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    posted a message on [Creation] Modern-ish Sandstone House
    This map contains a sandstone house I built with my sister in the space of roughly an hour. The house is built in a clearing in the middle of a Roofed Forest. It's definitely not our best-ever work, but tell us what you think! The only requirement is that you play on 1.7.2.

    All the screenshots you need are at http://imgur.com/a/bSJ8F

    Spawn Information
    You should spawn right next to the house.
    Default mode is Creative; cheats are enabled.
    Gamerule keepInventory is set to true.
    Gamerule doDaylightCycle is set to false; time is 0.


    Did you really really like it?
    Tell me how we can improve in a reply!
    Or, if you REALLY liked it, send me some uBTC:

    Thanks for downloading!
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    posted a message on Millénaire - NPC village - 16/09/18 : Millénaire 7 open beta
    I'm playing the Creation Quest, and I'm currently stuck on Marsh Expert - the 7th quest, I believe. I accepted the quest from the Sadhu, then I explored until I found a swamp biome with the correct building. I have checked that it is an Adivasi ka Ghar, as it shows up in the chat as several metres away from me when I press V. However, none of the three villagers living there - a man, his wife, and their daughter - offers to help me with the quest! I even checked the quest log - that thing that pops up when you hit M - and I still have about 832 hours on the quest! HELP!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Subway Surfers Minigame!
    Oh. My. Friggin. God.
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    posted a message on What is this!?
    It's an object generated by the Thaumcraft mod called an obelisk. It can be generated in ANY world except the Nether and End. You can put certain crystals in the four "slots" around the center block. If you put a wrong crystal in, however, it generates a non-destructive explosion (that still hurts you!) There's rare stuff underneath it if you can unlock it. FMI, use the link the person above me posted.
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    posted a message on finally an epic minecraft thing!
    Quote from Phycozz

    Oh yeah? I play Assassins Creed at my school, as well as TF2, BF:BC2, Portal 2, Minecraft...

    Well, I guess it's different because I'm home schooled...

    ninja edit: except that i don't like violent games for whatever reason.
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    posted a message on [Custom mask/head database] Give us (your) head! Help needed.
    Quote from Th3_EnderBrandon

    I dont get it (And i know it sounds stupid =P) What do you want us to do exactly?
    Sorry if you think this comment is annoying, but i dont get it :P

    As far as I can tell, this is a thread dedicated to finding player heads. In the 1.4 update, mapmakers can create heads that can be placed in adventure maps. So this guy wants to collect a list of names that may come in handy for mapmakers.
    tl;dr He's collecting Minecraft players' names so mapmakers can place their heads in adventure maps.

    oh and I don't want my name on the list :P
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    posted a message on Introducing Bukkit - a new Minecraft Server mod
    Quote from BlockCat

    Can't wait, when does this come out?

    *facepalm* *headdesk*
    Thanks to you, my face has TWO new dents in it!
    Ninja edit: And by a diamond miner too! *mindblown*
    Ninja edit 2: And by a member of the Voxel Box too! *mindnuke*
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    posted a message on [REQ] Custom Music Mod
    As of yet, I haven't found any mods like this for 1.3.1, so here goes...
    Pretty simple: there is a way to rearrange pieces of background music, i.e. you can delete an unwanted song from the Minecraft ingame soundtrack and/or add music to the ingame soundtrack (In Search of Diamonds FTW!). And one last thing: it could set triggers to play music:
    • on spawn;
    • on death;
    • on new world;
    • at title menu;
    • on hardcore death;
    • on mob pathfind (battle music).
    Feel free to overlook this, but I know at least a couple of Minecrafters who would find this cool!
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    posted a message on Gravity Falls theme!
    Minecraft Forums, I present to you a piece of art covered in my blood, sweat, and other bodily fluids!
    The file is in a primitive .nbs format, so you'll need Minecraft Note Block Studio to open it.
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    posted a message on Mojang vs Unolic... Seriously? "Mindcraft"?
    Oh yeah. I looked up their "patent" on Google Patents? It expired February 21st of this year. TAKE THAT, BIG OL' CORPORATION!
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    posted a message on Should Notch add the Aether mod to Minecraft
    Personally, I agree with mark3942 and half of the people posting on this thread. The Nether needs an opposite; after all, Minecraft isn't supposed to be a dark game. But the Aether mod feels like a whole different game. I like their concepts of having Aether versions of everything in the Overworld, i.e. Aether soil and rock, and pigs with wings. But the boss mobs, powerful items, and tons of new blocks aren't that fitting; after all, the Nether only has 4 types of blocks: gravel, soul sand, netherrack, and Nether Brick items. I would like the dungeons (without the bosses) to be revived as Nether Fortress-type strongholds.
    TL;DR I like the aether mod, but would only like parts of it revived in a vanilla version.
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    posted a message on Why is Minecraft created with Java?
    My question isn't "Why is it made with Java?", it's more like "How the heck is it made in Java?" Last I checked, there weren't ANY other 3d PC games using java. It seems hard enough to make a sidescroller in Java, much less a full-featured 3D game!
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    posted a message on Castle Exploration Map!
    Glitch with all of your links: You forgot the colon after the http (i.e. http://www.com). Cool map bro!
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    posted a message on [Story] Minecraft, the Beginning of Life.
    Awesome story. Only request is better grammar, it was a little bit hard to read.
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    posted a message on Theory of New Sandstone Blocks

    i know it's off topic but i think you crazy duke is from lego universe becuase "sup fool just saying hai" if from some LU hacker!!! and your picture with Bob and some maelstorm earth!!! clever me!!!

    Wow. You knew about LU? AWESOME!!!! :D:D:D:D:D *giggles like an insane person*
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