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    posted a message on Cross-post: try to survive my mob tower from hell.
    I switched it over, didn't know it defaulted to creative. Hard to fight mobs in creative mode!
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    posted a message on Cross-post: try to survive my mob tower from hell.
    This evening and possibly in the future I'm going to be hosting a server. Small at first, and not dedicated since it's just running on one of my local machines.

    Anyway I've built a crazy ape-to-pants-on-head-on-fire mob tower that will do it's very best to murder your face and I challenge you all to come visit and test it out for the next ~5 hours.

    Free diamond stuff, this is just for fun. Grab some stuff out of the chest and proceed to the tower to get murdered / attempt to not get murdered.

    It's at:


    You can see what this nonsense is about in my WIP thread:

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    posted a message on Extremely ridiculous mob tower from hell.
    If you'd like to try it, I'm leaving a vanilla server open at dietlime.twilightparadox.com!

    There's some equipment in chests by the spawn point, tear it up!
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    posted a message on Extremely ridiculous mob tower from hell.

    -functioning lava-portcullis with murder hole for main entrance.
    -ability to switch mob tower to collect all mobs at a grinder, killed by lava in bulk (notably gunpowder, bones, arrows).
    -ability to use that point to collect and max XP quickly. Max enchantment potential for those who hold the fort.
    -attached enchantment rooms.

    -tower that collects dozens of mobs at a time, releasing them in waves every ~2 minutes- without severe lag, automatically.
    -ability to switch tower to dump said waves into "foyer" room after portcullis, serving as main entrance for fort.
    -in foyer "thunderdome" room mobs are re-directed to fall from four separate points, making survival- or merely passing through very dangerous and challenging.

    The design concept for this fort is to make it practically, but not impossibly impenetrable without the use of any plugins, using only the vanilla behavior of the blocks in the game. (which is why it's outer shell is bedrock and the floors in many areas are obsidian- because creeper explosions would quickly level the room otherwise).

    All the hard work on the redstone is done and functioning, I am looking for anyone who would be interested in expanding the aesthetic "living / working" spaces of the fort in a collaborative way. Basically to build a closed-off castle attached to it with an outer shell of bedrock.

    Collaboration would be achieved not by working in unison in a server, but instead by giving you a hollow bedrock shell and attach your addition within. Work by reduction, you can make any form that fits within the shell's bounds. I would simply leave a place-holding box in my copy of the file and stitch your work into exactly the same place using the editor. In this way we can build onto the fort's sprawl without needing to coordinate times to do it.

    Future planned red-stone logic features:

    -Massive automatic melon farm providing infinite source of melons for fort-holders.
    -"Back entrance" that can be operated by accessing two hidden levers on the exterior; but "held out" by anyone inside the fort actively making an input action every so often to prevent it from opening.

    Anyone who wants to host or modify this project to their whim is welcome to, no attribution or permission required.

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    posted a message on Do melons require a 2-high air gap to grow into?
    Making an automated melon farm, trying to do it as simply as possible without hoppers. will a melon grow onto an adjacent dirt block if there's only a single block of air above it? Thanks.

    Also, will the wiki claims it'll grow onto an un-tilled dirt block, is this true?
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    posted a message on Extremely ridiculous mob tower from hell.
    Built it before command blocks, and it involves no mob spawners.

    All of this was done with a massive, terrible sprawl of and gates, mono-stable circuits, and a couple ripple counters. It's absolutely heinously large on the outside, but that's not the point. I've just reached the point where it's functional and I can spend time doing aesthetic stuff inside.
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    posted a message on Extremely ridiculous mob tower from hell.
    (you click "to download" then you check the box next to "red zone.zip" then you click download - RapidShare sucks)

    Hey, if you ever wondered if you'd be able to take on almost all the mobs at once; this fort I am working on has a "feature" you might be interested in messing around with.

    I've designed it to be easy on your computer, but you still need a reasonably fast computer. it's going to blow up a slow computer. It blew up every computer in it's early, rudimentary iterations.

    Basically, when you're downstairs in the fort you can flip a switch and give anyone trying to enter through the main entrance one hell of a bad day.

    Kills you and all your friends in unpredictable and unavoidable ways! Wowzers! how long can you survive standing inside this room?

    There's a lot more to it than this but I can't be bothered to show you, people who download it are in for a treat violent death.
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    posted a message on banned player made a server really similar to mine, is this legal
    Quote from dencanis

    i didnt want to strike, someone else wants to, and can you even copyright stuff like that

    Don't listen to anything XCarter says, he's full of it. Even if it were a direct file-system copy of your server running on his machine there would still be literally nothing you could do; and rightfully so. After all, who are you to say he can't play the game you both paid for using the same rules you do? You didn't program the game, so you have no claim in any regard.

    You can't. Have you thought about how much it would suck if you could?

    Not only this, but you don't own derivative works in MineCraft either. For example someone uploads their creative work but claims they'll "deal with" people using it unattributed "harshly" (you've seen this before). - You could blithely inform them that you'll be using it anyway without their permission and without attributing it to them and there would be literally nothing they could do to you.

    Even if they tried, Intellectual Property laws are very hard to use as an individual, as they are mostly the construct and tool of corporate interests. You generally don't own works created in games; or
    modifications of games.

    There are major misconceptions about content rights on these pages, grounded mostly in the self-serving interests of children (and man-children, in the case of many modders who make it a point of contention) who seek popularity.
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    posted a message on I'm tired of updates breaking my contraptions.
    Quote from Sigil

    Such is the life of an engineer. You build it; someone breaks it.

    I haven't seen anything break in my prototype world, but despite using tons of pistons, the most complicated thing I have on there at the moment is a hidden staircase.

    I have a perfectly symmetrical layout where two sides of it don't behave as the other two. I thought after so many years of development cardinal direction bugs could have been worked out by now.

    I'm not an engineer, I'm playing a video game. Consistency is a virtue in video game design.

    It sucks, it's crippling a massive project and nothing fixes it. Pistons lose power and just stay extended, and there's no obvious reason why. I've even backed it up and pulled all other pistons and redstone out of the picture and it still happens, they're bugged.

    The inconsistency is what's ticking me off.

    I suspect it's some sort of block update error, because if you move or touch anything nearby it reacts as expected. However, it only happens sometimes which should be totally and utterly impossible in such a small closed-logic system. The bug has something to do with the way the game saves red-stone states. Frankly, I would rather have the option to simply not save any redstone states at all and just re-seed contraptions each game with a user input.

    Just annoyed at inconsistency and hoping someone from the company sees it. Wondering when I'm going to get a finished product that doesn't get broken by someone remotely every few months; or rather one that stays broken in the same consistent way indefinitely so I can work with/around it. Tired of the new mentality of infinitely patching video games because it negatively impacts my experience once the game is at a point where I'd like to play it on and off for the long haul.

    I know many users would like it if we reached a point where the honest-to-god great-looking terrain generator could just be left alone so "update boundaries" don't look awful, for example.

    The contraption I am talking about is a 5-way lock on a timer that can send things in any of the four cardinal directions, or allow them to drop through the Z axis with gravity depending on the state of a mob tower/collector clock. Uses only rudimentary logic, lots of AND gates, mono-stables of various varieties, two binary ripple counters.

    It makes a "room from hell" where every few minutes massive waves of mobs come pouring from the ceiling in pseudo-random fashion from four different drop points.

    In either case, I think it's almost ready for posting. It's been burning a hole in my hard drive for ages.
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    posted a message on I'm tired of updates breaking my contraptions.
    It's been years now. I bought four copies of this game while it was an alpha. Is this game going to have stable mechanics at any point or is Mojang going to just continue changing subtle mechanics non-stop indefinitely? If so, I'm going to stop playing because I am tired of building elaborate redstone contraptions (that operate within the confines of the game, not using bugs like the BUD no less!) that get broken by updates.

    I've got pistons getting stuck out and no way to re-arrange the setup. The moment you remove the block they're stuck to they pop back.They used to work perfectly. I don't want to spend my time re-building massive and elaborate works every patch just because the game can't stay consistent.

    Does anyone know why the latest update has changed piston behavior again? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
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    posted a message on 11 Piston Extender!
    It should actually be possible to achieve this using only discrete components without a command block, shouldn't it? Though the logic for it would be huge, impractical, and beyond the scope of my attention span to build.
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    posted a message on Is it possible to make a rollercoaster that has loops?
    Ask yourself: can mine-cart rails go up-side down?
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    posted a message on 4-slot rotation
    Ended up using two rolling wave counters. One up to 15 (4 bits) triggers another of two bits each time it hits 15. The two bits trail both of their wires around with an AND gate at each of the four sides which is inverted such that they trigger in order. Every two minutes or so, the main counter hits 15, causing the mob tower to flush itself, and the output to rotate one.

    A nearby lever opens the four center blocks leaving water suspended by signs, and shorts the four side gates shut. The contraption continues about it's business as usual but the mobs from each wave fall directly through the center and to a convenient collection point where you can whack their feet for XP. Another lever can be held down for several seconds and then flipped back up to reset the repeater loop running it.

    As with most things, when you just get an idea and start doing it with no plan, it's really sloppy and huge. When I built the tower I just left a massive box to do whatever I wanted with. If I did this again, it would be made much smaller. Nearby there is a lava-portcullis (leading into the arena area) with a murder hole and everything; a perfect example of this- what took me three hours to build the first time came out in 45 minutes at half the size with experience and some mental planning.
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    posted a message on 4-slot rotation
    What I need is 4 pistons. Each time a signal is passed, the piston activated rotates. Think lighthouse but instead of a straight loop it's doing something... useful.

    So in a hypothetical loop

    pulse 1: 1 up, 234 down
    pulse 2: 2 up, 134 down
    pulse 3: 3 up, 124 down
    pulse 4: 4 up, 123 down
    pulse 5: 1up, 234 down

    I hope I have adequately described this. I already have one active loop with a binary counter operating in the immediate area, otherwise I would just set a loop. Two loops is bad when I can just filter one's output for two separate purposes. I'm trying to limit the stress it puts on the world, I'm already flipping hundreds of pistons in the immediate vicinity.

    It's not so much that I can't achieve this on my own; it's that I am at a loss to what the best way to do this would be (requiring the least redstone / pistons / space). It's a mob grinder that's going to have toggle-able functionality between dropping mobs into one of four rose directions in a death arena (at random because the rotation will be phased out of the grinder's flush cycle) and instead dropping them right through the exact center of said battle-arena to a hidden XP collection point just below it.

    Moving it by hand DOES work, despite looking like it wouldn't. It'll never be in this configuration when it's powered, either. Each pair of gold blocks is wired individually, and the four stone blocks below it are another switch. When used, it will have 4 water sources between the 4 gold blocks that will be directed out one of the four directions. The two blocks of standing water don't matter because all mobs will find their way out "eventually". When you open the stone blocks the water sits on, it creates a short enough column for the mobs to fall right past (again, all tested). I was going to bring pictures from the bottom of it, but it's honestly impossible to get any single angle on this mechanism that doesn't just look nightmarish confusing.

    just so you know you're helping with something worth-while!
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    posted a message on Superflat seeds in Seeds forum
    Quote from Sacheverell

    Here on MCF, a ban is permanent. As such, permanently removing a poster for a relatively minor infraction seems...very excessive, to put it gently.

    I'm sure the moderation team can address the issue without going overboard. You'd be surprised how well a friendly reminder works - people respond well to kindness and respect, more than not. :smile.gif:

    So you're not so sharp I take it?
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