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    posted a message on BeastNode.com: SSD-Powered Budget and Premium Plans Starting at $2.99/GB with DDoS Protection!
    Hey guys, I've just had a major issue with my previous host that resulted in the loss of my server's whitelist and map. So I'm now looking for a new server and came across this one... which plan would be the best for a server with an average of 1-8 players on at a time? I have a large playerbase that tends to be active throughout the day, but I've had issues with previous hosts regardless of the number of players online at a time. I just want to make sure the host I choose will be lag-free without paying absurd prices. Thanks in advance!
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    posted a message on The above avatar is your only partner in a Zombie Apocalypse
    well, looks like i get molested AND eaten. awesome.
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    posted a message on Cocoa Beans in jungles should be less common.
    Quote from TropicalDefeat

    Coal? I believe you mean cocoa?
    yeah, sorry. i was really tired :3
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    posted a message on Cocoa Beans in jungles should be less common.
    totally agree on coal, but brick is made from clay and there wasnt even enough to make roofs unless you wandered a lot (at least from what i remember.) however, i do think cocoa should be on 1 of every 20 trees max. theres no need to make it a one-and-done trip.
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    posted a message on Looking for frequent Minecraft Xbox players
    if you're looking for xbox players then post in the mcx360 forum -_-
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    posted a message on *New* Small Survival Server! (Whitelist) (Protection) (Factions) (PvP Toggle -Default OFF) (McMMO)(Beautiful World!)(Friendly Pe
    Quote from SALegend

    I accept it but please take time to cool off stealing is a kindaform of greifing (so sais the people lol) although i did not ban Demonox so he can still come on ill unbann you but i may watch you so no more stealing :D and we will add the No Stealing rule as soon as possible

    i dont plan on coming back unless i can work it out with the owner. it wasnt written in the rules so instead of talking it out and dealing with it you just jail us and take it back? yeah, screw that. i was the mod captain on another server that was a lot bigger than this one and i would have demoted any mod who acted like you did man, sorry but thats not cool. ill just find another server.

    also, for the record, i was asking the owner what he thought of it. never asked to start another argument here.
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    posted a message on *New* Small Survival Server! (Whitelist) (Protection) (Factions) (PvP Toggle -Default OFF) (McMMO)(Beautiful World!)(Friendly Pe
    Quote from Desolater_IV


    hey, just wanted to ask you a question. i was on the server and went through the tutorial area, then found a guy to hang out with and we went out to make a faction. as we were wandering we found a house and noticed the chests were unlocked and there was no faction there so we could get into everything. i went back to spawn to double check the rules and we asked in global and didnt hear anyone stop us, so we took some stuff from the chests. as i was about to move on one of your admins logs in, jails me, and makes me give him all the items - turns out it was his. i argued with him for a minute and then just logged off, since i really dont want to be part of a server where the admin jails for things that are "obviouse" and never written in the official rules because he wanted the stuff he left unprotected out in the open back from someone who did his best to make sure it wasnt a rule.

    so my question is, what does the owner think of that? do you agree with him or is it just bad admin work? hope you reply to me soon.

    edit: the admin im talking about is something-aero.
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    posted a message on *New* Small Survival Server! (Whitelist) (Protection) (Factions) (PvP Toggle -Default OFF) (McMMO)(Beautiful World!)(Friendly Pe
    Username: Demonox
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Location: East Coast US
    Average Time on Minecraft Per Day (Hours): 0-3 typically
    Personal Reason for Joining: i just quit the server i've been playing on for the last year and im having trouble finding a new one so far, so hopefully this will be a small-medium sized server i can really have fun on.
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    posted a message on Keep Emerald Ore in Game Petition
    tweeted jeb a link to this post... /signed
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]NerfGriefingMobs [SSP][SMP]
    great mod, thanks!
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    posted a message on [ADV] Kingdom of the Sky 2: The World Burns (Narrated Story) - 70,000 Downloads

    -snip, just getting your attention-

    hey, since i couldnt get the recommended anti-creeper mod to work i found this one that does (and it's updated to 1.2.5). could you put it in the main post if possible? http://www.minecraft...ingmobs-sspsmp/
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    posted a message on Is Timber Mod A Cheat?
    Quote from pprophecylike

    you are making yourself look like an idiot. "It just speeds it up" EXACTLY!!! ruins progression from wood axe-diamond axe and you get wood ALOT faster so its a "cheat" and btw beds are a coded in item so if the game has it already then its not cheating and yes next snapshot there is a cheat option that is cheating because the game says you're cheating.
    he looks fine to me, trying to make a rational argument over something which is obviously an opinion-based answer doesnt make him an idiot... try expressing your opinion without being a bigot and calling everyone else wrong.

    anyway, honestly it all goes down to personal preference but i dont think it's "cheating". on one hand, it's not really legit because you're ignoring a part of the game, but it isnt cheating, because thats how it works in real life and all it really does is just let you spend less time boring yourself to death and more time actually doing the things you want to do. if it was cheating you would just be spawning yourself the 80 wood, or spawning 80 diamonds instead of mining for them.
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    posted a message on A better Minecraft Modder!
    Quote from officernasty1990

    Hi i really need help learning to mod Minecraft! I know the basics of modding, making blocks and items, and I want to become more advanced. I am only a freshmen in High School right now so i cant take the Java Programming class yet. I want to become a great programmer when i get out of school and learning now would help me so so much! Is there anyone that can give a tutorial that better explains how java works and modding minecraft? The more advanced mod tutorials is more like a "copy and Paste" kinda thing so I am not learning really anything from it. Please help me!!!!

    ps. I know this is the wrong topic place to post this but i can not post in the tutorial section :unsure:

    my server owner showed me this website, it's got a ton of java tutorials. it doesnt have minecraft-specific things to it, but it does feature a lot of general java knowledge. im not a modder myself - i code in lua for computercraft - but it might help you out: http://thenewboston.org/tutorials.php
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    posted a message on ▲▲▲[ Events] [Whitelist] ▲▲▲1.2.5 Exalted Lands RP: 24/7▲▲▲[Factons] [Magic Spells] [Multiverse] [Heroes] [Movecraft]▲▲▲
    IGN: Demonox
    Age: 16
    Did you read the rules: Indeed i did.
    Will you be active?: If i like the server ill be on as much as i can, although school is the priority.

    In Character

    Character Name: Demonox
    Character Age: 27
    Character Backstory(We don't want a book, just a short thing of how you came to be in the war):

    As a boy, Demonox's family lived peacefully in the woodlands, far from conflict. One day during his 18th year a raid by some passing members of one of the warrning factions resulted in his family slain, his home looted and burned, and he himself permamently scarred. He has since vowed vengeance on those who committed those crimes, and will join any faction which furthers his cause.

    Character Appearence: Average Height, unassuming. He has brown hair, but he never shows his face after his scarring. Is always seen wearing a hood or helmet.
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    posted a message on ~~~Craftyn Towny~~~ Mob, PVP, and Splegg Arenas + Other Mini Games + NPCs + Shops/Economy ~~~ Come join today!
    Quote from fatahaunter

    IGN: fatahaunter
    Why do you want to join? meet some friends i havent seen in a while so i can talk with them more often, and to play a good lookin server
    What is your building style? medieval stuff
    Do You Agree to the rules? of course!
    Have you voted for us? i wouldnt be filling this out if i didnt
    Have you Voted this post up (the green arrow at the bottom of this post)? yes
    Who referred you? my friends dericknlaser and winterwolf4321
    Anything else you would like me to know? ur building inspires me
    accepted :)
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