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    posted a message on Anyone else thinking of reskinning hell?
    Jellyfish fields here we come!
    The fire can be bubbles and the ghasts can be jellyfish and the lava can be PRETTY WATER THAT MAKES ON YOUR SCREEN!!11
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    posted a message on I think the PCgamer review upped the sales!
    Someone should make a program or site that fetches the info every day or 60 minutes or something and calculates a graph of it.
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    posted a message on Creative and Survival will no longer be seperate, starvation
    Quote from Enjay »
    I hope peaceful (regardless of what it is called) remains similar to how it is now. ie hostile mobs removed but you still have to go out there and find your supplies etc. If it just becomes a big unlimited supply Lego set, half of the appeal of the game will have gone for me.

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    posted a message on How to get TONS of TNT ( Legit )
    I'm subscribing, very nice.
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    posted a message on Acerbus Lumen [New Page][Runecraft RP][Clan Server]
    Acerbus Lumen, or "Dark Light", voyeurs of the twisted prophecy.

    Please read all information thoroughly.
    Eons ago, when stone fought stone, blood was spilled over blood, the land was cursed by a wretched demon, damning the people of the land to suffer for their mortal sins of slaughter. Every night, gruesome beasts attacked their villages and haunted them.

    The curse raised every slain victim of war, turning them against their once kin. The people fought hard and valiantly, in an attempt to overthrow these creatures, but alas, their power was seemingly limitless, as more of them rose with every slain clansmen.

    A scatter few souls that survived the onslaught, took notice to the creatures, whom simply wandered by them as if they did not exist. These lone nomads, originally ones who worshiped their righteous god and abstained from war, were spared judgement, as their hands had not been stained with life.

    These few souls made haste to the nearest kingdom, where Lord Balvoritem held fief. They attempted to warn him of the impending horrors that made route for his kingdom, but he merely dismissed them as mad men. When word of their slain village reached the lord through official channels, he declared the men murders, and banished them from the lands.

    The nomads banded together with those who would hear their pleas, and formed a sacred guild called Acerbus Lumen, named after the plight which ravaged their once beautiful towns and life. They vowed to bring blade, arrow and flame to the creatures that ravaged their town. Driven by insanity, fueled by a twisted hatred for the punishment they had been wrought, they fought on, recruiting as they fled, to destroy the final vestige of the creatures power..

    Each member to our Order has their own 'Clan Alias' which is a simple Latin word to be referred as.

    Check here: http://www.math.ubc.ca/~cass/frivs/latin/latin-dict-full.html for lots of Latin words you could use.

    There is also a Desired Path, which can be either Warrior, Scout or Sorcerer.

    I shall explain:

    :Iron: Warrior :Iron:

    The warrior is suited with Iron or Diamond Armour and are restricted to Fire Enchantments. The warrior generally gathers rune materials for the clan, so sorcerers can perform material intensive runes.
    The warrior can use any tool and are usually the most fit to build churches for the order.

    [>>-i>] Scout [>>-i>]

    The scout uses Iron Armour and is restricted to all enchantment runes except fire ones. The scout generally looks for caves or spots the order can use and usually lays torches before other members venture into dark places.
    They will move ahead of the groups and look out for any of the moon's creatures, the order chooses not to disturb them.
    The scout can use a Sword or Bow

    The scout also goes on Spy missions, she or he will make sure the order is safe from surprise attacks by rival groups.

    :VV: Sorcerers :VV:

    The sorcerers are restricted to Hide Armour and can use any rune they please, but can only use Wooden and Gold weaponry and no bows. The sorcerer will usually create Teleport waypoints between churches and casts many spells to create mineshafts and many other convenient uses.

    Ranks of the order
    The ranks are as follows:

    The priests are what you become when you first gain acceptance into Acerbus Lumen.
    The Sorcerer/Scout/Warrior rank (The Arch Rank) is when you advance from the role of priest to the path of your desire.
    Priests are 'promoted' when they show great deeds in the name of Acerbus Lumen (Erect Churches, Recruit Members, Gather items to fuel our order)

    There are only Three Elder positions available, but these are those who choose to promote people to higher ranks.

    The Sorcerer/Scout/Warrior rank may accept applications.


    Application Format
    In-game Name: 
    Clan Alias: 
    Desired Path: 
    Why do you want to be in this clan?:
    Playable hours:

    Post it in the thread if you want to join.

    Clan Roster

    Aeternus: dark207
    - Sorcerer Master
    Nequam: Koaandl - Undefined Master
    Angelus: Estikar - Priest (Warrior Path)
    Obscurum: Simpa - Priest (Sorcerer Path)

    This clan is based around light roleplay, survival and town creation on our server and spreading the word of our leader into other servers.

    :Diamond: IP:
    :Diamond: Port: 27965

    Copypaste IP:

    Note that Koaandl and I are the elders of this clan, therefor the leaders.

    Large Version (Doesn't work in Minecraftforum.net Signatures)

    Acerbus Signature Logo, Put it in your Signature if you join. It's clickable!
    [b] [color=#FF0000]Acerbus Lumen[/color] [/b]

    Some people have issues when connecting to the server, follow this checklist to ensure connection:
      1. MAKE SURE you use the port. So x.x.x.x:xxxxx and not x.x.x.x
      2. If your client crashes on connection, follow the guide below.

    For client crashes, do as follows:
    1. Press the start button, then click RUN
    2. In the runbox type %appdata%
    3. In the window that opens, find .minecraft and open it
    4. Go to the bin folder
    5. Delete ALL files (the .jars and the version file) EXCEPT for the native folder.
    6. Run the minecraft client .exe again, and it will redownload the latest files.
    7. (OPTIONAL) reapply any skin modifications using MCPatcher or WinRAR
    8. Enjoy!


    Accepted Estikar's application under the alias 'Angelus' with the path 'Warrior' - Post search provided GOOD standing.

    Accepted Simpa's application under the alias 'Obscurum' with the (Current) path 'Sorcerer' - Post search provided GOOD standing.

    Found a server that may be possible to construct a temple on. -http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1014&t=60111

    Aeternus' Whitelist application on: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1014&t=46180 is accepted!

    Major Event:
    2:28 AM, Acerbus Lumen temple "Imperiosus" has been constructed!

    Major Event:
    3:53 PM, Acerbus Lumen now has a server!

    Accepted DrMushroom's application under an the alias 'Expetens' with the path Scout - Post search provided GOOD standing.

    Accepted ChrisRisk's application under the alias 'Sacrificum' with the path Sorcerer - Post search provided GOOD standing.
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    posted a message on The Circle of Magi [Magic] [Kingdom] [Unleashed]
    Are you still accepting new members?

    My IGN Is Dark207 and I'm from Australia.
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    posted a message on Im looking forward to...
    New Sounds/Music
    Bug Fixes
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    posted a message on emonk's server [aus] -no whitelist
    Unknown Host (emk1.no-ip.org)

    Is your IP Dynamic? Because if it isn't a hostname isn't really needed I don't think.
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    posted a message on Survival: Western Canada - Safe & Adult [Hey0][Cuboid]
    In-game name: Dark207
    I live in Australia if that's okay...
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    posted a message on The ghast revealed! (sort of)
    4chan is evil.

    Really evil.
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    posted a message on Is my MC addiction too bad when...
    The point is there was little warning of it and it's 9 PM god damnit.
    A small piece of paper in the Newspaper and something on the radio, but we don't listen to the radio and my mum didn't take much notice of the piece of paper.

    So it was my mother's fault!
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    posted a message on How did you discover Minecraft? was it worth it?
    I read about it in a story in an Australian gaming magazine (PCPowerPlay)
    I checked it out and it was pretty **** at the time, it looked like someone **** a bunch of cubes onto my screen so I was like "Screw this ****."
    Then 4 months later I see a friend playing it and I'm like "Hey isn't that the game that I thought would be cool but wasn't that cool but does have a lot of potential?"
    So I talk to him a bit and we play and I have fun and I'm like OMGYES so I get into creative a bit.
    Now since I'm a poor ******* I convinced my friend to buy me it, he also bought himself it too and now we both play it quite a bit.
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    posted a message on Is my MC addiction too bad when...
    One of the most exciting things happened in this shitty town I live in just happened and I just went back to playing MC once it was over?

    To be specific a **** load of fireworks were just let off down the road at a skate park where vandals and idiot teens hang out, it lasted a whole 20 minutes and I can tell that they most likely just lit the whole box of it on fire.

    My mother called 000 and they said it wasn't an emergency.

    Sorry I just wanted an excuse to say the most exciting thing that's ever happened in my boring ass life.

    EDIT: Turns out it was authorized...
    Thank god no one's reading this thread or the embarrassment might kill me.
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    posted a message on Draw what you think the Ghast will look like

    That gave me an idea...

    Notch should make it so the more evil mobs you kill, the more that you see in hell.
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