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    posted a message on Convicted [Classic Prison Server] [Non-OP]
    1) Username:danielsnacker
    2) Your age:12
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days:3-4 Months
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules:yep 3 times
    5) Any experience with the prison genre:Yep i played tons of jail server
    6) What is your time zone:
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard:Im a good choice cause i want to keep the prison clean and kill all the bad prisoners. I want to fight with all the guards and help keep the server Running.
    8) Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline: yes i understand and i will not nag
    9) What is your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard: i am free curently
    Thx u for reading Noakii
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    posted a message on XxxMidnightPvPxxX-PvP-Survival-Raids-Shop-Need Staff-
    pls give me staff
    im nice and kind to people and i think i will be a good staff i want to start out at the louest rank with create mode pls
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