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    This is just another AutoFish mod , it works just like the Autofish Mod by troyboy50.

    But the different thing is the way to check whether player caught fish or not.

    This mod try to listen when game play a "fish caught sound".

    When minecraft play the sound named "entity.bobber.splash" it will pull the fish rod back.

    ( see Minecraft wiki :Sound.json )

    So, basiclly it won't miss any chance to get fish.

    This mod is called "Autofishd " to avoid mod name conflict with troyboy50's Autofish mod.

    I've also made Autofish with Meddle Mod loader. It's all the same concept.( by listen sound event)


    This mod require Liteloader , please download and install Liteloader.

    Once you install liteloader , just download this mod and put into the mods/ folder in your minecraft game folder.


    Download link : Mediafire


    This mod use the option panel that provided by liteloader.

    Just press "Esc" in game and pull out the liteloader panel.

    You will find the setting button under "AutoFish" mod.


    If you are playing in multi-player world and someone is fishing nearby, you have to turn on the "Check Distance" in option panel.

    It's because minecraft will also play the same sound effect when that guy caught a fish, this will make this mod pull your fishing rod back.

    When enable "Check Distance" , this mod will check the position "where the sound was played" and "where your fish hook is".

    If the distance between them is large than 1.7 (you can modify this value), this mod will consider it's not you caught a fish.

    If you want to change the value "1.7" , you can enable "Show Distance" option to see the distance between them.

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    posted a message on Meddle - Minecraft TweakClass Mod Loader + 1.9/1.10/1.11 snapshot mods

    Sorry for that. I've update AutoFish mod for meddle to 1.9.4. But I forget to upload files...
    I've uploaded AutoFish meddle version for MC 1.9.4. Just go to the Mediafire share folder and download it.

    You need update dynamicMappings to build 024 and ClientEventAPI to 1.3
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    posted a message on MapWriter (continued) - An open source mini-map!

    I am also trying to update this mod to 1.8.8 ( forked from Vectron's 1.8 branch ).

    And I think I am success! ( maybe)

    I like this mod very much~

    As I know , some render method "MAYBE" :

    if 1.8 mod use "startDrawingQuads" or "startDrawing" , you have to notice the following code.

    if the following code ( in 1.8 ) is addVertex() , you have to use worldRender.begin(GL11.GL_QUADS,DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION)

    example :



    POSITION => DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION
    renderer.begin( GL11.GL_QUADS , POSITION );

    But if the following code is addVertexWithUV() , we have to change POSITION to POSITION_TEX




    POSITION_TEX => DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION_TEX
    renderer.begin( GL11.GL_QUADS , POSITION_TEX );

    [1.8] worldRender.startDrawingQuads()

    [1.8.8] worldRender.begin(GL11.GL_QUADS,DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION)


    [1.8.8] worldRender.begin(GL11.GL_QUADS,DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION_TEX)

    [1.8] worldRender.startDrawing(type)

    [1.8.8] worldRender.begin(type, DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION)


    [1.8.8] worldRender.begin(type, DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION_TEX)

    [1.8] worldRender.addVertex(x,y,z)

    [1.8.8] worldRender.pos(x,y,z).endVertex();

    [1.8] worldRender.addVertexWithUV(x,y,z,u,v)

    [1.8.8] worldRender.pos(x,y,z).tex(u,v).endVertex();

    {{ Not sure }}

    [1.8] worldRender.setColorRGBA_I( rgb , alpha )

    [1.8.8] worldRender.putColorRGBA( VertexFormatElement.EnumUsage.COLOR.ordinal() , r , g , b , alpha );

    ==== or unmapped mathod name =====

    POSITION => field_181705_e

    POSITION_TEX => field_181707_g

    begin => func_181668_a

    pos => func_181662_b

    text => func_181673_a

    endVertex => func_181675_d

    1.8.8 , MapWriter2

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