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    posted a message on Constructing a good, balanced Minecraft Economy
    A great thing to have on a server that should be created is a system that displays stocks/shares of player-based companies.. allowing players to invest and make money... The only problem with this is our community overall does not have much knowledge on this topic and see's no interest in it therefore there wouldn't be a big enough server to do this on... unless mineplex or shotbow decided to add a plug-in with such features
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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?
    Was banned/kicked for ratting someone out who was supposed to be my "friend" I told owner he was hacking then i got banned
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    posted a message on Mod Suggestion
    Somebody please make a mod for multiplayer that has an "iphone" (or something similar) it will have apps on it and it will also be able to make calls or texts out of a contact list to other players... Thanks!
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    posted a message on School of Redstone
    Soon I will release a map called "School of Redstone" if you are new or just want an in depth learning experience of redstone then i would strongly recommend downloading this map.. i will take you through an in- depth explanation of how to use redstone and what to use it for. Their will be visuals and areas where you will be able to test out your skills... It will be a reply to this topic i predict it will come out in the next 3 weeks. Be ready!
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    posted a message on 7 Things To Do in 1.7.2
    1. Find covered forest, light around it and fight mobs inside it
    2. Fish for treasure
    3. Use covered glass to create a church (if you do this take screen cap and reply it to me)
    4.Search for new biomes
    5. Try to survive in the new land surfacing option
    6.Skydive off cliffs
    7.Make a tree mansion in covered forest
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    posted a message on Where To Create Skins
    An easy website to go to in order to create your own skin for free is:


    Either click edit to start from scratch OR pick a skin you want to edit/tweak.
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    posted a message on Server Gamemodes
    If you have a server i would keep on reading. Lately there has been a large uprising of many redstone based maps and other mini games that enhance the regular minecraft game play. A suggestion of mine would be this...
    • Create a large map with lots of terrain
    • put 5 flags around the map, one being in middle
    • Make an area for 4 teams (teams will collect wood and mine for goods)
    • on each flag put a boss mob of sorts
    • Make the 4 outer flags worth 5 points and the middle worth 10
    The teams would now fight it out to get to each flag then work together in order to defeat boss and claim flag.
    A fun long lasting mini game that could be Incorporated into a medium or large server!
    Something along these lines but with flags, bosses, and the area will reset on its own because players can build anywhere on the map except within flag building/ area
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    posted a message on What Tools Should Minecraft Add?
    Post in the comments below what kinds of tools should be added to the game... or what kinds of tools would you like to see in mod form?
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    posted a message on Updates and What They Should Add
    Recently I Had thought about the up coming updates and what they may bring... Now as a member of the community I thought about things that may help and/or fix many common problems we have. The first of many would be, In many books that i have written in minecraft i have realized that i cannot edit any text without deleting what i have already written, making it extremely difficult to enjoy writing the book. Now i can guarantee at leist a few of you could relate so, Post something below that you think should be added.
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    posted a message on Saturday with Sach: Defining Community
    I would love to see servers! A vote from me!
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