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    Quote from Violet_Wyvern»

    This was a little bit weird about Barakoana elite, Because even I'm using assault rifle, And his wooden shield can even blocking the bullets... This doesn't make sense!

    I wonder what Barakoana elite's shield are made... (Probably has a Vibranium inner layer...)

    Blessed by the sun !

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    The trailer is amazing man :o

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    Awesome , dragons ! :o

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    Hey Lycanite ,

    I've got an little idea for the special mobs (lunar , light , celestial mobs) about one specialy , the Khalk.

    My idea is to make a mini-boss Khalk (like Lunar Grue) that can be named Incandescent Khalk , Fiery Khalk , or something else.

    It would be 3 times bigger than a normal Khalk , and got around him a "fiery aura" that burns the player .

    It would be a black-obsidian textured Khalk but when he attacks you the shell will burn ?

    he can spawn 2 khalk to help him .

    Also he can breaks blocks around him to clear the zone?

    that's all ... not a very good idea , i know , do what you want to do but a mini-boss Khalk would be awesome !

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    Quote from McAnimatedxxx»

    Good to see this mod alive again, but does anyone give a **** about Mutant Creatures? 😂

    Wowowow..;wait !
    Twilight forest isn't abandonned ? Really ?! that's awesome !
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    So much new things ! Great guys ! :D Keep your work !

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    Quote from RyujinZ»
    It would also be cool if that was some like lonely warrior in coat with many kinds of weapons on his back.
    Bla bla

    Oh yeah .. can't imagine this ! Also , imagine he cames in a event such as a mini boss ? :o

    A Idea That I Just Came Up With.

    BatRat Thingies

    As you can see, I don't know what to call them. The basic idea is a creature that hide in groups of six to seven that live in caves, and are maybe a block and a half tall.

    While I may think of other tiers of them later, right now there is only one.

    the Warrior Bat Rat Creature Thingies

    These creatures are a hostile nob that go in groups of five or so. They prefer to come from behind the player and all gang up on the player, their main attack does a half a heart of damage and blinds the player,this tier has eight hearts each. They drop bat eyes bat hide, and enchanced bat hide. The eyes can be crafted with arrows to make a arrow that blinds and poisons the opponent. The hide can be crafted with the enchanted hide to make a armour that has 3 armour bars and gives the player blindness and strength II.

    Here are some drawing of it. The head, tail, and the part where you see the rib cage are skin with the rest being brown/black fur.

    Nice idea i think it would be awesome at nights ! :D
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    Important Announcement:

    Us here at the Monsters & Dungeons team aren’t dead! However, we have been super busy with education and family, all that stuff, but we have still progressed, just not as much as we hoped. To aid in our progress, we are searching for experienced texture artists and animators, if you feel qualified or know someone be sure to tell us! If you are an active coder or modeler, or have some other talent you feel is usable for us, be sure to tell us too!

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any updates to show together with this, but we can give you some information on what we have been working on:

    -We are planning to improve the chess-dungeon (Known as the forgotten halls) already implemented with an expansion. This will include 1 new mob, 2 new bosses, a final dual boss battle, a whole new set of loot and a trip to the nether with a more ominous feel!

    We also plan on some new mechanics, such as a new complicated crafting system for weapons and armour, a stamina system for exciting combat and new loot types!

    Besides some of you may remember that in the original post several other critters and dungeons were mentioned - They haven’t been forgotten!

    -The swampdwellers (Toad people) are on their way, they too will get some interesting updates, such as their not-so-peaceful relatives who lives in jungles and shoot poison darts - It’s unknown when we’ll get to meet them, however.

    -If you remember the beehive dungeon, be ready for a total rework - It will now be The Endhive! This will be an End exclusive dungeon with lots of crawly critters and winding tunnels and best of all? - It is one our next planned updates! And even better, loot!

    Gasp! What could it be?

    Further in the future (No date, this is only speculation), we will also include stuff like dragons which will be found in a new biome with its own dungeons and inhabitants. Besides that we’re progressing on the egyptian-inspired dungeon, but it has a low priority at the moment, it will maybe come out after the endhive and frogvillage. And no, we haven’t forgotten the user-suggested idea that won the poll we had, the goblin camp, who knows when it will come? We certainly don’t yet. Another worthy mention is The Maze of Daedalus (That name may change), a greek inspired maze world. Yes a whole world of mazes. This will be quite a challenge and include several bosses, mobs, NPC’s, mounts, tons of loot and its very own biomes - But don’t get too hyped for that yet as it’s still far away in the future.

    Of course we have a lot of other ideas and concepts that may or may not come at a later date, but these are our major tasks as of now.

    We hope to be back soon with more content!

    -The Monsters & Dungeons mod team.

    Really great to see new thing and progress !
    Also , i can't say i am talented in something , but i can spend time (for the moment) to help you . :) What do you need ?
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    Quote from Markus1002»

    Yes, new insects will be added. ;)

    Currently I don't have any plans for any nether mobs.

    Updating will take a long time because of the differences between 1.7.10 and 1.10.2. I will probably update it eventually.

    Thanks for support! And your English isn't that bad. :)

    Thank you to the reply ! :D
    Als, that's very nice to see :"I will probably update it eventually" cause there is a lot of modders that don't reply guys and ignore them ! :)

    Can you give a pourcent of the next incoming mob ? (%)
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    Quote from Bryuf»

    Well, it seems school and real life has been slowing down our progress, but we have so many cool ideas for you guys!

    First of the 'Forgotten Halls' (The chess dungeon that is implemented right now) will have 3 more unique bossfights, the rook will get a minor overhaul and the dungeon will have some new interesting design :)

    And of course, we're planning several other exciting dungeons ;)

    Wooh , nice to hear ! I have question , will be another chess automaton type but not a boss ! Can you give a percentage of the coming update ?
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