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    Well, I'd support the concept if it was possible to somehow coerce Witches to change sides in player+villager vs undead+illager war, lore wise it makes little sense.
    But adding an option to 100% automate nether wart farming seems neat.

    Wow so many replies oô.

    I don't really think that it's mandatory for witches to change sides only for this use. Actually I find the idea kind of funny that while you're trying to get the witches in place, they throw potions at you.


    An automatic netherwart farm would provide you enough netherwarts to make lots of the red nether bricks (which I find really hard at the moment).

    Also I have seen many people who build automatic potion brewers.

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    Building an automatic nether wart farm in the actual game is not possible, as u have to plant nether warts manually. As witches throw potions the lore behind them would suggest, that they have to plant and use nether warts. So my idea would be, that witches get some kind of inventory slots like villagers. If these slots are full of nether warts and soul sand is in range, witches would automatically plant these nether warts. With this addition an automatic nether wart farm would be possible and the hunt for a witch (pun xD) would be a nice new challenge. Also this behavior would add to the lore of minecraft.

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