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    posted a message on Problem when enchanting with books
    In both of those cases the there is nothing unusual about what is happening.

    1)Combining two enchants of the same type together, but with different levels (i.e. feather falling III and II) will give the higher number of the two combined. If you combine to enchants of the exact same type and number (i.e. feather falling III with another feather falling III) you will get the next level up (if it exists). So in your case you need another feather falling III enchanted book or boots to obtain level IV.

    2) For armour - the game will not allow you to have more than one type of protection (i.e. projectile, fire, blast or just regular protection.) on any given piece of armour. So you can't combine the two.
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    posted a message on If there was a thing removed from Minecraft, what would it be?
    Enderman moving/deleting blocks.
    Or at least maybe make a subtoggle to the mob greifing rule that prohibits it only. All it really does it slowly delete dirt blocks on the surface near areas you frequent, making strange looking holes on an otherwise pristine landscape. Unlike the creeper which only damages things when you are near it the enderman does it's thing constantly and slowly and you have no control over it.
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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from Younkling

    I got a CARROT

    I haven't generated new terrain for sometime in my world, so I was hoping the get a carrot by hunting zombies for rare drops. I've gotten 4 potatoes but no carrots. I may have to find a new village.

    In the past few weeks I have finished the following mini build projects.

    Built part of an in base village.

    Built some decorations for my small beach and a tiki bar. (Unfortunately no testificates will trade you drinks, this guy just offers steaks).

    Built some more decorative scenery accross the bay on the edge of a jungle biome. I think the villagers were inspired by the easter island heads...

    Added a second beacon, block to my tower. The desert quarry I fought the withers in is an absolute mess now.
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    posted a message on What Biome do you prefer to spawn in?
    Taiga and/or ocean island.
    I just like the aesthetics of the taiga biome. The ocean island is nice because you can light it up in it's entirity to stop mobs spawns on the surface and has a completely different isolated feel from the rest of minecraft.

    Another favourite type of spawn is a lone single biome island in the middle of an ocean. For example I once found an extreme hills biome surrounded by ocean. It produced a archipelago of small extreme hills islands.

    I did a bunch of world seed testing back in Minecraft 1.0 and I found that there are certain biomes the game will not place you in on spawn (if you do spawn near one it will be right on the boundary of another biome, or a river/ocean.)

    In case you are interested it seems the biomes that you can spawn it are.
    Plains (after forested sections were added in the terrain generator.)
    Swamps (less likely due to water cover.)
    Ocean (more unlikely due to water covering most of it.)
    Edge of rivers (very unlikely)

    Biomes the game will avoid spawning you in.
    Desert (you can spawn near one but not in the middle of it)
    Extreme hills (again you spawn on the edge of it but not in the middle.)
    Musrhoom Islands (any seeds you see that feature mushroom islands you will never spawn directly in it)

    The reason that you can't spawn in these biomes are probably because of the difficulty that they present at the start of the game.
    Deserts and mushroom islands have no trees, Extreme hills have sparse trees and could potentially spawn you atop a high cliff making it difficult to get down without a pickaxe, Mushroom islands are supposed to be a secret or incredibly rare bonus area.
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    posted a message on Lets talk about how we can improve Ocean Biomes. Now with Swamp Biome Ideas!
    The general idea has been said many times on this thread, but I'll just stick my idea for a simple change(s) to the terrain generation that would make ocean biomes a bit more unique.

    1) Any land above sea level in ocean biomes should be composed mainly of sand ( and maybe a few splotches of dirt/grass)
    2) Ocean islands also can spawn a new tree type (palm trees) on any dirt or sand greater than 1 block above sea level in moderate densities. The 1 block above sea level would be to prevent the palm trees from spawning on a beach right on the shoreline, giving the island a more realistic feel. (i.e. trees can't survive to close to water due to tidal action)

    This would give ocean biome a unique feel. (i.e. desert islands.) and a reason for actually exploring them. to obtain a new tree type.
    It would also solve the issue of generating a world where you spawn on an island with no trees as they would be more common in ocean biomes.

    Other improvements thatI would like that have already been suggested in general are:
    - A biome specific mob. (i.e. walrus, seal, fish) That can be hunted for food early on in the game. In case you weren't aware passive mobs currently do not spawn on ocean biome islands.
    - A biome specific structure. The sunken ship, with treasure chests seems like the most interesting suggestion. Maybe some fancy gold items or gold armour treasure could be found on board.
    - Volcanic archipelegos would be an interesting rare biome to include in large oceans. (Similar to the rarity of mushroom islands.)
    It would be like this mostly submerged extreme hills biome I found, except with trees and lava.

    Or maybe just random regular biomes all on their own in a vast ocean like small lsland chains of forest, desert or tundra. Currently the standard biomes always come clustered in continents most of the time, finding a lone biome in the middle of the ocean is an interesting experience when it happens.
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    posted a message on Wither Skeleton Stone Sword Rare Drop
    I've been at my nether fort for probably 4 hours combined total with a looting 3 sword killing 100+ skeletons and have no skulls to show for it.. and about 10 stone swords.

    The wither boss and beacon block is the new silk touch.
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    posted a message on Can't feed chickens and pigs
    Quote from MaskedN6734

    It's a change in the snapshot. Pigs are now fed and bred with carrots, and chickens eat seeds now.

    I figured had this figured out, but I still haven't found a carrot. (The zombies haven't been dropping them at all for me, just one potato.)
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    posted a message on Magma Cube and Blaze Problem
    Just tested snapshot 12w37a.

    My old nether fortress in my survival world (Created in version 1.2) is now spawning wither skeletons and blazes. It seems that the glitches related to nether fortress spawning have been fixed.
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    posted a message on Magma Cube and Blaze Problem
    Quote from Darkfyre99

    In my most recent game, utilizing the latest snapshot, the first Nether Fort I found is right in the middle of a Magma Ocean. I killed about seven blazes and five wither skeletons while exploring it looking Nether Wart, and another nine blazes and eight wither skeletons (no skulls, darn it) on the way out. I'd never seen so many blazes outside of a spawner, but then every other nether fortress I've found is partially buried in netherrack and mostly on "dry" land.

    It would appear that if you want to maximize blaze and wither skeleton spawning, you need to maximize the amount of nether brick surfaces to spawn on, and minimalize all other surface types.

    I've done my tests on this and you are partially correct.
    It seems that their have been changes in how things spawn in the nether. Here are a few things I have noted while exploring a freshly generated world in creative in 1.4.

    1) In the most recent 1.4 snapshot netherforts spawn blazes, skeletons, and wither skeletons on netherbrick and they are far more common than the exceedinly rare blazes without spawners that occured in nether fortresses before in 1.3. I literal flew at a netherfortress in creative and it spawned 7 blazes without the use of spawners. Flying back and forth generated more skeletons and blazes continuously.

    2) The netherfortresses in 1.4 seem to be special areas (like slime chunks in the overworld) that are capable of spawning blazes and skeletons while other areas can't. After coating an area near the portal I came in with nether brick it did not generate any of these mobs. Just pigmen. (More testing may be needed)

    3) Old nether fortresses from previous versions of the game do not occupy these special chunks and therefore can't produce skeletons and blazes. This was tested by using my old survival world's nether fort. I wandered around areas of the fortress that I had not lit up for about an hour and all that spawned was pigmen... nothing like the rates of skeletons and blazes spawning at the new fortress.

    4) This means that in order to obtain the rare wither skeleton head item (and gain access to the new boss mob) you will need to generate a new nether fortress in old minecraft worlds when the update comes. It also means that new nether fortresses will be much more dangerous than the old fortresses, due to the new spawning rules for blazes and skeletons.

    FYI to others, Magma cube spawning is not tied to nether fortresses. They can spawn anywhere in the nether, they are just rare and have a tendency to sink to the bottom of lava lakes once spawned.
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    posted a message on RIP Minecraft Singleplayer
    The mob/entity lag is very noticable compared to what it was originally on 1.2.5 singleplayer and makes combatting mobs and pushing villagers and other entities like minecarts around much more difficult to do than before. This basically equivalent to what multiplayer already had, but ticks someone like me off who plays SSP mostly. FPS has not changed at all for me. (Although I was using Optifine before - is that out for 1.3 yet?)

    There are also sometimes visual glitches involving certain blocks, like stairs.

    Another difference I see is chunks are sometimes slow to load in front of you when riding long minecart tracks. I bailed out a few times thinking that I might get sent to the void...

    I have watched several LPers play 1.3 singleplayer for the first time (etho, kurtjmac, etc.) and I have noticed they have been seeing some of these issues as well. (and on much more powerful machines than I have)
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    posted a message on What is YOUR house!? (W/Vote System!)
    My 'house'

    More pics.

    The main entrance to my 'house'

    The railroad coming from my 'house'

    The basement storage room.

    The bedroom.

    Farm house and Railstation at night.

    Inside farm.

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    posted a message on Singleplayer is Destroyed
    Testing the most recent week 26 snapshot, I can report that there has been a great improvement in mob lag and terrain generation lag over any of the previous 1.3 pre-releases. It's still there slightly there for the mobs causing slight delays in knockback, which is noticable compared to 1.2.5 single player which had no lag of any kind for me - running far view distance, fancy graphics and an HD texture pack.

    The more irksome thing I am finding is that there are all sorts of visual/lighting glitches that have previously only been confined to multiplayer. When generating new chunks you often get a terrible mish-mash of pitch black overhangs that don't update until you move into them and large patches of see through ground/chunk errors.

    Hopefully, these issues will be fixed before the official release. Then both single and multiplayer will be more equal in terms of performance.
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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    This topic is still around, huh?

    Here's a photo update of my survival world since I last showed a while ago.

    Giant flame beacon tower added to the top of my base.

    Decorative area in front of main entrance

    Beginnings of a minecart station

    Minecart track extending southwards about 450m to the stronghold. My plans are to extend it to the NPC village from there to procure NPCs for my base.

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    posted a message on Recent Versions and Biomes
    Don't foget Tundra also contains the only hill variants that are as tall as the mountains in the extreme hill biomes.
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    posted a message on What is the most useful Villager in trading?
    Blacksmith can get you diamond weapons and armour, which is good for when you have already depleted all of you easy to get diamonds in caves.
    Priests can get you specific enchants, ender eyes and most importantly glowstone - which is too valuable a resource to not be renewable and runs out quickly on multiplayer servers.

    Those I think are the best two. The others do have a few trades that are semi-useful. (except the butcher who you should never bother trading with unless you really want a saddle or cooked meat...)

    The farmer is probably the third most useful as he can supply you with emeralds at the cost of an easy to obtain unlimited resource (wheat) The farmer will also sell you melon slices (for when you are having trouble finding a mineshaft.) and makes flint and steel renewable.

    The librarian is not that great, the only thing good about him is making glass a renewable resource.
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