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    posted a message on Not Loading

    Ever since the most recent launcher update minecraft hasnt been able to load on my desktop. it launches the game then gets stuck on the mojang loading screen not loading past that. I would like help with fixing this issue, ive tried redownloading minecraft already and it hasnt worked. Please help

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    posted a message on Pixelmon Server needs staff and BUILDERS
    i posted mine on the first post of this u made

    i really want to be on a great server where i can be a gyym leader and other players can build their own house and let their be player built towns and such but its ur choice on what u want but no matter what i want to be a staff or builder plz

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    posted a message on New Pixelmon Server needs staff and builders
    can i still be staff

    if i can

    IGN: Darkassassin23x

    Age: 15

    Experience as staff on pixelmon server: a little but it was my friends server now i want to go on to a bigger server

    Experience with pixelmon: tons i know just every thing about it

    How long you have been playing minecraft: about a year

    What is your experience with plugins: none

    Why should I choose you: you should chose me because im fair kind and helping

    Anything Else: im really good at building

    Plugin Suggestion (Besides Essentials also we need a rank plugin group manager wont work): Im not good with plugins

    Position: builder/staff

    Builder-We need these first

    Everything in staff plus

    Experience with Building (Proof):

    My skype is dark assasssin23x msg me there i would also like to know the ip
    oh and can there be gyms if there can i wanna be a gym leader
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    posted a message on Slugterra Mod
    how do u use the blasters
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    posted a message on java update
    So I updated java but now minecraft won't work what do I do?
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    posted a message on [1.5 Update] Instant Structures Mod (ISM) by MaggiCraft [+40,000 Structures]
    Maggi craft when ever i try to download the mod it takes me too my files what do i do?
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    posted a message on How do I install TLON into Minecraft?
    whats minecraft jar someone plz tell me
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