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    Link works now!

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    1. Hello I have made a modpack that I want to show off for fun . The mudpack is called RZ RPG,:D
    2. RZ RPG
      This modpack contains all of your favorite mods including:
      - Battle Gear 2 Bullseye
      - Biome's o Plenty
      - Craft Guide
      - Custom Mob Spawners
      - Dr. Zharks Mo' Creatures mod
      - Fortuniores
      - Jurassic craft
      - Orespawn
      - Thaumcraft
      - Twilight Forests
      - Flans w/ content packs
      - mcheli
      - optifine to make gameplay smoother

      To get the modpack get technic launcher:


      Our Modpack download:


      Have fun with our Modpack

      Made by derpyWonderboy and chezichiknmayhem
      Comment for suggestions for the modpacks

    3. Here's snapshots of what you might find when you generate a new world.
    4. Hope u will like it
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