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    Quote from Secret0213»

    Just wanted to say, it probably is a MOAB because there's no way to really show radiation in Minecraft, and the MOAB is a non-nuclear bomb. Calling this a nuke seems pretty questionable, considering that you can't really show radioactive fallout in the game. Just saying.

    Well you got my attention, You could always poison players who were close to the blast.
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    posted a message on Server Crashing When Players are No Online

    This happens When my map summons several falling sand blocks, About 3000 Falling Sand entities at a time, Now Something that really confuses me is a always get the message can't keep up, but when players are online it never crashes, But when no one is online it always crashes.

    What gives?

    For Some reason when i join the server when it's summon these sand in the middle of it's process there is around 16000 entitys, but normally when i player is on for the whole process it only reaches 3000 entitys max

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    posted a message on [Please Close]Open your own server for free

    yeah there is something wrong with the website

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    posted a message on [Please Close]Open your own server for free

    ign: Dillonsup

    players: 50

    I'm going to try to make a diverse Experience, Make use of command blocks and have custom items and weapons and armor.

    maybe even a custom world,

    I Wouldn't mind but i would like to use vanilla

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    posted a message on Deep In The Cold [Custom Crafting] [390+ Downloads] [VERISON 1.0.1]
    Quote from danaphanous»

    Your trailer says "video does not exist now". Was this on purpose and you have truly shut down the project?

    I have Shut down the project and the channel (got a new channel) Although i have shut down the project i may make updates if demand ever comes for some reason. i may update once in a blue moon if i feel like it. But the map is still up for download.

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    posted a message on What Command Blocks and I can do for your server.

    Hello, my name is dillonsup. I can code command blocks at a high skill level. And have been doing so for the past 2 years since the command block came out.

    So what can a command Block do for your server.

    Command Blocks are Amazing the things that they can do are almost limitless. Command Blocks can run Plugin Commands on your server and The Normal Vanilla commands as well (Bukkit only as far as i know)

    Command Blocks Can Detect What Items a player has and where is holding / wearing it and then Give things such as status effect, or Have things like entities (mobs and other things) be summon around the player or at the player himself. We can kill things with it, we can do lots.

    Why command Blocks

    Why have command blocks instead of plugins Will if your no a CSS coder then you cannot just make your own plugins or edit them without messing up the plugins. If you are or have a CSS Coder then command blocks are not for you command blocks can do things CSS can do but do lack some things such as simple as flight.

    Like i said your server doesn't need to be vanilla to code command Blocks it just has to have bukkit (it can be vanilla of course)

    why do i want to do this

    I Honestly just want to code again I don't have many ideas what i can do But i know i can do things that people ask of me.

    I have coded in the past for a 500+ Downloaded Map but honestly i want to move on to online things which i have tried but since i am not a skilled builder or skilled at plugins i have failed but I am ready to work with people.

    Who are you?

    like i said before I am dillonsup Thats my IGN my youtube my skype, Almost Anywhere you can find me thats my username. I am 14 going into high school, i am a funny guy and can make funny jokes but i am mature and do know the proper definition of mature. To be Mature you must act properly according to your surroundings. I have Experience with Servers and have been Admin once on a Server that went down 3 years ago because it couldn't cover the cost

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    posted a message on What is your Worst Death in Minecraft?
    Quote from QaiTheMage»

    Well, I was shifting by lava, I found 5 diamonds. I saw more, so I made my way to them. During this, my little brother was distracting me and I fell into the lava. (xbox 360)

    Yes Family is great isn't it?

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    Quote from MazeCraft»

    You know the safe way to mine obsidian from a lava lake? Just pour water and you are safe to do it. Well, I thought it was safe. I mined another block of obsidian, the water pushed me into the hole with lava and a new obsidian generated over my head. The death took my life and all my equipment. It was before potions were added to the game.

    it's only save if you have a water bucket in hand and are pressing down

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    Quote from TNH718»

    Well that sure is a bummer!

    yeah it's not fun

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    What is the Dumbest most stupid Death that has happened to you

    Will For me

    Bill gates h8s me, During a minigame called SMASH, (Smash brothers in minecraft) i was falling and

    Could have made the Jump but some kind of error killed me because it locked me out of my game,

    If you want to see the video it is below

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    posted a message on do you remember finding your first diamonds

    I don't know about you but i rememeber finding me my first diamond

    It was the 10th day of my survival world, i was started to strip mine.

    After an 1 hour i hit a cave that had diamonds. considering at the time of this i was scared of caves.

    I mined my way all around the cave to the diamonds and got them

    I had an obsidian pit to mine from :)

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    posted a message on Death by Windows Error

    Damn you bill gates

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    posted a message on Unturned! do you like it

    Personally i like unturned it's a fun game, it's like rust but for free and low graphics, there is also cars

    but you can build bases

    the realism is there and it's not there it's a perfect mix

    You can't carry alot unless you have a backpack or jeans just like relife however i doubt i could fit an ak47 in my shorts

    you can get a generater and generate power. however to what i know you can only light lights a very rare item.

    Anyways if you can't tell

    i like unturned

    l Comment below


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    posted a message on MLG Dillonsup Rekts some Kid in Iron with a piece of dirt

    #DirtChallenge kill someone with Dirt :)

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    posted a message on Your Worst Mistake
    Quote from jtpetch»



    2 rebel for you m8

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