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    posted a message on my inventory isnt working proporly
    I know this bug.
    You accidentally held shift while starting Minecraft.
    Source: deadworkersparty Room after Room Part 1 comments
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    posted a message on I NEED HELP!
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    posted a message on Favorite Block/Building Material?
    Iron and brick.
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Is this even MINECRAFT?
    About to try installing manually, tried to use Magic Launcher but Optifine hates mod installers :P
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    posted a message on Bit of a strange SMP bug....
    I was playing SMP with my sister via the My Worlds bukkit plugin (i.e. no cheats). I log off, do some random stuff on my laptop, start it back up.
    I have THREE iron picks and TWO stone picks (I originally only had 2 and 1, respectively.)
    And two of each are stacked.
    Here's what happened in between SMP logout and SMP login.
    • I keep the server running, and play the ArmyCave (a cave where dozens of monsters spawn in ten minutes in our Skylands world) with my sister via the VoxelBox. We DO hack in a Plasma Butterknife (aka Diamond Sword) in via VoxelGET for each of us, but we delete it after the epic battle.
    • I shut down the server for 30-60 mins.
    • I restart it for our SMP session and warp to our previous locations.
    Any idea how this could have happened?
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    posted a message on Can testificate climb ladders?
    Quote from Redyoshi101

    I know they can climb vines. I had a vine covering a door that the villager was trying to get in, and he climbed the vine to the top. Weird thing is, he was somehow still remotely opening/closing the door even though he was like 20 blocks above it.

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    posted a message on Play Your Save Anywhere! Put Your Minecraft Worlds Online.
    LOL I thought of this a looooong time ago but never posted it OR used it XD just too lazy...
    Only thing is, an easier way is to simply change your Dropbox folder to your MC saves folder (it's in the Dropbox settings).
    Still, thanks for telling newbs about this.
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    posted a message on I am a pirate, and I need help becoming legit!
    Easy! Use Mineshafter (www.mineshaftersquared.com)! People get their own skins, you can host for vanilla and Mineshafter proxy, and it's LEGAL! (At least enough that Mojang hasn't raised a stink about it :P)
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    posted a message on [Surv]Skylands 1.3 - Custom world that's entirely abandoned!
    There is absolutely nothing like this.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w15a - Secret Changelog
    Quote from F1stBr34k3r

    1. zombies drop iron equipment
    2. skeletons now drop bows.
    IMO this needs to be changed, this just makes the game hell of a lot easier, and it was already easy since 1.0

    As stated before me, rare mob drops have been in since 1.2.1 or something like that.
    Also, are you sure you don't have my hacked enchanted looting 1000 diamond sword? skellies drop bows every time....o3o
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    posted a message on Do slimes spawn on peaceful?Or is it a bug?
    Quote from Crisdoben

    At least in SSP, Spawns DO NOT spawn on peaceful, unless it was changed in 1.2.4.

    I'll test it right now.

    EDIT: I was right :P

    Right about what? That they don't spawn? Or that it was changed in 1.2.4?
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    posted a message on So, where did you get YOUR minecraft name?
    Name: deluxer21

    Reason: I used to play on Lego Universe before they closed, my character name was maelstromFighterDeluxe (don't ask). When I signed up for Roblox, "maelstromFighter" wouldn't have made much sense, so I shortened it to Deluxer. I've been using that (with the 21 at the end) ever since.

    tl;dr Long story, short username. :P
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    posted a message on [!READ THE OP!] Buying Minecraft Gift Codes for Others!
    Can I have a free code? My parents don't understand Minecraft and they don't want to buy it. Plz?
    EDIT: Woops, my username is deluxer21 and email is [email protected]
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] [16x] Cleancraft
    +rep cookies for everyone who said this is too much like OCD...cuz it is. ._____.
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    posted a message on About the Unused Quiver
    Here's my idea for a quiver:
    Whenever you stack 64 arrows, they automatically become one quiver.
    A quiver can be used as arrows and can be stacked up to 64.
    A quiver gradually takes exponential damage (or something like that :P) until you have used all 64 "arrows" in the quiver.
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