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    posted a message on Rezupack - V4.0 now available - [32x to 512x] [WIP]
    Maybe name the texture pack something easier to remember lol :P Keep forgetting the name of it
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    posted a message on Your Favourite Minecraft Mob?
    Wolves because dogs are awesome :D
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    posted a message on Beardless Notch?
    He looks a lot younger xD
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    posted a message on CraftCons-The Complete Collection of Minecraft Icons
    ------------CraftCon-Minecraft Icons!-----------------

    Hi! This is a project that I started. I made some Minecraft Icons with all current mobs, as well as a few minerals and tools!

    We hope you enjoy my icons :)

    NOTE: I use Mac so I do not know how to change icons on Windows :( sorry

    This Icons folder currently contains:

    •All Tools
    •All Passive Mobs
    •All Neutral Mobs
    •All Hostile Mobs

    •All the other items - 0%
    •Armor - 0%
    •Blocks - 0%
    •Minerals - 100% (please comment if I forgot any)

    Pictures were obtained from MinecraftWiki and processed into icons by me.

    Current Version: Minecraft 1.4.5




    Step One:
    Choose Your Icon, then right click it and choose Get Info, or press ⌘i while the icon is selected

    Step Two
    A Window should pop up. In the top of the window there is a mini version of your icon. Click it, and it will have a blue outline. Then click edit on the Menu bar on the top of your screen and select Copy, or press ⌘C when the mini icon is selected

    Step Three:
    Repeat Step one but on the folder which you want to change icons on

    Step Four:
    Repeat Step 2 but on the folder you want to change icons on, and select Paste, or press ⌘V

    Congrats! You have now changed your folder's icon! :D :D :Diamond:
    Enjoy your icons!

    (FAILED) Signature
    This signature does not have the proper signature coding, but if you still want to check it out...

    I can't figure out the coding of it, so I guess you will have to copy the banner link and hyperlink it into your sig.



    Downloads Count!
    1 Download ✔
    50 Downloads ✔ :o
    60 Downloads ✔ Word.
    100 Downloads ✔ Holy cow!
    300 Downloads ✔ Boy, that escalated quickly.
    500 Downloads ✔ .______________.
    1000 Downloads - Thirty more to go! :D
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    posted a message on 3 New Hardcore Bars!
    Basiclly, 3 new suggestions to make hardcore even harder :biggrin.gif:

    They are same as Hardcore mode but with 3 new Meters

    Fear Meter:
    Getting attacked by monsters will increase your Fear Meter. As your Fear Meter goes higher and higher, you will move slower and have bad vision. To decrease your Fear Meter you have to stay in a enclosed place with light source, like your house. If your Fear Meter is way too high, monsters will be able to detect you farther away from you then normal. Monsters will also not despawn until your Fear Meter has lowered again.
    The Fear Meter should look like a chain of monster heads, something like this :tongue.gif:
    :SSSS: :Zombie: :Skeleton: :Spider: :Skeleton: :SSSS: :Zombie: :Skeleton: :Spider: :Skeleton:

    Suggestions From Comments:
    Hallucinations (Fake Monsters)- Suggested by bonfire4000

    Sleep Meter:
    If you don't sleep in a bed for too long you will move slower and have bad vision. If your Sleep Meter is way too low you will have random blackouts where the whole screen goes black for a few seconds before returning to normal. You will also have bad control over the player, he/she will randomly swing and shake around.
    The Sleep Meter should be a long chain of ZZZZZ's or beds

    Hydration Meter:
    Similar to the Hunger Bar, but you have to get a Water Bottle to drink water and hydrate yourself. If you don't drink water, you will be annoyed by constant pants and puffs of the thirsty player. The sun will also become more bright, and it will be harder to see. Move slower and bad vision. Sprinting too much will also reduce Hydration Meter (sweating). If Hydration Meter is too low, your health will go down slowly, similar to Hunger Meter
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    posted a message on Freeze Enchantment
    There should be a enchantment for tools which freezes mobs for a few secs

    what do you think?
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    posted a message on Wolf Packs with Alpha Male and Female?
    wolfs spawn in packs, and generally wander together, running around killing sheep with apparent leader... so i thought that real wolf packs have a alpha male and alpha female (leader of the pack), Minecraft wolves might as well have a leader. Alphas may be stronger or faster or more health or something, but they are better then normal wolves, but they are also rarer. alphas maybe are different color from normal wolf, and maybe they are able to breed and have puppies? they are also smarter then normal wolfs and can dodge obstacles and not fall into lava :tongue.gif: alpha will take more then bones to tame... maybe cooked pork? they will also defend their pack, and if you get to close they will growl at you, so it is better to tame the alphas first... and taming 1 alpha will tame the whole pack :biggrin.gif: and they can attack :SSSS: creepers! :biggrin.gif: :biggrin.gif:
    Please comment what you think :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    you HAVE to add penguins and snakes. PLEAAASEE. I hope the cute adorable dinosaur below will encourage you to add penguins and snakes :smile.gif:
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