating/maintaining the shadersmod.

    sp614x, for merging/updating Optifine and the shadersmod.

    Dethraid, for helping me with PCSS.

    Robobo1221, for the star generation algorithm.

    Basically every shader developer on shaderLABS, for helping me solve issues and add features, as well as generally being humorous.

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    First off, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, so if someone could let me know about that...

    Anyway, I've just recently been working on a developing a shader. I have some basic things like tonemapping, PCF colored shadows, and emissive objects. However, I'm currently stuck on implementing percentage closer soft shadows (PCSS). I've been looking around online, but I haven't been able to find any helpful documentation for doing this in GLSL (at least not version 1.2). I was wondering if anybody was able to help me with this, or knew where I could find the appropriate information (also, I'm only a beginner with GLSL and shaders in general). I can add source code if necessary.

    Thanks in advance!

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    IGN: dirt_block_82

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