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    posted a message on Vangar - Gaming Community ** We have multiple servers from Vanilla to Modded ** TeamSpeak ** 24/7 ** Whitelist ** Come and join
    • Name (First name or just your nickname): I don't go by first name, but I respond to my last name (I ain't puttin it out here)
    • Minecraft IGN: Damn_Squid
    • Age: 18
    • What interested you in the server? Community, just lookin to play some video games
    • Questions you have for us or comments: Nope
    • Are you willing to work with the community and be active? I'll work with the community, but my job might not allow me to be VERY active, but if I like the people and server I'll see what I can do.
    • Will you use teamspeak? Yup, I prefer it.
    • About you(be honest and personal I'd like to get to know you before I just add you): Currently in the Navy, from a small town in the best part of Florida. I'll say some more if y'all are interested on teamspeak.
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    posted a message on ◄Ḏragon-Ḇorn Factions™►|| EXCLUSIVELY LOOKING FOR STAFF || ✔BIG Financial Estimate || In Need Of High-End Developers ||
    Quote from Killersnow999»
    What are you applying for?

    I didn't see where to put it, so I figured y'all took the applications and threw us where you needed us. But I applied just for a general position, moderator, administrator, that kind of deal.
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    posted a message on ◄Ḏragon-Ḇorn Factions™►|| EXCLUSIVELY LOOKING FOR STAFF || ✔BIG Financial Estimate || In Need Of High-End Developers ||
    I applied on the other post, but reckon y'all will prefer this one instead.

    Name (Give within your own consent): Ryan

    Age (Obviously this is a MUST, no exceptions): 18

    IGN: Damn_Squid

    Skype (This is a MUST, but if you choose not to give it out in public that's okay): Damn_Squid

    How open minded are you (Give us a rating 1 out of 10 and explain how): 9/10, I work with all kinds of people, and am open to anything they have to say, but I will be blunt and say if something is stupid or ridiculous, although I won't put it against them and brand them an idiot or some childish ****. Generally, I'm open to anything people have to say or do (within reason)

    You will technically own the server (Applies only for Developers and Owners): N/A

    What coding languages do you know (Applies only for Developers): N/A

    Will you be dedicated to the server? If so, why?: I work from 0500-1600, but out of that time if I'm not on duty/watch I'm probably open to play. I have a lot of time left of doing nothing, so why not do something like this while I wait. I used to play this and help servers all the time throughout high school, so I already know the ropes and won't mind jumping back in during my spare time.

    Previous experiences: 4 years of this, probably 3 1/2 of dickin' around on staff. From moderator to administrator, developer to owner. I've tried throwing my own servers up, but lack of time and good workers didn't let it work out. Also experience in formatted typing (letters, correspondence) which doesn't translate well in gaming, but forum posts that require a nice, neat format I can do, It's all considered admin work, and that's what I spent 2 months training on how to do.

    What can you provide to our server?: My experience and a helpful body. I'll do my job correctly and efficiently, like everything else I do. I'm not a dirtbag, so I know what to do and what not to do.

    Why are you interested to join as our staff?: I'm mostly interested in the server itself, but since I spent so long in staff positions it would feel at home as part of the team. I would also like to help get this up and running in the time I have.

    Any skills that you have that may/will help us out?: Skills were already mentioned in the application previously, but I reckon I'll throw them here too. I know how to not be a jackass, which I think is a big skill to have these days, and like I said, I work in admin so I can type like a machine.

    Why should we pick you: Experience, maturity, nothing to bring from real life into the server (anger, depression, I'm free of all that nonsense) and I have a steady income so if the server really needs it, I can help financially.

    How are you different: Most people I've seen here are either kids, or just adult kids. I'm neither, and know how to do a job right. Disciplined and open to ideas, trained in different fields.

    Could you pay if needed: Yes

    Will you be as dedicated as the owner? (Applies for Co-Owner): N/A

    Is there anything else you want to tell us?: I'm on this base for two months, before transferring to another for an additional two months, so I will have four months to dedicate before going to the fleet where I might be gone for long periods of time (Submariner, can't do much about it. No internet underwater.) But 4 months should be enough to get a little vacation while I go underway.

    What are your thoughts about this project? Any suggestions?: It looks great, no real suggestions unless I get more into it and see what's already available, then ideas might start popping up.
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    posted a message on Horizon | GTA | Recruiting
    Moderator Application
    Name: Ryan
    Age: 18
    IGN: Damn_Squid
    Skype: Damn_Squid
    Timezone: Changing constantly
    Previous Experience: Played for years, owned and tried to launch my fair share of servers. I've been around a time or two when it comes to this and am pretty good at most things relating to administration work, and also work in admin for a living.
    Skills: Like I said, I know what to do and can keep cool when doing it, I believe being able to deal with **** while keeping everyone happy is generally the best skill a moderator can have.
    How Can You Contribute To Horizon?: I can contribute from helping in many different areas, just throw me somewhere and I try my damn best. Like I stated previously, I work in admin for the Navy so when im not on working hours I'm open if nothing else is going on. I'm also staying in one base for another 2 months, so my timezone should be steady. I'm a firm believer in results, and not excuses, so I know I don't put much effort in typing (thats what i do all day) but i put my effort into actual situations.
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    posted a message on Ghastlands | Modded Minecraft |
    So are yall goin to a mod pack instead of mainly minecraft?

    Also, Lionhead was the ****.
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    posted a message on Ghastlands | Modded Minecraft |
    IGN (In game name): death544
    Age: 18
    Name one of the rules: No grinders
    Any previous experience on an minecraft server?: I've been playing online for about 3 years now, and before that I was on singleplayer for a long time.
    Any other comments: Not really
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    posted a message on High Nation! || Drugs! || Factions! || Raiding! || PvP! || Ranks! || Great Staff! || Free Kits! ||
    Quote from DJplaysMC»
    Getting high on minecraft is a thing now? wow..............................

    Drug servers have been a thing for a long time now, bubba.
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    posted a message on ◈Solitude SMP◈ [✔16+] [✔Whitelist] [✔MCMMO] [✔Purges] [✔Custom Terrain] [✔Customized Drops] [✔Custom Enchantments]
    Quote from Minuhmize»

    Sorry but your application has been rejected. No hard feelings bro its just that I don't find your application was detailed enough and I found your attitude sort of repelling to be honest... You can try to apply again but only once more. Again, I'm sorry for rejecting your application.

    10-4 buddy, I got a colorful attitude and I ain't lookin for a server full of the elite, but rather a laid back server of good fellas.
    Y'all have a good time, I'll just look for another one that's a little custom and not vanilla. Don't worry bout it, nothin personal about this.
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    posted a message on ◈Solitude SMP◈ [✔16+] [✔Whitelist] [✔MCMMO] [✔Purges] [✔Custom Terrain] [✔Customized Drops] [✔Custom Enchantments]
    IGN: death544
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Skype Username: I don't use skype. It sucks hard.
    Do you have a mic: yup
    Would you record: No
    If so, youtube channel:
    Picture of one of your builds: Never take pictures
    Timezone: EST
    Favorite Building Block: Stone Brick or wood
    Favorite Biome to Build in: Snow or Swamp
    Strengths: Surviving and hoarding
    Weaknesses: Building
    When did you start playing Minecraft: some times in december 2011? Hell If I remember

    Part 2: Learning You Minecraft Skills
    On a scale from 1-10 Rate yourself and an explanation why.
    Building: 4/10 Building and creativity is NOT my strong suit
    Fighting Mobs: 8/10 I can hold my own
    Fighting People: 7/10 Like mobs, I can hold my own but I prefer to stay peaceful

    Farming: 10/10 It's easy brah

    Redstone:5/10 I'm decent, but I ain't putting that much thought into this game, **** that

    Part 3: Advanced Questions:
    Expected to have 3+ line answers for most questions.
    Who is your Favorite Minecraft Youtuber, why: I really ****ing hate big time youtubers, especially minecraft ones.
    Favorite part of Minecraft? Freedom, albeit limited, It's one of those games that I can do what I want. I can build how I want and kill mobs how I want, no real linear anything besides enchanting, really.
    What makes you better than the average Minecrafter: Better? I don't see minecraft as one of those games that comes with skill, just knowledge and creativity. Combat is **** easy because you just click.
    Tell me about yourself: 18, been out of school for some time and going into the US Navy soon. Just passin the time.
    Why are you applying: I wouldn't mind playing a server where I don't have to worry about getting my ass handed to my base just because I'm offline, but still has a unique feel to it. Too many servers are "vanilla". It's ****in lame.
    How much do you see yourself playing: Free time, don't reckon i'll invest 7 hours a day into a server, even tho I've spent time on this app to join one.
    Why are you the best option for the server: It's a server, not a job. I really don't care to answer it. If I can join, killer, If I can't, life goes on.
    Oh no! Someone pranked you. What would you do: Laugh, If it needs reversing and they ain't on fix it myself
    Do you know how to work a nether hub: the **** is a nether hub, I know nether portals, dunno any hubs or banana
    Any Additional Info About You or Your Minecraft Skills: I like to gather supplies, stock up, and survive. I like bunkers and mainly play for the freedom and survival aspect of this game. Gotta get that treasury flowin with gold.
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    posted a message on ★ New Server ★ The Inner Light [SMP Survival Server] [No Lag] [Building A New Community!]
    • In Game Name (IGN): death544
    • Age: 18
    • Location: Fl, USA
    • Experience/Background: Been playin for a long time, 3 years maybe? Before beta 1.2 is all I remember.
    • Primary Play Style: Survival, Casual
    • Skype: I only skype with family/gf, It's a sucky program. I prefer TS3 or vent for games

    • Reason For Applying: Want to play the latest snap shot without gettin griefed
    • Additional Comments/Info: Vacation in a couple weeks, If I'm not on for some time that's why
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    posted a message on ~ Heroes of Galderon | ~ [Unique Randomized Items and Mobs] [Full Storyline] [True MMORPG Style Combat] [Classes/Abilities]
    IGN : death544

    Forum: Dillinger

    I'll play the normal version
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    posted a message on New RPG Faction Server [Custom Mobs Items Bosses and More]
    It's whitelisted
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    posted a message on ▓TerrorCraft▓ - The #1 horror RPG Minecraft server [quests][protection][monsters][bosses][original soundtrack][technic]
    I don't exactly understand, so in the wilderness what are the rules and things? Griefing? Not sure what to do here
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