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    posted a message on Maintenance over!
    Where did the "posts per page" setting go? It is way too low by default.
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    posted a message on Template For Circles
    Just open Paint, draw a circle 56 across, then zoom in so you can see the pixels... 1 pixel is 1 block.
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    posted a message on How to fill a crater with water in 1.0.0
    If you are going to do the layer of dirt method, use this method so you use less water...

    On top of your layer of dirt, and across the pond, make blocks with water like this:

    :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:
    :soil: :Water: :soil: :: :: :: :: :: :soil:
    :soil: :soil: :Water: :soil: :: :: :: :: :soil:
    :soil: :: :soil: :Water: :soil: :: :: :: :soil:
    :soil: :: :: :soil: :Water: :soil: :: :: :soil:
    :soil: :: :: :: :soil: :Water: :soil: :: :soil:
    :soil: :: :: :: :: :soil: :Water: :soil: :soil:
    :soil: :: :: :: :: :: :soil: :Water: :soil:
    :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:

    Then remove the dirt around the water and it will fill in the rest of the top layer for you. Then you can remove the under layer of dirt to let the top water fall down. You might have some pieces that need manual filling on the edges that aren't straight across, but this will fill most of it.
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    posted a message on the three word game!
    shot, the end.
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    posted a message on Slime Farm
    You need to be at least 24 blocks away, but they despawn after a minute if you are more than 32 away and despawn completely if you are more than 128 away.

    I had 2 chunks right next to each other that were slime chunks so I cleared them out, then cleared out the 2 chunks next to them and stood at the back putting me 32-64 blocks away from the spawnable area and I put a glass wall in between so I could keep watch when they spawn.

    I also find I get better spawns if I switch from peaceful and back again, probably 1 in 15 times I will get a slime or two otherwise it takes a long time waiting for the other hostile mobs to despawn and a new set to arrive hoping one will be a slime. You will get new set of hostiles every minute or so but you can switch from peaceful and back a lot faster in essence doing the same thing.... resetting all of the hostiles, including slimes.

    Hope this helped as I just built and tested mine last night(plus my first blaze trap which worked awesome as well).
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    posted a message on [1.8.1]Tale Of Kingdoms Ver 1.0.5
    Something I thought was pretty neat... have the builder guy follow you down into the earth before building the city:

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    posted a message on Dosnt anyone else feel than Branch mining ruins the purpose.
    Did anyone notice the part he said about relics? That would be great to have rare items scattered throughout the levels that you could go in search of. Statues to decorate your house, rare and valuable tools/armor(new minerals, not something you could craft on your own), special dye colors or even potions that do certain things(fly, water breathing, super jump etc). That would give you more reason to explore/mine the other layers.
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