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    I found Wintercrest a while ago and got hooked, the community was instantly so very welcoming and it felt like no other server. Everyone was so kind and would jump at every opportunity to help. Staff are the kindest and best trained, I have no issues at all with any player or grief because staff are so professional and kind in the way they work.

    There are always people online to help and hang around with, there are warps to almost everything you need. There are a bunch of events and minigames you can join, and even building teams or event and quests you can join! There's always things to do on the server and it's extremely fun.

    I've always wondered how long the server's been going for as the community is so tight knit yet so welcoming to new players and immediately make you feel like you fit right in, its so very lovely. This server looks like its had years of work done, I'd love to know how many years its been up?

    Lovely server, lovely community. Very fun to play on.
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