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    posted a message on TheCrypt is looking for all kinds of Staff (unpaid)
    Hey, we're TheCrypt and we are looking for YOU as our new Teammember. We're still in Development and are looking for Developers, Supporters, Moderator, and Builders

    TheCrypt is a survival server that feels like a modded server thanks to SlimeFun

    All positions do not earn ANY Income but instead Contributes back to the Community!

    Moderator: Open
    >minimum age 14
    >enough online time
    >good mic
    >experience in minecraft but also in support
    >Possibilities of recording hackers as evidence

    The role of a Moderator is to find hackers and help players
    you should always keep a cool head and not yell at or insult anyone.

    Admin: Closed
    >minimum age of 15
    >Sufficient online time
    >Good mic
    >experience in minecraft but also in support
    >Possibilities of recording hackers as evidence
    >Experience in team search

    The task of an admin is to relieve the owner of some tasks, such as team search.
    Later that will be explained in more detail because the task area is always changing, so you should be flexible.

    Builder: Open
    >minimum age of 15
    >basic knowledge of worldedit
    >preferred achitectural style: Medieval
    >good mic
    >cooperative behavior

    Experience in the subject of the Middle Ages should be experienced.
    The builder's job is to build. Actually there is not much to explain, should you still have questions,
    Just ask.

    Designer: Open
    >no minimum age
    >At least 1 year of experience

    The job of a designer is to create server banners and images
    If you have any questions, contact Spookers#1156 on discord

    Developer: Open
    >no minimum age
    >At least 1/2 year of experience

    You should have knowledge of Java and MySQL.
    You will write small but also large plugins for us.
    You can find out more in the application interview.


    Then get in touch with me join the discord

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