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    The Kingdom of Lacertus is a long standing clan that was founded in June 2010. We have not recruited in Minecraft since approximately October 2010, but now, we are recruiting again and are looking forward to meeting all of the new members that come to join us!

    Clan Ranks:

    The clan leader is the 'King'. Next comes the Lords, who can be given tasks and jobs to carry out from the king.. Directly underneath these Lords are the Nobles, who may be given a task by the lords, and have more specific roles in the areas in which the Lords govern. Underneath the Nobles are the Chevs or Chevaliers, who are people who are like Nobles in training. All of these different positions have their own respective responsibilities, yet as Citizens, if you have questions or need help in or out of game, all will be more than happy to help you out.

    Minecraft Ranks:

    Member < Citizen < Donator, Donator+, Sponsor < Moderator < Admin < Senior Admin

    The Kingdom of Lacertus Minecraft Server

    KoL has ran a Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server since SMP was released, by the paradoxical name of The Unnamed Server, at the moment we are running a server called the Kingdom of Lacertus FTB Server. this server is currently a private server. However we will be deciding over the next week or so weather we want to stick with Feed The Beast, or go to Vanilla Minecraft. We will then change / keep this server as it is and release it to all the new KoL members and the public!

    Upcoming events:
    • TBA


    "So, KoL sounds awesome, where do I sign up!"

    Well, that's simple. copy this application, and post it in this thread \

    Minecraft Username:
    Steam Username:
    Where did you hear about KoL:
    Why do you want to join KoL:
    By filling out this application, I hereby pledge compliance of KoL's laws.

    If you want to help out, see a local Noble or Lord, most of them would have something, and all of them should know of something, if you have skills in coding, art, making games, or you would like to become apart of the server management, event planning, or contest planning teams, see the King or send him a PM.

    We are open for alliances. To obtain an alliance with the Kingdom of Lacertus, firstly, let us know! Post on our thread, or our website. After this, a meeting will be arranged between your clan's leader (and any others he wishes to bring, such as his 2nd in command) and the King (or someone sent by the king, such as a Lord) So please include details such as a steam name, server IP, or other contact details, and wether or not Voice chat is okay for you. Once the meeting takes place, things can go from there.

    Current Alliances
    The Circle of the Magi.
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    Hello, and welcome to the Kingdom of Lacertus’s clan thread.
    The Kingdom of Lacertus has been around for about a year and a half, and is one of the oldest remaining Minecraft Clans. We have ventured forth into the minecraftian world, with our trustful leader Darkfire002 and have risen in numbers and ranks over the years. Our numbers have grown due to our sincere nature, our kind and dedicated members, our mutual respect for peace with other clans and our willingness to band together. “Together we stand strong”
    -Lord Bleese

    We'll keep the thread short and sweet, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Our Leaders

    'King' Darkfire002

    'Lord' Bleese
    'Lord' Sgt_Captian
    'Lord' Bletzkarn

    'Noble' Killam3nac3
    'Noble' Myaskill
    'Noble' 2kanman
    'Noble' BarrelRoll

    Disrespect your clanmates.
    Kill your fellow members

    Show Honour
    Show Loyalty
    Show Respect
    Show Kindness
    Look out for your fellow clan members

    The Kingdom of Lacertus has a state of the art Minecraft server, Apon joining you will be sent a PM with the IP, along with the IP to our Teamspeak server.


    [u][b]Steam username:[/b][/u]
    [u][b]Where did you hear about KoL?[/b][/u]
    [u][b]Why do you want to join KoL?[/b][/u]
    [u][b]What are your tallents in Minecraft?[/b][/u]
    By filling out this application, I hearby pledge compliance of KoL's laws.

    Here's come pictures from the first 24 hours of our Minecraft server! This new map has been up for little under a week now.

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    Quote from cooltime17

    Hi. me and some friends are planing on making a clan. but I'm not sure about the 'expanding' part.

    Do you have to make it so other's can join? or can you be like a real world friends only?


    No, you don't have to make it so that everyone can join. The exclusiveness of your clan is entirely up to you. If you’re not posting in your clan thread on the forums here though, it will fade away to the back pages. Some clans start with some 'real world friends only' and then expand and have other people join them. But as I said before, it's entirely up to you if you accept applications.
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    Clan advice

    Guide To Creating A Clan

    First: There are a few things that it's best to have in order before you have a thread. If your not sure how to make your thread, follow this layout.

    Clan name as a heading.

    General Introduction:Here, put a brief overview. How the clan is run. What is the leaders name? What is your group about?

    Rules are another important thing. Rules like do not attack your clanmates, do not grief, steal, respect the higher ranks. other clan specific rules can also go here.

    How to Join
    Obviously an important part of any clan! Your thread can be breathtaking, but if they can't join. They won't join. Put it up here, so they atleast know what your about, and what the rules are. If at any point someone decides to join, it's right here.

    What are the ranks in your clan? A explination of what the different ranks are might be nessicary, you could also combine this with a member list to list each rank, and then the members that are that rank.

    Member list
    List your members! Who's in the clan? sorting them in some order, alphabetical, by order of joining, by rank, or at random are all good sorting methods.

    Other sections
    If your clan involves another section to it, such as a second devision. Explain it here. This might not be the best thing for a clan that's just starting out, but something you might want to add later down the line, once you have 20 members or so.

    List your alliances here. Often new clans send out an invite to many clans just to see who answers back. It's best to read some clan threads, and pick some clans that have common ideals, styles, aims or beliefs, and offer an alliance with them. Make sure the alliance is beneficial for both sides.

    You might be able to pick your friends, but you can't allways pick your enemies. If you make any, list them here.

    Skins, Signatures, avatars, other visual immagery.
    You might want seperate, smaller headings for each of these things, Clan pride stuff goes here, Skins signatures and avatars are to say, I'm apart of this clan, and i'm proud of it.

    Irc, Voice chat, Steam group, website forums.
    These can all go here, It's good to have your server info and website info higher up somewhere, but they are things that could come later and you can work them in where you think they fit. Possibly around the how to join area. I strongly suggest after rules and a general intro.


    For starters, don't just make a clan because you are bored. Have a real reason and a purpose.
    Message your friends for input too, often they will think of things that you haven't.
    Make sure you have a good name, like Circle of Magi and the Merchant's union! This doesn't mean make yours a circle of something, or a union of something! that would be the definition of a bad name, because there is a established clan with the name allready. Also, Try to avoid the use of a kingdom or a creeper related clan.

    Wait until you have 3+ members before you make a thread. This will prevent a lot of spammy clans that never take off from flooding the section.

    Use things like bold text, headings, proper grammar and spelling, color. Pictures even. This will make your clan seem more professional, take pride in your clan!

    Many ranks does not mean many members, simplicity can work. Perhaps once the clan grows larger, you can add more ranks.

    Though a Forum or a website is helpfull if you can get one, A forum and/or website pulls activity away from your official minecraft forum thread. A good balance is best, and a forum/website might be best left until your clan is larger.

    Getting a server is a good priority. If not a server, something elce to base yourself off. Owning the server isn't a nessessity. Infact joining an existing server can work well.

    Get userbars, flags, avatars, signatures, skins! Advertise and represent your clan!
    (some userbars can be found at http://www.userbars.com, and pictures can be resized into avatars using http://www.shrinkpictures.com)

    Advice for the Growing Clan

    -Rivalries,whether friendly or unfriendly, are usually a good thing! Rivalries can pop up anywhere, one member of a clan saying something bad about another, a banning, trying to get members, etc. Rivalries will give members reason to play: to beat the other player.

    (NOTE:A rivalry does not mean you should go to the other clan's server and grief them, unless the other leader wants to participate in that sort of "war")

    -An inactive leader WILL kill a clan. If you cannot be incredibly active, or are inexperienced, having a co-leader, or senior members/vice president to help you is VERY helpful. This should only be given to people you trust completely. The player(s) need to have your trust because you then can give them the powers to recruit, accept applications, or even kick a player out of the clan.

    -Follow through on your rules. If you don't follow through on rules, a clan will run amuck and be disorganized. Usually a three-strike system,or modified version is helpful. An example:

    Follow through on your rules, If you don't, a clan could run amuck, and be disorganised.
    A good rule system is the three strike system

    First strike:Warning
    (If no other accidents occur in a period of time, reset to zero strikes)

    Second Strike:Probation, possibly not being allowed on the server
    (If no other accidents occur in a period of time, reset to one strike)

    Third Strike: Being kicked out of the clan
    (If no other accidents occur in a period of time, reset to two strikes)

    Of course, different actions will go farther up on the chain, accidental griefing will not be as bad as a player spamming the server and destroying other's buildings.

    DragoonEnRegalia's Wisdom:
    -Originality is the key to a successful clan

    -Make a REAL clan ethos. Saying you want to "experience the awesome", i.e. Sparexen, simply will not do. You really need to bust out your brain and get crackin'. That's how good clans are eventually formed.

    -If you're going to make a website for your clan, it is best not to use a cheap utility for making the site. Using Webs.com is a great way to lose your credibility as a clan leader, and will leave a bad impression on the site-goer. Learn HTML or another coding language to help you build a decent website to host your clan on. Great examples include websites by SteGriff (Victory Clan) and Zuriki (Vanilla (now defunct)), T.I.M.E.).

    -Clans are the components of our Minecraft community best suited to role-play. While it is up to one's discretion whether to use a complex or simple role-playing system, what is evident is that clans allow community interaction in a masquerade format. So please, do role-play more often when in a clan. Tagging and the other paraphernalia are also important aspects, but role-playing and establishing a universal clan identity will help unify a clan as well as bring more creativity to such clan.
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    Thankyou biodude, but I actualy wasn't finished when I acdently hit the submit, then I lost my internet connection :/ I put that there and was about to finish it, wasn't intending on posting it yet...

    EDIT: Added wall of text. also, how is my name misspelled?

    EDIT the second: ah yes I see how I misspelt it now, thanks.
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