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    Quote from Lemonstudioz47

    me and my friends came up with a very good idea to get the donations

    what we will do is when we get a lot of players and they build stuff we will threaten to shut our server down for ransom so

    like they have to pay $200 if they want to ever play again

    so we threaten them we will shut down after they played for days.

    then when we get a few grand we wont do that anymore. please sponsor us

    Cough Extortion Cough..

    Sorry about that, got a cold...
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    I get this with newest version of ChickenCodeCore and minecraft 1.5.2 with newest universal version of Forge 7.8.x. I removed all other mods to confirm its chickencodecore doing it.



    Apologizes, this is the correct pastebin: http://pastebin.com/m5u537bD
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    I love browsing through posts like this and seeing nothing but scripted answers with very little personality in them.
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    Quote from HostBlaze

    Our network is designed for optimal performance with mods such as FTB! Our basic service will run FTB, but we recommend our premier service for FTB!

    Please click the text in my signature for more info and to get a 15% promo code!

    I lol'd at this as you can't design a network based off a mod you didn't create. Not to mention it doesn't use any networking libraries like netty.
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    Quote from epthegeek

    This is absolutely not true. What the hell? I realize you don't feel like you need to pay me back anything, but this is just a lie.

    Sure, I openly hoped you'd DIAF on twitter. But that's not MULTIPLE. Gosh.

    I completely understand your angish, I used these people as our host a while back. Everytime I put in a ticket like clock work, within minutes they would reply back with "its a plugin" I mean it takes longer than 10 minutes to check on a situation. Plus if you ran over 2 plugins they would say "its impossible to know", even after telling them I uninstall all my plugins. I also run a VisualVM console on my desktop that remotes to my current server which I used to use as a test server.

    here's an example what what they say, which is COMPLETELY untrue CBuTD takes hardly anything to run considering it only polls for updates every hour, the heap it uses is extremely low too due to it not having to store any user information. Everything gets written to the disk the moment the event is fired which purges the heap used.

    Daniel Pietersen
    Staff 15/10/2011 08:38

    Hi *****,

    The large number of plugins on your server make it impossible to determine the cause of your lag. We can say that Spout and CraftBukkitUpToDate can cause lag issues as they check periodically for updates which can slow the server down.

    Kind Regards,
    Daniel P.

    Provision Host - Senior Minecraft Technician
    Hosting Solutions For Gamers

    I still however use them for our webhosting which is why I'm not revealing my name which is used in the message sent back.
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    Quote from Huntzz6666


    Timezone:standard mountain time(so Alberta, Canada)


    What is your Class:HUnter, Warrior

    How active will you be? as MUch as i can with school, work and sports so most nights


    Timezone:standard mountain time(so Alberta, Canada)


    What is your Class:HUnter, Warrior

    How active will you be? as MUch as i can with school, work and sports so most nights

    IGN: Huntz666

    Approved! Log on and ask me or blessedmachine for an invite!
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    posted a message on [Heroes][PvP[Clans] The Hissing Creeper Server!

    Server IP
    60+ slots-No Lag-24/7 Survival/RPG Server

    Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE
    Java memory: 8GB Dedicated RAM
    OS memory: 6GB Swap
    Harddrive: 500GB Hatachi Deskstar Elite
    Operating System: CentOS 5.7 x64

    " target="" data-ensure-absolute>" frameborder="0" autoplay="false" allowfullscreen sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups">


    The server is made up of many clans. Some being allies, others are willing to eat each other apart on sight. With each town having their own heroes, they will be ready to fight their enemies on the spot. Other, peaceful, towns will be set aside, relying on their precious stones to protect them from intruders. Precious stones, with the magical ability to create fields to protect land from explosions and enemies all around, they can be the one thing to help you win the War.

    The land of TheHissingCreeper is filled with many heroes. Warrior, Mages, Hunters, Clerics, Druids. All different in their own ways. Mages having strong power in their fingertips, yet easy to hurt. Hunters being deadly at a range, but nearly powerless close up with a Warrior. Clerics healing the others, putting them back on the field of action. Druids using their many spells to aid others, and last but not least Warrior with their strong and heavy armor, rushing out to the field.


    1. Do NOT spam the chat

    2. Do NOT advertise websites unless its our own.

    3. Do not use hacks/cheats (speedhack, flyhack, antixray[includes texturepacks of this nature])

    4. No sexism

    5. Do not ask admins/mods for materials, items, perms, etc.

    6. Listen to admins.

    What are you waiting for?
    Complete the application
    Get your friends to join
    Get on the server-PLAY
    Become a Hero
    Create a Clan with your friends
    Use all of our amazing addons to your liking
    Have Fun!!!

    This server has moved. The new IP is

    You no longer need to fill out a whitelist application.
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    posted a message on Looking for iConomy/Jobs/Shop plugin server.
    Quote from Zeglcosnp

    Would love to find a server with at least these plugins:

    Jobs - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/econ-jobs-v2-5-6-jobs-plugin-for-minecraft-1337.23429/
    ChestShop - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/econ-chestshop-3-24-iconomychestshop-chest-sign-shop-for-all-economy-plugins-1337.4150/

    and possibly


    If you know of or run any of these servers, that'd be great and I'd love to join.

    We're still realatively small and we are very friendly. We have numerous amenities that are supplied to our members. These include but are not limited to Clan support (including webspace), Towny, Jobs, iConomy, Shops, SpoutShops, Ani grief systems, detailed forums used for a wide varity of things, and Dynmap.

    With all that in mind we also have many other features that are more pvp oriented as well.


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    posted a message on The Hissing Creeper [Towny][Economy][Dynamic Map][RPG]

    [center]Website - www.thehissingcreeper.com
    Server IP -

    Greylist - Requires registration!
    60+ Slots. 24/7 No Lag Survival Server.
    Our forums host a wide variety of things, from Community pages all the way to the server rules!








    Staruuk, more than millennia ago was not as it is today; blood stained the rivers red and made the oceans glisten in its crimson colour. Men and boys were not seen in an everyday life, rather sharpening their swords, axes, and picks, readying themselves for a fight which would not be more than a few days away… Darkness was the way of this world, that hate, animosity, greed, and the barbaric nature of all would be the only ruler of the world though that did not stop any of the empires from fighting one another.
    Elves, whose capital city is Amarthamber, were the most skilled archers throughout the land; they were notorious for being able to shoot their bows from their city to the human city, Arios. Perhaps that is why in the conflicts of which the world was known for, they fought together, although with much animosity still lingering between them.
    Humans, who were the most skilled in all the land for their swordsmanship and harvests, were, like the elves, peaceful at home yet ruthless on the battlefield. From a young age boys would be recruited into sword training for battle, honing their skill to the best of their ability until the day in which they fought. The Humans and Elves fought the Dwarves, from Delarr, and the Orcs, from Gilgumesh.
    Orcs, a strong and fierce people, lived to mine and fight with their pickaxes, which would earn them the nickname “Pickers” in war; during this time they were rumoured to be allied with the dark dragons which would attack all of the land, divesting anything in its path. This was coupled with their immunity to fire, weapon, and armour making abilities.
    Dwarves, the most skilled axe wielders in the entire world could, even with their alleged height issues, take down the tallest redwoods and use them for their underground tunnels which matched their Orcish counterparts. Both Orcs and Dwarves were looked down upon by the Humans and Elves during this time; a reason to why they fought so well together and did not have animosity of the Humans and Elves.

    [center]The War[/center]
    Known only today as the War, it was what led the world to what it is today. This was a time when the killings and the death of all the races reached its highest and most horrific state.
    It is not known from which side the first attack was sent, nor is it talked about; all that is known is that the Humans and Elves allied as many times before went to war with Orcs and Dwarves. The reason for the war was due to the Humans and Elves accusing the Orcs and Dwarves of stealing away both the Prince of the Elves, Strider, and the Princess of the Humans, Mackenzie, who were betrothed by the Kings of each Kingdom causing a bond to end their quarrels. The Dwarves and Orcs had made a likewise claim about the Orc Prince of Grimslag, and the Dwarf Princess of Dolvar, who were likewise betrothed.
    The War waged for a century with generation after generation dying, with no one looking like they would emerge the winner… The Great cities decimated by the war, looked more like hell than a capital for a race. Realising the war was at a violent stalemate both the Elvin and Humans agreed to meet with their enemies to discuss how to move on, however; this was a ruse on both sides, both sending assassins’ in their place, aimed to kill one another. This news swept the land and with that the war was no longer one side vs another; the lack of honor on both sides caused people of nations to rise up and wage war against their own Kings.
    What is to be done when war wages between one another and at home? Who is the real enemy? Regardless this did cause something which would change all. With all the races so busy killing one another, the creatures for which lived in the wilderness and who all killed, started to multiply without interjection from any kingdom; Eventually these beasts overran the land and all seemed lost.

    [center]Let Peace Rule[/center]
    With the world coming to an end in hell fire, a light, a beam of light ignited the world and from the heaven emerged the lost Princess’ and Princes’ to their kingdoms. Although this centuries’ after their disappearances they had not aged a day, with their direct families dead their pictures and memories were remembered in the Kingdoms.
    Without a word all landed in the cities and in a flash with which would illuminate the entire cosmos separated the world of Staruuk into sections moving the kingdoms away from one another. They erected gates from which nations could travel and declared that all fighting between the races as a whole would stop immediately.
    Explaining that they had ascended to enlightenment and when they had vanished, it had not been an abduction of another race, but the deity Cuthulu had brought them to the heavens to learn the ways of divine immortality. These four now the Rulers of each kingdom swore and still do to, protect all those who enter their cities walls regardless of race. And that any ability of which was held by a race would be given to each other so all would be able to be equal in what they wished to do. Finally with their gratitude for Cuthulu they built a Market for all to use and with which has a temple in his honour, draped with painting of him; an almost squid looking character.

    [center]War still Wages [/center]
    Although the War of the Races is over, and people are at peace with each other; their still exists the quest for power. Factions, a setup of people who fight together, now of all races exist throughout the former Staruuk all aiming to be the strongest and most powerful. They fight and if you wish to survive you would do well to join or start one. The question is now, which side are you on?

    [center]Server Pictures[/center]

    [center]Capture the flag Arena[/center]



    [center]Courier System[/center]

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    posted a message on Do not recruit these people!
    These 2 people are one of the same, they both were recruited as a probational admin. They were doing fine then started to have issues with communicating with other admins. Once this started he decided to go rogue and misc ban people that he personally didn't like.

    He then decided to use logblock to rollback as much as he could (this was all fixed to an extent). I urge the community to not recruit these people. They tried to say they knew java and such just so they could have a better chance at being recruited.



    AKA Erick Pratt

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