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    Minecraft IGN: _BillCiqher_ (yes- imsorry)

    Time watching Gravity Falls: I've watched aboiut all of the episodes im sure, and i still watch them every so often to this day!

    Scale of 1-10, how much do you love Gravity Falls: well of course 10/10.

    How much would you play on the server: Well, whenever imonline and not busy playing hypixel or drawing! But also depends if ill enjoy it.. which i definitely should!

    Who are your 3 favorite side characters: Bill if he's a side, gnomes, Wendy, and the unicorn.

    If we accepted you, what would be the first thing you did: Walk around,.chat, explore the map and maybe get into roleplay before all of that! besides chatting..-


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    Hello! I absolutely LOVE Boku No Hero Academia, and i've been searching for a MCserver and recently found this! And I wish to be whitelisted, my MC username is _MaryFire_ , if that helps!<3

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