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    I am awefully sorry for bothering you guys (I realize how time consuming moderating/administrating a server is ) but, I uh, I seem to not be whitelisted. Perhaps you mispelled my username: juanja302?
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    Quote from InvdrZim13

    Please repost skipped over apps

    interesting app, accepted

    alright, awesome. I can't wait 'till im whitelisted :D
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    IGN: juanja302
    Age: 15
    Why do you want to play on this server?: Well, a while back, I joined this server under the BoS. I remember having quite the fun time with my superior officer hoytgeo, and, well, I would really like to relive those memories. Also, Ive recently developed a fondness for both roleplaying and post-apocalyptic scenarios (a bit too much Cormac Mcarthy, Im afraid.) and I am quite sure that this server will satisfy both of these needs. The fact that this server is Spoutcraft friendly (my favorite server helping client) even makes it more enticing for me to come and play.
    Did you read the rules? Yeah, and I understand them completely. :Sheep:
    Character Name: Ric Nayu
    Character age: 21
    RP Example(not just a conversation between two or more people):
    "You got em, yeah?" His oddly shiny emerald eyes looked at me with contempt.
    Icy sweat moved across my back like a glacier slowly inching forward. I slowly nodded, presenting the best neutral expression I could. My hands flew towards my pockets, searching far and wide for his required object.
    "Ye-yeah," I stammered, utterly failing to hide my anguish. "Ive got your 2500 caps right here..."
    His look flickered into one resembling relief, yet it slowly began to morph towards utter hatred. He grabbed my fist and yanked it out of my pockets, revealing it to be empty.
    "oh no, oh no no no" I began to mumble, "OK look, im SOR-"
    "Sorry doesnt cut it" He whispered and proceeded to spread his dirty palms across my kneck.
    "Ack!" God, how I hated being punished, "Come on, man, be cool!"
    "Cool?" How about THIS for cool?!" He jammed his clenched hand into my struggling torso.
    Soon, the pain began to spread. I could feel all of my warmth leaking out from my bellybutton, frigid anguish taking its place. The alien prescence on my belly confirmed my most terrible suspicions, I had been stabbed.
    He released his grip, allowing me to keel over into the floor. The misery of life pooled over at my feet on a sickly crimson puddle. I gagged and began to heave as I watched my essence slowly draining away. Never before had I trembled, yet now proceeded to vibrate like an angry rattlesnake's tail.
    "GOD!" I screamed, "Ugh, y-y-you *******...."
    Slowly, oh so slowly, I forced my arm to guide my hand towards my gun holster. An ominous smile spread through his broken facial features.
    "You should'a payed up, then," He proceeded to kick me, once, twice, three times.
    Each hit was smitten with anger, slowly collecting at my back. The stab had planted a seed, and the kicks were watering it.

    "I... hate...y-you so.. much" I choked out, and desperately concentrated all of my force on my finger. This shot might as well be my gravestone, for misfortune had already dug a hole.
    Bio (MUST be AT LEAST 1-2 good paragraphs):
    You probably know them all, the posers who think they are rough to survive in the wilderness, the "superhumans" lining the enclave, those hypocrites at the NCR, and even worse, those no -good xenophobes from the BoS. Well, youre wrong, man. You've only graced the surface of the dwellers of San Francisco. You see, there are tons, TONS I TELL YOU, of small towns lining the borders fo the wastelands. Trust me, brother, you dont have a speck of an idea how it is to grow up there.
    I came from Coyote's Rock, this tiny molecule of a town barely known to any one in 'Cisco. Well, this simple fact prevented any major group from taing over, and thus, imposing their law over it. This hamlet was filled to the brim with the craziest of the insane, gun bootleggers, smugglers, criminals, and even worse, radiated ghouls seeking homes. I really haven't gotten the slightest clue as to how my daddy and mam brought me to the world safe and sound, but they did. I remember we lived in a broken old shack by the entrance, my daddy always greeting the people that came by. I was not aware at that time though, that these "greetings" were exchanges of coded delinquent linguo, as to prevent other shady characters to overhear their important discussions. He ran a drug deal, you see, so he always had to make sure that people would pay him back.
    Anyways, me and my sister both grew up in that small broken shanty surrounded by both junkies and murderers. My mam, she kept us both clean, always punishing us roughly should we had brought some Jet or somethin' to the house. I viewed her as a godly figure, both loving and hating at the same time. At age 15, I would learn of her good eye for costumers and even better mouth for convicing them to buy. It is at this epiphany that I suddenly began to crave running my own caravan company, much like the ones I had seen pass by our house.
    I remember i was beaten up most of the time, always by the big kids and adults. I was a bit of a liar, yknow, snached some stuff here and there and sometimes forgot to pay my due. This caused people to beat me up, steal stuff from me, or even literally cut me. You know, this affected me in a way. I mean, sure i am still a liar, but Ive grown distanced from people. I dont really like forming bonds anymore.
    In any case, lets continue wit my life. At age 18, after borrowing a few spare bits of money from my dad (I use the term "few" rather loosely here) I managed to finally convince one of the smugglers to take me with them. Sure, it cost me a lot of pretty penny, but I dont care. I got to see the land around me, and the horrible landscape it contained.Eventually, I gre bored of travelling with these merchants and began to help them during trading deals. IT was exhillarating, making me think the best prices for certain items, always putting into account the factors of net revenue and initial costs. It held me entranced, this world of buisness.

    A few years later, on my 21st birthday, the sunny day and misery due to lack of income had placed several members of the caravan to sleep. I took this chance upon me and *ehem* borrowed their lovely little brahmin. Problem is, I had no idea how to properly ride one. And, you see, I kinda drowned the brahmin in some muck and, well, I am now currently stuck alongside this dusty road. Thanks for hearing out my story, gentleman, and I am terribly sorry for shooting you and eating your meat, but, yknow, law of survival...
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    Actually... I only lied about my age when you guys started the whole "Oh no, maturity level thing." If you check my app, it clearly says I am 13. TIs in page 3 I believe ;)* or was 13. whatever.
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    Quote from Flenix


    But no, we are age restricted for maturity reasons. I know you may say you're mature - but we've accepted a few people in the past who claim that and every single one has proved themselves wrong. Sorry, they ruined it for everyone

    Hey! Whatever could you possibly mean by every single one? I am dutifully enraged, my good sir, and request satisfaction. A duel at midnight, perhaps? Hallo, come bring over the blunderbuss.
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    Hey there, I just have a diminutive question before I apply.
    What exactly happened to the old Ruined World?
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    Age: 17
    Location/Time Zone: Portugal, GMT 0
    Faction/Nation/Town (can be decided later): Decide later
    Did someone refer you?: No

    What the hell? Seriously, bro, you suck.
    1) you did not post the correct app format
    2) you have no bio
    3) you obviously did NOT read the whole thread.
    4) you repeatedly try to join our server, thinking that this mediocre piece of bull could get you anywhere on our server.

    Now get the hell out of our thread and leave the other responsible, hard working app posters that actually took TIME to create bios from scratch and deserve to be accepted more than you ever will.

    User name*:vortexcrafter
    kansas/Time Zone*:
    Did someone refer you?:no
    Minecraft Version (eg 1.1.0:
    Bio*:move here for a better life.

    By the way, have an unhappy birthday x4
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    posted a message on something very strange just happened
    Can't see any picture there, mate.
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    Quote from Beanboy123456

    IGN: Beanboy112
    Age: 14
    Location/Time Zone: Central U.S.
    Faction/Nation/Town (can be decided later):Polaris
    Did someone refer you?: No
    Race: Assassin or Hunter

    Denied, you CLEARLY copied someone else's app. Try and use that grey thing in your head that you call brain, if it even exists I mean, and read the first post before deciding to plagiarize an old application. There is nothing that I hate more than copycats and/or lazy people.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge/Survival]Silvania: Ultimatum - WE HAVE RETURNED! ☢CUSTOM ATL MODPACK☢PvP☢ECONOMY☢FTB-STYLE MODPACK INSTALLER!
    Quote from BeyJay

    User name*: agentorangej3
    Age*: 14
    Location/Time Zone*: Canada, EST
    Did someone refer you?: Chrillesjoo
    Minecraft Version (eg 1.8.1)*: 1.0.0
    Land/Town: Loxley
    Job*: Chef
    Race: Assassin
    Name: Jason
    Age*: 33
    Bio*: Bio*: I was born during a war and hidden in a forest but my parents never returned. I was found by a group of rogues that escaped the war to try and survive on their own, however they fled the campsite one day when skeletons found our hideout and chased them away, abandoning me. And so I grew myself up killing skeletons and zombies in silence from the tops of trees or hidden in the shadows. I was always alone in my travels but I picked up armor and weapons from the bodies of those I killed so I taught myself how to become a chef so that I could provide sustenance for myself. After killing an important political figure for reasons I cannot say, I had a bounty placed on my head and had to leave the Land of Garbro. Years have passed and it was destroyed from the war against the skeleton army led by a skeleton king who now controls the country and time has washed away its memory. I am now the only living survivor who still knows the name of the land but do not care for it, I wish to start a life in Silvania now under the regime of the evil faction in hopes of one day confronting the skeleton king. What good side could harbor a man such as myself?

    Ok. Lets see... here are the mistakes your bio has:
    1) Cliché dead parents
    2) Getting picked up by a group of [insert cliché group here] and then being abandoned (cliché)
    3) Living in the wilderness teaches you your profession, which as Chef would take quite a while to master for fear of killing people with your food, (cliché cliché cliché and even more cliché)
    4) Evil dictator figurehead that took over your distant land (OMFGCliché)
    5) You are the lone survivor (repetitive literary snippets taken from other works of popular culture)
    6) "Not Caring" for your land (Thought i was gonna say cliché there, werent you?)

    All in all, i give this bio a 1/5, for overuse of various cliché methods. I also give myself a 1/5 for only using the word cliché and none of its synonyms. My personal advice for this bio is too rewrite it, make it into something believable. You dont have to come out of a distant land that is partially nuked, no, you could be born in tenne and lived your whole life there.
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    Quote from Zeke1479

    Zekris is, to put it simply, kinda short. It angers him to no ends. He usually wears a black cloak that splits in 2 at the back. It also has a blue lightning nark and a yellow lightning mark on the chest. It has 2 pockets in it. He usually wear a black pair of shoes. He usually wears a brown pair of pants. The most unique thing about him, though, is that he has no pupils. Just blue irises and that's it. Most people ask why he has these eyes, but he just says "I like my eyes the way they are and I'll never change them, unless I have an actual desire to do so. Now do you mind not asking anymore. It gets annoying when people ask for the 80th time.)

    Zekris is a man of many moods. He can be serious at times. There are those times when he's "in a random mood". Though for the most part, he's a nice guy. Sometimes, he can be jokingly mean. He always hates being short, to the point where he'll strangle anyone who calls him short. He's good friends with his previous mentor, Miloa. He's also lazy and really(I mean REALLY) unlucky. He usual doesn't go on killing missions, but information gathering mission, instead. In fact, he only joined because he's good in the dark, loves to sneak around, and is swift on his feet. He loves to put on costumes for missions, mostly to remember when he was still a Creator.

    ...Edward? Is that you?
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge/Survival]Silvania: Ultimatum - WE HAVE RETURNED! ☢CUSTOM ATL MODPACK☢PvP☢ECONOMY☢FTB-STYLE MODPACK INSTALLER!
    Quote from juandre

    User name*:juandre1001
    Location/Time Zone*:britan london
    Did someone refer you?:no
    Minecraft Version (eg 1.8.1): 1.1
    Job*: farmer
    Race: battle mage
    Name: Juan Van De Meer
    Age*: 18

    Juan was never the most fortunate child. His father was a carpenter he met his mother one day in the market. She was there selling weat with her fater he sent her of to buy an extra chest for their living room. He saw her and offered to drop of the chest round their house. when he went by they went for a walk round the farm and things just took of from there. His mother inherited the farm and his parents had two children; Juan and his brother Jack. Jack was the oldest and when Juan turned 18 he was told his brother inherited the farm. Out of spite he left his home and went out to start his own farm more successful than that of his families. Unfortunately this was not as fruitful as he had planned. He found that he did not have enough money to start a farm and he was to ashamed to go back to his parents.

    This is when he left to find a new start. He started on a long journey on a mountain path to visit new lands. Sleeping in caves and eating what he could scavenge from the land for food and clothes. One day he came across a group of bandits he had not been trained in combat and so was defenceless no weapon and no help. he ran of helplessly, then all of a sudden the bandits caught on fire and scattered of the side of the cliff. He was quivering with fear when a mage walked up to him and was astonished when he asked if he was alright.

    It turns out the mage and his father where once good friends his father was a Nobel but never took much interest in his blood line and how one day he just went to the market and never came back. The mage took care of him for a while and thought him basic mage craft. The mage then asked to escort him home but now upsets with his quest to own his own farm he declined. The mage decided to go visit Juan’s father (Joseph Van Der Meer) But before they went their separate ways the mage gave Juan some advice and told him to visit the town Faerun as here he might find a way to for fill his ambitions.

    Please copy and paste this form EXACTLY. Change NOTHING.

    Coincidentially, I am also called Juan. An important historical figure (in the server's lore) is also called Juan, who is also a mage. The bio is completely different, of course.
    /me shudders
    Anyways, have one very major problem with your bio. It is too cliché. The "mage" that finds you is, to put simply, the overused old man in the woods. Try changing the part with him and perhaps adding a few more details to your leaving of the farm. Heres an idea, why not have your father teach you magic since you were small? That would most certainly be a twist.
    /me looks at other bios
    yeah, most certainly a twist.
    Quote from Zeke1479

    Age:18(might be real or not?)
    Location:New York
    Did someone refer you: No but it seems like a good server plus the bio could help my ELA(LOL)
    Minecraft Version:1.1
    Land:Shinto(though I am a traveler)
    Race:Assassin(a little bit of Warrior in me and I knows a few spells)
    Name:Zekris(I'm SO creative aren't I)
    Bio: Zekris is a strange man to say the least. Besides him appearing 10 years ago out of seemingly nowhere, no one knows anything about him. Besides that though, he's mostly normal. Well except for 1 thing. He has no pupils. Literally, all you can see are blue eyes full of life, but no pupils. Though as for the "appearance out of nowhere" thing, it would be better to explain in a story.
    In the small village, Mikos, which is a few miles away from Shinto, things are pretty normal. Until axactly 10 years ago, when a village not to far away from Mikos was suddenly destroyed. Mostly everyone survived, with a few deaths, and ,strangely enough, a few disappearances. Though the strangest thing was a 10 year old boy, or at least he LOOKED 10, being found unconscious with a protective blue cat and black falcon. Everyone was weary at this sight since he was the first person found and seemed suspicious. But one man didn't have any suspicions at all towards the mysterious boy. That man was Seril Mitvald. Heck, he was the first one to pick up the boy and tell the healers to heal him in the first place. Because of this, everyone decided Seril should take him in, for the mean time.
    After Zekris came to, he was viewed as a threat by most of the villagers. Except, of course, Seril. Especially since he had 1 more son now. When you've been surrounded by five girls and a mother for 17 years, you'd probably be on the roof saying "Please Fenikussu or anyone hearing! SEND MORE MALES HERE! We can't take being surrounded by girls and having to hear their "special girl talk" everyday! Come on, you owe us!" like Seril and his son, Kytes, having been doing ever since. The family, in a whole is, Filo the 40 year old mother,Seril the 41 year old father, Mila and Sewila the 21 year old twins, Kytes the 22 year old son, Verosa the 12 year old daughter, Gilia the 7 year old daughter, Pifia the 15 year old daughter, and Foochos the 6 year old dog.(All present day ages) Thankfully they have quite a bit of money so they've been able to avoid finance issues, mostly. Sadly for Zekris, even his own family was suspicious. But thankfully, not viewed as a threat by them.
    Eventually, though, the inevitable happened and Zekris was put on trial. At first things didn't seem to be in Zekris's favor. Mostly because he wouldn't explain why he was at the village and none of the villagers from the crashed village site recall knowing him that well. Though when it seemed his chances were gone, he suddenly admitted about him being there. He said he was there just traveling through, saw something in the sky coming towards the crashed village, and went to warn them. He got there, but stayed to see if he could prevent the strange object from crashing. He came masked, though, so no one know who he was. The villagers recalled seeing a masked boy and Zekris was let go. It didn't stop some of the Mikos villagers eyes of hatred, but he was at peace now.Though a few months later, the day that made him not viewed as a threat, but as a great ally.
    It was a normal day for Mikos. Sunny day, everyday tasks. In all, just perfect. Then, news came of an army of monsters coming to the village in 2 days. Everyone prepared for the oncoming battle despite the their natural peacefulness. Seril worked hard to make weapons and such to help out. However, a few were missing from every time he counted for the orders he got and he had to make more. Also Zekris seemed to just vanish on a fishing trip he decided to go on. Then, as expected, the army of monsters came. The village fought hard and long, but were just barely losing the fight.Seril and other toolsmiths were working hard to make as many weapons as they could, as fast as possible. But then, Zekris ran in with a whole cascade of Shinto soldiers with him, some of which had Seril's weapons. Not only that, Zekris was fighting too, and very well at that. The monsters retreated and the village was saved. The soldiers went back and everyone in the fight was rewarded and praised. Especially Zekris, for what he did. For the next few weeks, he was a hero to them. After those few weeks, he was just a regular person with no hatred towards him or anything. Zekris finally felt like he belonged.
    After those first few months, things were pretty normal. Zekris was happy and so was his family and the villagers. Zekris was also being taught about being a toolsmith by Seril. Plus, the blue cat, Coru, and black falcon, Wisteria, he had were still coming with him everywhere and were really relaxed after the the big battle. Though, then there came the awkward day of realization. And by realization, I mean when Zekris started training in assassination 5 years later. To say the least Seril was struck dumb. But either way, Zekris was perfect for it. He was great at sneaking around, liked the night, was great at hiding around, and a master of disguise. Seril didn't object though and they decided to find Zekris a tutor. They found the person they were looking for in Shinto. Delisa Jovis, a professional assassin. She's a short-tempered and hot headed woman, but is really nice, strong, and reliable. But what was interesting about her, was she was only 22 and was already extremely powerful. Her training was intense. Who am I kidding, intense is an understatement. Zekris was under her training for 2 years. The first thing she did was make him survive in the forest for 3 months with only assassination tools, Coru, Wisteria, and he could only hunt at night. She stayed with him, not for his safety, but because she was really bored with the recent assassination jobs. Though when those 2 years were up, he was an experienced assassin. Delisa said if he ever wanted to practice his assassination work he could come to her. (Even though Zekris doesn't usually do actual assassination jobs that often, but instead collecting info) Either way, he never came back, but say to hang out.
    Again things were pretty normal afterwards. But then the alarming news came when Zekris was 17. Zekris said he was going to go travel after he became 19. Needless to say, the family was shocked. They asked why and Zekris said that he just wanted to see the world for what it was. They kept asking, barely giving Zekris time to answer, except for one person. Then that's when Kytes spoke up. " If this is what he wants, it's his choice. What would you rather have him do. Not being able to live his dreams at his house or being happy doing what he wants?" They were struck dumb, but they saw Kytes point and decided to let Zekris go when the time came. So 4 months after his 19th birthday, he started packing and left from home. It was a sad, but also a good day. He is currently in Shinto with Delisa. It's been a year since that day and Zekris has become a man that they are undoubtedly proud of.

    As said, Zekris is a master of disguise. He could change into a costume in just minutes, no matter how difficult it seemed to put on or create. He's also learned a few spells so he is even able to change genders and make Coru and Wisteria humans. Heck, sometimes it seems Zekris may has just changed bodies. He has excellent hearing and great eyesight in the night. He can easily sneak on someone with out being heard and has great reflexes. He also has some skill with swords. Due to his training in toolsmithing, he can also create fairly good weapons.

    Zekris is, put simply. kinda short. It angers him to no ends. He usually wears a black cloak that splits in 2 at the end. It also has a blue and white lightning mark on the chest. It has 2 pockets in it. He usually wears a black pair of shoes. He usually wears a brown pair of pants. He has shoulder length blue hair. He has, as stated before, blue eyes with no pupils. Most people ask why he has these eyes, but he just says "I like my eyes like this and if I change I'm probably hit myself later. Now LEAVE ME ALONE! I'm sick of hearing it all the time!" When he's gender bendered he's virtually the same, except he might wear a knee low skirt and his hair goes down to the lower half of his back. It's also sometimes in a ponytail. He also has a bag with him. In the bag, there is Coru and Wisteria. Sometimes they'll come out and rest on Zekris's shoulders. Coru is a talking blue cat with black eyes and her entire right paw is black and there are strange bubbles coming from her left. When she's in human form, she has blue hair that goes a bit below the shoulders. She is lightly tan skinned, wears a green T shirt, gray pants, and blue boots. From the middle of her lower right arm down, it's completely black and somewhat claw shaped at the hands. Her left arm still has the bubbles. Wisteria is a talking black falcon with piercing green eyes. He usually has a gray vest with a hood that covers his face on. When he's in human form, he's gray skinned with the same vest and hood. He's black haired, has black pants and brown shoes.

    Zekris is a man of many moods. He can be rather serious at times. There are those times when he's "in a random mood". Though for the most part, he's a nice person. Sometimes he can be jokingly mean. He always hates being called short, to the point where he would strangle anyone who calls him short. He's also lazy. The weird part is that sometimes he goes into crazy, bloodthirsty frenzy he calls Insanity.When he's like that, he enjoys delivering pain and taking it and laughs manically. -Coru- She's usually very energetic and fun having. She's also very naive about the world and is very adventurous. She is very protective over Zekris and usually calls him "Zekey-sama". When Zekris is threatened, though, she becomes incredibly serious and will kill anyone who tries to hurt him. She tries to snap Zekris out of it when he goes into Insanity. -Wisteria- A very serious guy. Most of the time, he doesn't even talk. He usually grunts. Coru always begs him to join in stuff she does, which he usually does. Just like Coru, though, he's very protective of Zekris. Except he's 5x more protective. He might just try to kill you just for being near Zekris. Zekris always tries to make sure he doesn't get carried away though. he tries to stop Insanity Zekris by fighting him.

    I am leaving this one to Nron, as I am sure he will find what best suits it.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge/Survival]Silvania: Ultimatum - WE HAVE RETURNED! ☢CUSTOM ATL MODPACK☢PvP☢ECONOMY☢FTB-STYLE MODPACK INSTALLER!
    Quote from duded

    User name*:duded
    Location/Time Zone*:eastern us
    Did someone refer you?:no
    Minecraft Version (eg 1.8.1)*:1.0.0
    Land/Town:Nation of Ramonia
    Name: zuru zamaria
    Bio*: when i was 10 my father was a big blacksmith he wanted for me to follow
    him in his way and i accepted he first taught me to spar to build agility
    then the first thing he told me to make was any weapon and I build a heavy handed war axe
    but my farther told me he had to go the king sentenced him to death then i was angry i plotted against the king and i moved so i could continue to revenge him.

    Youre too young, sorry.
    Although your bio made me laugh so hard. It is basically every single mediocre bio in a nutshell.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge/Survival]Silvania: Ultimatum - WE HAVE RETURNED! ☢CUSTOM ATL MODPACK☢PvP☢ECONOMY☢FTB-STYLE MODPACK INSTALLER!
    Quote from sisam75

    ]IGN: sisam75
    Age: 17
    Location/Time Zone: Portugal, GMT 0
    Faction/Nation/Town (can be decided later): Decide later
    Did someone refer you?: No
    Race: Assassin[/size]

    Hello sizam, I have a small question. Why do you people dont post bios? Is it because you just skip ahead to the application? Is it because you are using the app format of an outdated thread, or our website? Please read the rules and COMPLETE app format before applying, thank you.
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