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Hello everyone! My name is David, I play minecraft with the title davidp5118, and I am honored to be a MineQuest Staff member! I am looking forward to the release of the server for all of you to play on; MineQuest is a great server and I both honored and excited to be a part of it.

I started playing minecraft in late 2008, where I spent most of my time honing unique building style while playing Single Player minecraft. As the updates came out, I got more and more familiar with the pieces that ran the game.

After some time, I spent a majority of my playing time hopping from server to server. I would stay at one for a couple months until my wants changed, never really finding that one server that had everything I wanted. However; I loved the multiplayer experience, and spent many many countless hours a day learning from all the great servers, from a players perspective, seeing what made them great for a player.

I started my server administration career as a Moderator for a small Hunger Games server, where I was eventually promoted to Admin. From there, I left the server to take the Head Admin Position at a Dead Island RPG server, where I also served as the Plugin Manager. I then took my experiences from leading, administrating, building, and coding to create my own servers. After closing my servers, I graciously accepted the staff position here at MineQuest!

I created and owned two servers myself (SavageLand PvP and League of Crafters) on which I set up my own website, created my own banners/media, created YouTube videos for, set up Buycraft, and managed a staff of 10 members. The server had over 70 plugins, and around 20 people on at any time.

After some time, I joined the minecraft forums, in which I dedicated all of my free time to. I shut down my server to allow time to help others via the forums and share my knowledge gained from years of hands on experience, to those who were just starting. With over 2500 posts, moderation status, and becoming known throughout the community, I had a great time learning the proper ways to fix common/rare problems, observing different styles and techniques for administration, building, and game experience.

After that I got back into the game, where I have been combining all my experiences in a variety of fields to help as many people as I can!

Have any questions about me or the server? Shoot me a message!

I accept all friend requests-and I can't wait to see you on the server!! I'm here if you need any advice, help, or just want a chat!

Boy Scouts,
Server Administration,
Plugin Development,

Location San Francisco

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