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    Huge fan of all of you guys - found you folks through Alzorath. Keep up the great work, I'll keep on watching.
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    In 1837, Samuel Morse created and patented his electronic telegraph. In 2013, I, Dawgeth, give you Telecrapht....

    Twitter is a great way to interact with friends, family, and as a Youtuber, subscribers. When I'm recording or running around on my server, I wanted a way to keep up with tweets, hashtags I like, and also allow the ability to tweet from the Minecraft chat box.

    As a .NET developer in my "real life" job, making the jump back to Java wasn't hard, and integrating with twitter4j was cake. I've only spent an hour or 2 on this, and it's just a skeleton of what its going to be - need to refactor, recode, and come up with more features - but I wanted to have a sort of "devlog" to share with you guys, and hopefully gather up some interest in the project.


    Going to be utilizing the Curse Forge Mods area for further information, bug tracking, communication, etc. Feel free to check it out, here:



    If you have any feedback or suggestions - throw them below, I'm very receptive to growth and change.


    This document is Copyright ©2013 and is the intellectual property of the author, Dawgeth. It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this mod on any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
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    Hey folks - My name is Dawgeth or Matt, and I'm a guy that loves to code. So much so that I've made the jump from hobbyist developer to a career developer, working mostly in .NET/C# and MVC. That being said, I got most my love for development when I was learning Java about 10 years ago - and since then, I've always returned back to Java after learning other technologies and trying to grow myself.

    That being said - I've always wanted to share my love of coding, and try and inspire the next group of aspiring developers!

    Minecraft has created an incredible medium to create and foster the growth of upcoming potential coders in the world, and I can appreciate all the incredibly awesome tutorials out there. There are a lot of really great ones - however, I think there are a lot that miss CORE fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming.. and while these mods we're creating aren't "professional", you can certainly translate your experience into a career someday - and why not get a jumpstart on good practices, standards, and creating a library of utilities for yourself that can follow you as you grow.

    Thats why I'm here...

    I'm wanting to take beginning Java lessons, translate them into modding tutorials, and help people get a good base for future growth!

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    The Introduction
    What's up folks, my name is Dawgeth/Matt and I've had a couple channels over the past year and a half or so, and I'd really like to boost the "community" feel that I've been striving for.

    About Me
    Age: 29 years old
    Youtube Subscribers: 593 at time of posting.
    Youtube Views: 116k+ at time of posting.

    Creation of a Youtube-centric Community

    - Step one in this effort was the creation of a new server I purchased, white listed, and occupied by a few fans of my channel. These guys don't record, but they are laying the groundwork for the server - ie: spawn town.
    - Step two is next to reach out to Youtubers that want to collaborate, share Youtube knowledge, and grow not only as a single channel, but also leverage a community to grow together.

    Some of the best times I've had in my Youtube journey were on Youtube community servers and collaborating with friends. While these were organized by others, I'd like to flip the switch and become sort of the founder/creator of the server, and provide a platform for people to grow and allow themselves to become better through the community.

    I'm building a website for the server, http://neandercraft.com, that is going to provide a lot of advertising for channels, players, and more.

    What I'm Looking For

    - Dedicated Recorders - I know RL comes up. I myself just recently came back from a bit of a hiatus. I'm looking for people that post atleast a couple times a week.
    - Mature Players - 17+ would be fantastic. I know there are young folks that are mature, etc.. but I'm 29, and don't want to babysit anyone.
    - I record late at night, and would like a few people that could collaborate that do the same.

    If you're interested, just tell me about yourself below, and we'll get this ball rolling.

    Current YouTubers on the Neandercraft Server
    Dawgeth - http://youtube.com/dawgethplays
    Dylan the Goon - http://www.youtube.com/DylanTheGoon
    NTBBPG - https://www.youtube.com/NTBBPG
    Haven - http://www.youtube.com/havenhexed
    GoldenMinerMines - https://www.youtube.com/GoldenMinerMines
    CoolCoolLogan - http://www.youtube.com/ThatsMrLoganToYou
    Vilicus - http://youtube.com/SirVilicus
    Airwolf777 - http://www.youtube.com/Airwolf777gaming
    SofaSeven - http://www.youtube.com/sofaseven
    wobblypigeon - http://www.youtube.com/lolgames1999
    NPCKiller - http://youtube.com/NPCKiller
    pqalex - http://youtube.com/JustNaturallyAwesome
    jakemnz - http://www.youtube.com/jakemnzplays
    rednexus - http://www.youtube.com/TooManyMoths
    Orion_23 - http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGavin369
    TheMinecrafter39 - http://www.youtube.com/user/windexforafrica
    Aluterrian - http://www.youtube.com/aluterrian
    DAVYtm - http://youtube.com/DavyCraft
    Aries_Gaming - http://www.youtube.com/user/RuneFaction
    OldMoose - http://www.youtube.com/oldmoosegaming
    bonafide666 - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ylqVUkDkN4gxn5hGKOuHg

    Additional Server Details

    Plugin List So Far:
    • ChestShop (for Vendors)
    • Citizens ( for NPCs)
    • Denizens (plugin for Citizens)
    • DooBStat (Stat tracking for website leaderboards)
    • Essentials (Server commands, etc.. various.. essentials... ha..)
    • Fe (Economy)
    • HypLoot (custom chests/loot)
    • Jobs (to make money to spend.)
    • LWC (Chest/Sign/Furnace Protection)
    • LogBlock (So I can investigate griefing/etc)
    • MCTowns (Town/Mayor system)
    • Modifyworld (Base plugin)
    • OnTime (Stat tracking for website leaderboards)
    • PermissionsEx (Permissions plugin)
    • WorldEdit (Base plugin)
    • WorldGuard (Base plugin)
    • DynMap (Smexy maps for the website)
    • mcMMO (Levelling of skills, perks given to those that mine, chop wood, etc)
    I'm trying to make all the plugins MySQL based so that I can interface them with neandercraft.com to create an interactive, intuitive, transparent web based experience as well as the server based one. I'm going to also create profile pages for each of the players which lists all their Jobs, OnTime, DooBStat, and mcMMO stats as well as shows a gallery of their youtube videos embedded on the page to get you guys some view potentially.


    Post the following for me:

    Age (17+ Please):
    Youtube URL:
    Skype Name:
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    Quote from Sir_Appleshy

    Yeah same here with the Youtube thing, I did this with my main/current LP world, and I plan on doing it for future ones as well! :D

    My daughter and I played Mine Little Pony the other day for my channel. She'd like that sig of yours :)
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    posted a message on How do you name your worlds?
    Since I do the Youtube thing, I try and name them in a way I know which world coincides with each of my series. If it's a personal world, I just stick with the default mostly :)
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    posted a message on Neandercraft - Creating Communities - mcMMO | MCTowns | Jobs | Whitelist
    I’ve run a few local survival servers – most were just informal, no plugins, and were really laid back. In tackling this new server, I wanted to change the experience – much like Minecraft has done for how we play games, I wanted to create even more for us to do in game – and reward the players for playing the game they love to play it. While Phase 1 of the server is going to be strictly pulling together Bukkit pluginsThis will be a survival server that encourages not only personal growth – heading out, exploring, adventuring, etc – but also the creation of communities and towns with other players. The only thing that exists at the moment is a small spawn town consisting of a few decorative buildings, a couple admin shops, and plots available for people coming onto the server.

    • Initial Launch – Whitelist Phase
      • Fill town plots, allowing new users to create their little slice of the town. These will be plots within the Spawn village – The Mayor being myself.
      • Establish the core community of players – finding staff from within if possible, build relationships, and make sure we’re all a good fit with one another.
      • Tweak the Spawn town. My building skills are .. intermediate at best. With people building up their plots within spawn, I’ll be asking folks to help with modifications to original spawn buildings.
    • Initial Launch – Whitelist Phase 2
      • Depending on the population, I’m going to reach out to a sizable group of the population and offer up the ability to create their own town. This will be the only other town – until donators come and want to buy territories/towns. They will need to choose their mayor, and if one can’t be chosen – I’ll choose another group of people who can.
      • I will work with the Mayor to layout the town, given restrictions on size and number of plots, and we’ll setup the first player created town.
    • Official Launch – Breaking down the Whitelist Wall
      • Seasonal Events
        • Changing of Spawn to match the holiday seasons.
        • Special dungeons with bosses
        • Special loot
      • Weekly scheduled events
        • Treasure/Scavenger Hunts
        • Mini Game Events
        • Boss Battle Raids
      • Weekly Lotteries for Money, EXP, and Specialized Loot.
    • MCTowns, allowing for:
      • Creation of Towns and Territories.
      • Assignment of Mayors and Assistants to Towns and Territories.
      • Town Treasury/Bank
      • Town Spawn Points
      • Setup Sales of Plots
        • Cost, etc
      • Town MOTD
      • Toggle Friendly Fire in Towns
      • Guest Lists for Plots
      • Automate For Sale Signs for Plots
      • Grief Protection within Town Limits
    • Dungeons
      • Possibility for both custom and randomly generated dungeons.
    • NPCs
      • Allow for custom interactions for quests, greeting, tutorials, and more!
    • Custom Player and Admin Vendors
      • Setup your own store front, and buy from your friends.
    • mcMMO
      • Encourage and reward people for focusing on specific skills .
      • Gives out rewards, perks, and bonuses for skills that you level.
    • Focus on an interactive, informative, and community website that drives people to the website to not only read up about areas, characters, and items on the server – but also interact with it as well.
    I’m an old man by Minecraft standards at the ripe old age of 29. I fell in love with Minecraft and it’s “do whatever the hell you want” play style the minute I found it – sometime during beta.. been a few years now. I’ve done some modding, dabbled in Youtube content creation, mainly Minecraft, and I really enjoy building and being a part of communities. I thought, why not this time, create one myself – if possible.I don’t do well with immature garbage – and it’s a fast way to get banned when I’m around. I won’t put an age limit on submitting an app – but I will look at your post history to make sure you’ll be a fit and won’t have an issue removing you from the whitelist.I can be reached here or as Dawgeth on skype.

    Not Required!!

    Interested in being part of the initial whitelist phase?Minecraft Name:Tell me about yourself:Whats your favorite thing to do in game?:Are you involved in any other servers?:Any skills I can abus.. err… leverage in the building of the server?

    Server IP: play.neandercraft.com
    Website: http://neandercraft.com
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    posted a message on Looking for Easily Scaled, US Based Hosting - Midwest Datacenter Preferred
    Note: Please don't copy/paste your responses here - in fact, I'd rather Skype someone to talk about hosting, and KNOW who I am hosting with, instead of just jumping on the first plan out there. I know people are busy, but I'm sick of seeing the same copy/paste messages to these threads. I'm 29, have 2 kids with a 3rd on the way, and have all the time in the world to find hosting that meets my needs :)

    All that being said, I can be reached on Skype at dawgeth - I'd love to talk about my needs further. Looking for:

    1. MySQL
    2. Dedicated IP and allowance to link my personal domain to the server for use.
    3. FTP
    4. Allow me to package/deploy my own mods (I'm a mod developer whenever my 2 kids allow me to be, haha)
    5. Allow me to start with 512-1gb of RAM, and easily scale up later, with little notice (obviously once I pay).

    All copy/paste posts will be ignored - and if this fails to reap any leads, I'll just go back to reading through the pages of server offers.

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    posted a message on [Forge] [1.6.*] DawgethMod's Modding Video Tutorials [Ep. 8 - Ore Generation]

    Heeeello Minecraft Forum Goers!
    My name is Dawgeth, I run a Youtube channel for Commentaries/Let's Plays, but recently I've been bitten by the Java bug (.NET developer by trade, during the daywalker hours), and have jumped back into Minecraft modding. I also enjoy teaching and sharing what I learn - hence why I'm here.

    I started a Youtube Channel, http://youtube.com/DawgethMods, where I will be showing off various Forge/Minecraft modding techniques, starting with my first video - which you can find below!

    First Video - Episode 0 - The Prereqs

    Episode 1 - Adding a New Command

    Twitter in Minecraft? Why not. I wanted to do something different for my first episode, and I think adding a NEW command and twitter into Minecraft was interesting enough.

    Episode 2 - Upgrading Forge to a New Version

    I needed to upgrade my Forge - and I assume others will need to eventually as well, so why not record it, and show the steps to make sure that your mods, and your dev environment, stay up to date!

    Episode 3 - Adding a New Block! Textured and All!

    Ever since Forge 1.6 hit, there has been some confusion on how to texture blocks. I've got the answers, even if I am late to the party!

    Episode 4 - Creating new Ore, Ingot (item), and New Smelting Recipe

    I wanted to follow up our block with creating the ore and ingot to create it, then I wanted to be able to smelt the ore into the ingot. Come on the adventure with me, friends.

    Episode 5 - Deploying/Packaging/Releasing a Mod - Including an EXTERNAL Library

    We need to package and deploy what we've created so far - check this out! Includes using External Libraries referenced within the mod - notably twitter4j.

    Episode 6 - Custom Armor and Crafting Recipes

    I had a request to create custom armor - so I thought I'd teach how to add crafting recipes at the same time!

    Episode 7 - One Last "EASY" Episode - Code Cleanup/Organization

    I wanted to clean up our code a little, organize all our magic values into a constants/resource file, and prepare for our harder tutorials.

    Episode 8 - Ore Generation Tutorial!

    Ore Generation was required to wrap up our ore. And it's not as hard as you think it'd be! Chickity check it out!

    TODO/Requested List
    • Armor
    • Custom Mobs
    • Tile Entities
    • Multi-Block GUIs
    • Multi-texture blocks
    • Metadata blocks
    • Custom Furnace
    • Custom Sounds
    • NBT Tags
    • Extra Effects on ARmor
    • Custom Bows
    • Custom Tools



    Contact Me/Additional Stuffs:

    GitHub: http://github.com/dawgeth/youtubemod
    Twitter: @dawgeth
    Website: http://dawgeth.com


    Thanks Vilicus for the Textures! http://youtube.com/SirVilicus

    If you have any suggestions, requests, or feedback - by all means, shoot them my way!
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    Quote from Deathwind31

    Will you be making a tutorial on how to add new stats(I mean somethingwhich is like health or hunger) ?

    Actually I better ask my question with the QA system on your website, which is awesome btw

    Thanks for using the new system, I lourve it :D

    I've got your tutorial almost done - it's not a simple thing :P I need to learn Packet Handlers, I've been putting it off -_- but to make the stats SMP compatible, I need to use them. SSP it's wicked easy though!


    Folks - Episode 8 - Ore Generation is up. Link is in the OP.. or here.. :)

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