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    Quote from drog92

    No need to be rude. People make mods on their own time, and release them when they want to, not to the demand of the public, I wish people like you would realize this. But you probably never will and will just continue to rush them and make them want to stop modding.

    he isnt being rude. he is asking a valid question. Its been a year since the 1.4.7 release.
    How is asking whats going on after a year of waiting called 'rushing'?
    Soaryn said that he was going to release when 1.6 came out. 1.6 has come and gone and were headed towards 1.8 now.
    people asking whats happening and comparing the events to Eloram isnt being rude, it's making a valid observation.
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    Can we get a different host for the files? teknicpack isnt working.
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    Quote from Sheepdog

    Sorry if this is a really stupid questions but how is everyone using this mod? Have they not upgraded to 1.6.2 or something?

    Yup, its stupid

    if you had read back a couple pages, you would have seen where Flowerchild said he would NOT discuss the subject
    (and you can see in the first post.. and at the top of your browser bar where it says 1.5.2 (which would be your first clue))
    Quote from Sheepdog

    No reason to be a such a virgin about it. I'm new to this minecraft modding stuff.

    virgin huh?
    he isnt being a 'virgin'
    its not about how new you are to modding.. its about the basic clues available to you that says that you didnt bother to read
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