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The things that i have to say are either to stupid or not really good enough to be put on this forum because of the fact that i have bad spelling or miss spell something. I would like to see the world meet some people maybe get Friends that i will never see or meet irl (yes i really said irl) and rarely talk to. Be active in the forums but not to push it down other peoples throats and have them ***** about it.

If you like this leave something telling you were here that includes haters.

If you can't tell that i really suck at typing in a creative way than you a moron or should take some sort of class to help you understand that and if this goes against your right which is really impossible because i have the righ to freedom of speech in my country so you can f off or better yet you could (insert what ever you see fit here t say) yourself
Interests i love to play minecraft on the xbox, watch anime and use 3D design programs and i really don't have much to say other than that

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