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    Quote from Coldgravy»
    I have had issues where I get stuck in the air around where I am building or have recently removed a block. This "stuckness" behaves like falling in through a web, but there are not pieces around that I am in. My character bounces up and down for around 30 seconds to a minute before he finally falls through this glitched spot. This has occurred when mining, building with cobble/stone pieces, and standing on chests.

    There is also extreme choppiness in an area I built that uses redstone, chests, and itemframes (this seems to be an pre-existing issue though).

    I've also noticed some blocks getting glitched.

    I will second the mob caps are rediciously low, I would appreciate if 4J could tell us why the Xbox One can't support an increased cap over the xbox 360. Not just with passive mobs (35 villager?!?!) but the fact that spawners are now pointless. If you want to keep the hostile mob cap low could you implement the new enchatning system at least? Or allow us to manually increase the caps understand that those changes may impact performance?
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