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    posted a message on 1.8+ Engender Mod: Raise an army to defeat your enemies!

    What an epic mod, but getting the engendered mobs after only defeating the normal mobs seems to be very overpowered, so I think it should be getting the engendered mobs after defeating their same power but hostile counterparts. And if and when the titans mod gets updated to 1.12.2 along with this mod, we'd have the best fights ever in all of minecraft history. How powerful really is these Engendered mobs? My guess is the stronger Tier 5's will be at Omegafish or Cave Spider Titan level, the Wither Storm at Skeleton Titan level because incredible health, the Gatekeeper at Creeper Titan level because insane defense, massive damage, fast regen and able to easily kill the Wither Storm, and the Chaos Guardian at Zombie Pigman Titan or even Blaze Titan level because overall strength and able to quickly kill the Gatekeeper. (AbyssalCraft source code contains a part where it increases the max health cap to Integer.MAX_VALUE, so that might help for the Titans)

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