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    Just take minecraft 1.12.2 and add Aquaculture Mod. Boom 1.13 xD

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    Forest / Branch / Stone / Leaves - WIP
    Forest Demo - WIP
    Spruce Forest Demo - WIP
    Gods Door - WIP
    New Inventory GUI and Toolbar - WIP
    Crafting Table, Rack, Grindstone and Stone Mortar - WIP
    Chopping Wood to Planks - WIP

    Hey i don't even know how to start, but i have a dream. Minecraft isn't just a game. Its like a game engine you can create worlds, blocks, items, mobs and more. Minecraft gives you all what you need for game development. Now its my time to turn simple Minecraft in a epic adventure game with all my ideas. Maybe you think this dude just make a modpack. Yes i use mods but i change the mods extremely. You won't recognize the mods because I changed them all. But its hard, its like creating a new game. I don't put 100 mods together, make a story and release it. If you want you can support me on Patreon.

    The world is not generated its a big map with 21 biomes. I created the map in WorldPainter and edit it ingame with WorldEdit. I created many dungeons, ruins, caves and more.

    1. Forest 2. Fir Forest 3. Spruce Forest 4. Outback 5. Xeric Shrubland 6. Eucalyptus Forest 7. Tropical Rainforest / Swamp 8. Bamboo Forest 9. Jungle 10. Snowy South Pole 11. Snowy South Pole 12. Snowy South Pole 13. Desert West Pole 14. Desert East Pole 15. Desert West Pole 16.Desert East Pole 17.Desert West Pole 18.Desert East Pole 19. North Pole 20. North Pole 21. North Pole

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