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    For those saying the minecraft terrain is realistic, I don't think it is. Have you ever gone outside and seen 5 meter wide water holes all over the place? Everywhere? There is too much water. The water is very repetitive.

    Grass and terrain blocks

    The depressed grass is kind of ugly. I realize some biomes have better grass color, but honestly it ruins the look of everything.

    And that's the thing... why is there grass everywhere? When you go outside, is the ground covered in grass? Forests often don't have grass, they have sticks leaves and other debris on the ground. There needs to be more terrain blocks. My biggest complaint is stone... why just stone? How about different flavors and shades or granite rock? You don't usually see the color of the current stone above ground.
    Others: Forest dirt, it would have leaves and sticks on it. There would be more than one texture so it wouldn't look tiled.


    They're more of tiny dunes than deserts. This is apparently what most people imagine as deserts: http://1.bp.blogspot...Wallpaper-4.jpg, but this is what I think deserts should look like: https://encrypted-tb...yGJp2vUeerRcxLw and
    (big image)

    This is a desert I made in MCedit... it's not that good, but it turned out alright. I replaced grass with dirt, water with sand and did some balancing out using sphere shape replacement. http://i.imgur.com/abxNpJM.jpg

    I also retextured the dead shrub to be a dead bush, which I think looks a little better. Deserts should have better foliage. http://i.imgur.com/k33IISy.jpg There are too many cacti. Most dunes don't have any. Cacti shouldn't be as common but there should be at least 4 or so considering how hard deserts are to find sometimes. They should also be thin and have arms(if realistically possible.) Here's what it might look like: http://i.imgur.com/PJx9xXb.png

    Also why so much sugarcane?

    Dry river beds would also look cool, there should be a cracked sandstone block.And oases of course.


    The mountains also aren't very good. Mountains and terrain in general should look more like this
    http://www.minecraft...sudus-download/(except there would be rock and other blocks too) They should take advantage of the height limit.There should also be valleys.

    Elevation changes

    Why does the terrain have to stay at the same elevation? There should be plateaus and cliffs with waterfalls fed from rivers that come from far mountains. Imagine being able to dam off rivers realistically. It would look pretty cool. Canyons would be absolutely amazing

    Forests and trees

    Trees look the same, there should be different shapes and sizes like those custom maps with the giant trees that look amazing.Forest and mountain biomes should combine.. it would look quite pretty.


    The rivers should be bigger, longer, and have elevation changes. The river beds and beds of any water in general don't look good. What happened to this? http://media.minecra...1/08/rivers.jpg This is what we were promised, it looked amazing but we got this instead:

    Rivers look so much better with just dirt on the bottom.

    This is ugly... but rivers that go up to this size would look nice http://i.imgur.com/moeWxXe.jpg And as you can see, the dirt on the bottom alone looks a bit better. They should obviously be more windy than that. And as I mentioned before, elevation changes, canyons so you can have this: http://i.imgur.com/iVYL79E.jpg but not this in the back: http://i.imgur.com/0R1iOXH.jpg


    There are way too many that are too short. Instead of having so many, there should be big long ones instead. And abandoned mineshafts need a lot of work.. floating rails, pointless intersection mineshafts that go nowhere. They needs continuous hallways, not the mess they are right now.

    Instead of


    It should look more like


    And sections should not loop or run into others. When there are air blocks for the ground, it should generate wood as the floor.

    Terrain in general

    It needs to be more varied like the OP has stressed. Giant pillars of dirt and sloppy terrain just doesn't look good. Smooth plains are very lacking. Here's something I made with MCedit: http://i.imgur.com/KOtg1xo.jpg

    Biggest problem

    You can't see far enough in Minecraft. This is in my opinion the biggest limitation of the game besides the world not being very deep. Even if you were to make realistically size terrain with a massive height limit, you wouldn't be able to see it.

    I heard something about minecraft in C++... would this do anything practical to possibly solve this issue? It's kind of a rhetorical suggestion I'm just mentioning. Obviously this is not going to happen after all the progress the game has now.
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    You should add copy and pasting for tiles. When edited the dirt texture, I wanted to move it to grass and snow to edit... so the first time I just copied the dirt to the grass in GIMP because they're next to each other. But for the snow, I had to crop a copy of the terrain.png down to the grass, and replace the snow with grass in MTE. Then I went and opened a default terrain and this new one, and did the same thing.

    My point is, it would have been easier with copy and paste.
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