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    Hey so I have been working on this cool ocean-centered mod that aims to add new boats and sea monsters specifically. It is kinda inspired by an old mod idea from 2011; all that's left of it is this click-bait 1.5 snapshot video: I am NOT adding everything listed in the video - its just the main inspiration to the mod. Its really early in development but I thought I would share it here because it is looking cool so far. :)

    I attatched a poll if anyone wants to give their opinions on whether this mod should be larger - add more items, structures and maybe even biomes. Or smaller - just focus on boats and the leviathan specifically. I am making this mod alone so it is going to take a while either way, but a REAL long time if the mod is voted to be larger.

    Okay, that's it! let me know what you think!

    idk how much attention this is gonna get but please don't whine about it being fabric. thank yous.

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    Hey, I am currently working on adding the leviathan monster into a mod. I remember that mod idea too and thought it had long been forgotten with the deletion of like, all the old Minecraft Forum. But its cool to see someone else remembered it! Anyways it should release on curse forge eventually, idk if I can add the kraken, that would be a bit insane for me to tackle! But I can try to get more boats working along with the leviathan and maybe some other things too. This isn't a post that will become irrelevant, I am working on the mod in 2021, 9 years later.

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    I am looking for help with block modelling and texturing in Cubik studios with a James Cameron's Avatar related mod. A mod idea like this was proposed all the way back in 1.6.4 but nothing ever came of it. If others would be willing to lend a hand I would love to make this mod! I know how to program with Java and have worked with Minecraft modding for a looong time. I have worked on numerous large personal projects but only published one mod, the Monster Of The Ocean Depths mod for fabric 1.16.4. I know how to model and texture but when it comes to the making of the absolute insane amount of flora that Pandora has to offer it will simply take too long for me to stay motivated and the end result would be lacking anyways due to me not being the best texturer. I am looking for someone/people that are good at cube-modelling based off of an image and texturing in a Minecraft-looking pixel design, specifically plants/flora. They will need to texture each plant twice, once for the normal texture and one for the bioluminescent texture. You don't need to know how to use Cubik studios, although you will need it to model. If you have modelled for Minecraft in the past its basically the same except you have more freedom with the texturing. If you just want to help texture or model that's fine too. There are some normal Minecraft blocks that would need help being textured. I have been able to model and texture some somewhat lack-luster plants to begin with and I will post images of them down below. Minecraft doesn't have colored lights so the bioluminescent colors you see below are as good as its gonna get until they implement it or a lighting-rework comes out for fabric current version. Here's what I go so far (note the textures are not final and some of them don't match color schemes):

    Personally I think its looking pretty cool, let me know if you are interested in helping!

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