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    posted a message on [1.14.2] Exousia | Vanilla | SMP | Whitelist | 50 player cap | 14 +

    IGN: darkmagic101
    Age: 33
    Region (E.g. NA, EU, etc.): NA
    Why do you wish to gain access to this server?:[/b]

    Looking for a new server to play on with a small community. Played Minecraft for about 9 years. Always enjoy starting a new server and helping with big projects such as a functional nether hub. Hoping to make new friends and play around with the new features. I have plenty of experience as a server admin if you need any help in that area as well, but I do prefer not to be an admin and would never ask to be one.[/b]

    What do you like about SMP servers?:[/b]

    I like the sense of community that is found in SMP, especially ones that don't have pointless griefing. That is why I enjoy a whitelisted server especially. Open servers seem to always be about building far away and underground in hopes that no one finds your base, which takes out all the fun of SMP.[/b]

    I may have a few friends that may also join after a few days if you want,[/b]


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    posted a message on Multithreaded server software?

    The current way the server works(I think) is every tick the game checks all "fully loaded" chunks for blocks that need updating, such as fire, crops, saplings, etc.

    Steps for firetick would be something like:

    Does fire spread?

    Where does it spread?

    Can it spread there?

    Does fire extinguisher?

    This can lagg the server alot since nothing else can update at this time. (Just explaining for people who might not know)

    If this tick was handled on a separate thread the resources would likely take more RAM, but with that you free the rest of the server up.

    A downside I can see is that more fire could make fires last longer just because it would have to wait the same time as if the server was lagging due to fire. That being said it would free up resources for other things.

    This ought to be applied to not just fire, but Mobs and plant growth as well.

    Implementing this would be great and I 100% support this. This could also help improve lagg from changes in light levels as well.

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    posted a message on Invisible Light Sources(creative mode)

    You can add torches, lanterns, lamps and countless other sources of light, but there will always be problems of having to change up your build aesthetics in order to get proper lighting. This isn't only useful to prevent mob spawning, but also enhances the looks of these builds.

    I propose to add invisible light sources, much like we have barrier blocks. In order to see the invisible light source you would need to be holding it. Perhaps the item could just be a 2d lightbulb. Unlike barrier blocks this "block" can be walkthrough.

    Only problem I see with this is not being able to build in an area that has one of these light sources. Maybe you could place a block in them which would overwrite them(much like placing a block in water).

    I do understand that part of the charm of Minecraft is being creative with the limits that are given to us. This "block" should therefore be a creative only block used for map makers.

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    posted a message on New Redstone Block.

    In terms of pistons this block exist. Unfortunately a piston activated takes 2 blocks, but if that doesn't bother you try using them for stopping your elevator. (I imagine that's what you meant by making elevators easier)

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    posted a message on Make a boss that drops diamonds plz.

    I got it, a boss that'll drop diamonds. The Diamond Golem. To fight this new boss, place 4 diamond blocks in a T formation and place a carved pumpkin on its head. It'll immediately attack you and when it dies drops 1-3 diamonds. ;)

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    posted a message on Craftable End Portal frames(late game)

    Sometimes traveling to the nearest stronghold is a pain especially when it's tens of thousands of blocks away, over oceans, pass mountains, etc. You've already been there, defeated the dragon and maybe even collected a few elytra. Why can't the portal be closer at this point?

    My idea is to have the ability to craft end portal frames using supplies from the end. These frames will look just like the one in strongholds, but will be breakable via pickaxe. When broken the frame will lose the eye of ender in it and just drop the frame.

    Just like the normal end portal, you will need to place eyes of ender in each frame and construct in the 5x5 area just as you would normally. Breaking one frame though would destroy the portal.

    How to craft this frame? Simple... Take 5 end stone in the shape of a boat and place 3 popped chorus fruit on the top row. This means you would have most likely already defeated the ender dragon or made a bridge stretching around 1000 blocks to get to the outer islands, either way you proven yourself(...or cheated with creative at which point you can already do this without this addition)

    So with this I can save time by not having to walk many blocks and then kill myself just as fast because I get a tad careless in the end.

    What do you think? Any ways to improve on this idea or should we not have this feature?

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    posted a message on Inventory Sorting

    I'm totally behind sorting shortcuts for inventories and chests. Sure I could build a sorting system via redstone, but that's not intuitive. I do like the shortcuts to move multiple items of a specific type, but that's also not intuitive to most players.

    We can pick up stacks, split them, take single items, move stacks, move all of the same type of an item.

    The game is filled with shortcuts to do these things, but I feel there could be better ways of handling this than what we are given.

    Personally I think they should add a sort of menu selection option for sorting and doing all of the above, not replacing what we have now, but giving us another option, though not sure how to implement it at this time.

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    posted a message on Blue Flowers makes wolves angry

    Was thinking with the introduction of wither roses giving the wither effect, the blue flowers should do something as well.

    Remembering how Zootopia had blue flowers that made predators savage, why not add that effect to Minecraft. If a wolf(not tamed) stands on a blue flower they should get angry and attack the closest mob to them within 20 blocks.

    This would not only be an interesting reference, but could be used in farms.

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    posted a message on Should stonecutters damage mobs/entities that stand on the blade?

    I am mixed about this, on one hand it makes sense, on the other hand I feel the villagers might kill themselves with this.

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    posted a message on Great use of bells

    I'm just hoping you can hook the bell up to redstone, maybe powering the block it's attached to.

    This would make for a good doorbell alternative. (Even if you could make a doorbell with note blocks)

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    posted a message on New Minecraft Berries

    Should a berry bush in a pot still deal damage if you stand on the pot and move around?

    I don't think they should. On top of that, it would be good if you could harvest them from the flower pot the same way as you do from the ground.

    This would give more reason to make flower pots and give them more of a purpose than decoration.

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    posted a message on Nether Update ideas
    Quote from goddlack»

    I think with this new idea we could make a boat that floats on lava. Great suggestion!

    I'm not really fond of a lava boat, I feel it takes away from the "challenge" of trying to cross an ocean of lava.

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    posted a message on Nether Update ideas

    Personally I would like to see the use of the nether roof to house a dungeon like maze which leads to a boss at the top. Perhaps the red dragon which was a concept long ago could be placed there. Could maybe drop a dragon heart which can be an infinite fuel source if placed in a furnace and won't be eaten by the furnace.

    Sure people could still build on top of the rest of the nether roof, this structure would only take up a few chunks.

    How do you find this nether maze? Explore the nether until you find a tower of nether brick that reaches from top to bottom of nether.

    Idea needs more polishing, but that's pretty much what I'd like to see.

    Perhaps there could be a portal that'll take you above the nether roof into the maze, instead of a random tower. Either way I feel the nether roof is current crawling with potential.

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    posted a message on Colored Lights

    I think colored lights are a great idea that has been suggested many times before. This time is different though because the last few snapshots show they are updating the lighting engine. F3 now shows a client light on top of server light. I'd add color to jack o lanterns and Redstone lamps as well.

    As for the technical side of this, I don't think it would affect server performance by much. Lighting itself would likely need to be stored with 3 bytes instead of 1. Bytes of Red, Green, and Blue. Servers could have options to monochrome this if it did make things lag, but more importantly clients could have a monochrome option for lighting and will use the highest value of RGB as the light level.

    The tricky thing would be finding color balance with between colors and how would black and gray lights work, perhaps they would be low lights.

    Anyways ignoring technical side of this, I'm not sure about the throwing and damaging using lights, that idea is very similar to fireworks, which in the next update can be fired from crossbows. I wouldn't mind a torch throw to explore a cave or a pit though.

    Anyways the building aspects of this idea has always been great, but I don't think it'd fit in combat.

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    posted a message on More Beacon Effects

    Idea is to expand the beacon to give it more uses not sure of what tier these effects would be or if there should be an alternate way of getting these effects. Here's a few I've thought of:


    Increase in plant growth in area. Plants with limited heights will have their limits increased by 1.5x. Sugarcane and cactus would grow to 4 blocks.


    All undead mobs won't spawn in this area. If an undead mob roams into the area they will be reduced to 1 HP.


    All blocks in this area will get increased hardness making it harder and sometimes impossible for tnt and creepers to destroy blocks. Blocks would also take longer to mine, but would require same tool.


    Outlines mobs that are within 20 blocks from the player. This would also work on other players.

    I'm sure some of these seem OP if not all of them, but I feel this is fair being a late game item. Perhaps they could all be tier 4 or have increased effects at tier 4. Maybe even have it be an addition to beacons and give these effects a timer such as fuel in a furnace.

    Any more ideas?

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