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    So, from what read off of the forums and the thread, In order for creeps to spawn, you need to use forge 3.2.3 which is incompatible with several mods, or use forge 3.2.8 or earlier, which I can't find the download links to (Not on the forge website or anywhere that google and bing lists.) Also, Freakstritch and Crafty don't appear to be trying to solve this problem. Well, looks like I won't be using this mod.
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    Sounds like fun, can I play?


    edit: didnt see that it required hamachi, never mind
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    So, recently I've learned how to code in Python, and have started to create a few text-based games using the language.
    Due to this being the only forum I have an account on, I have decided to post them here!
    Hope you guys enjoy! :laugh.gif:
    (They all require Python 2.7.2 and Notepad for the commands.)
    Dont mind the low post count.
    Link to the download pge for Python:
    Python Download Link
    Text Countries
    You play the role of a newly developed country, trying to maintain relations with 3
    others. (Russia, Israel, The US, and the UK.)
    Your goal is to get as much money and people as you can stuff into a small country without
    Command List:
    Command list
    Text Countries
    (Right click and click 'Save Target As')
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