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    Me and my homie are trying to build a Legend of Zelda adventure map with an original story, but with obvious Zelda elements.

    We're looking for anyone that would like to contribute their services and help make this map even better. We have a bunch of ideas and have even built a testing dungeon to work on mechanics that could be used, but are limited by the fact that it's just the two of us. We would like to focus the adventure on the dungeon/temple mechanics and the map design, but also incorporate some RPG and item-upgrading mechanics.

    Preferably we'd like people with at least some Zelda knowledge, but anyone who is wanting to work on a project is welcome.

    Building / Map-Design

    - Anyone with good building skills and can really bring the story to life with the design of the terrain and atmosphere.

    Redstone / Command Block Coding

    - Need assistance on making use of all mechanics possible to make this map as awesome as it can be.

    Story Writing / RPG Mechanics

    - My friend is leading the story and figuring out good aspects of previous Zelda games to make use of, but we could definitely use more ideas to get a comprehensive storyline.

    Dungeon / Puzzle Design

    - I'm focusing the most on dungeon design, as I feel like it's not something mainly focused on in previous Zelda maps that I've seen, but Minecraft has a lot of mechanics to make very intriguing, challenging, and fun dungeon/temple puzzles.

    Enemy Mechanics

    - Would like some help designing intricate bosses and minibosses with various mechanics to make gameplay and combat less boring than it is.



    Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

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