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    posted a message on What kind of Minecraft desktop should I get?
    No way you're getting that without building it yourself. Why do you not want to build one?
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    posted a message on I Need a Server Build for $400 Dollars
    Quote from SteevyT
    Error: over budget, cannot continue.PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / BenchmarksCPU: Intel Core i7-3930K 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor ($449.99 @ Amazon)Total: $449.99(Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)(Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-12-02 00:46 EST-0500)
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    posted a message on Which host should I pick?
    Option 7, DoanVPS.
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    Quote from HostingReviews

    Okay, they did not make it public as it was not their theme, it's a third party company selling it. BestMinecratHosts was liked by so many people and everyone found it easy to navigate around. I didn't want to make something different, i wanted to bring back something like an active version of BMH that people would still enjoy. I see your point how it's the same, but it was not their design, it was one made by another person that they paid for, however we did have to tweak the CSS to get the colors the same.
    We could make the site different, and the chances are we will, we did change the slider to improve it. We don't want to change things too much and make the public not enjoy it, the only change we wanted was it to be active again.

    That is the worst plan I've heard of. In the tech world, if it ain't broken, break it. That's how things improve. You don't keep something the same just because it worked in the past. You innovate, and make something new. This is what I call lazy.
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    posted a message on Cheap VPS! SolusVM
    Either like you say, you're making no profit, or, and this is far more likely, you are overselling a ton. This will result in very bad service quality. I understand that some people may not care about that, but I would be very weary of signing up with you. I'd like to benchmark a VPS to see if I'm right, but I'm not going to bother.
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    posted a message on Getting my son a server for his BD......
    For learning I'm thinking maybe a VPS would be better? It's really a great way to learn Linux.
    I learned Linux when I was 12, by getting a small VPS and trying to set up a web server on it with tutorials. I learned and learned and now, here I am, administrating systems. If you have any experience with Linux, it would really be a great way for him to learn; otherwise he could do it on his own. You could also pay a bit extra for our management service to set it up for him. He could learn how to set up a Minecraft server on a VPS, rather than just using a control panel to get it running.

    Of course, if you don't think that's practical, and you just want a working Minecraft server with zero setup, a shared hosting solution with Multicraft would be good.

    Now, the shameless plug/advertising.
    We offer both the services I mentioned above, and despite that our services are slightly more expensive than others may be, you will be easily satisfied with our level of support and performance. We offer an SLA on support which says that if you don't get a reply to a ticket within 24 hours, your next month is free. Our support staff is professional yet casual, so it's not like you're talking to robots. We know how to laugh! Our servers are never oversold, and there are plenty of resources to spare, so your server will never lag.
    Our prices really are good, and I would recommend our 1gb VPS plan or the shared Minecraft plan for $8.99, and you can get even more off by using the codes in my signature.
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    posted a message on FPS I get with these specs (question)
    Quote from JTitan

    I can't buy online or even more specific:
    My mom doesn't have a credit card. She uses a debit card instead.
    (^I won't go any further than this, I don't need to explain everything).

    Besides, as said in my previous edited post:

    Question open to any computer geek:

    Is an AMD Athlon II x3 455 processor with AMD radeon HD 6570 graphics card
    better than
    an AMD A8-5500 (APU) ?

    (Answer to the question would pretty much close up the topic + get a rep)


    Thanks for the answers though, I appreciate it.

    I bought my build with debit. Just remove the card when you're done, you don't want those things sitting on your account. (or use PayPal)
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    posted a message on MinerServ | We are Hamachi, but we are good.
    Could I get a speedtest result from your clearly very advanced "datacenter"? http://speedtest.net/ in case your technicians didn't know what I was talking about.
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    posted a message on Is this a decent gaming PC?
    Quote from HugeRage

    I know. But it doesn't really matter, I am too scared to build a computer myself, and too lazy to order part seperately.

    Quote from HugeRage

    *Bumpity bump

    Quote from HugeRage

    *bump cause I can.

    Quote from HugeRage

    I hate ATI, so nope.

    Please, sit down while I show you why I don't like what you've said.
    • You're too scared to build a computer yourself? This is actually okay. It's okay to be scared of it, especially if you tried it before and failed. However, it is worth trying again, and this time, be much more careful, and verify everything with a reputable online community prior to ordering.
    • You don't want to build a computer because you're lazy. Because you're too lazy to spend 10-20 minutes saving yourself €200. Here's some very basic logic: You don't make €200 in one hour. 20 minutes is 1/3rd of an hour. If you can save €200 in 20 minutes, why wouldn't you? And if you're spending someone else's money and you won't take the time to save that much of their money, then please tell me what you've been drinking.
    • You bumped, okay, you get the benefit of the doubt because you seem new here.
    • You bumped again after being asked not to and being told that it's annoying, "because you can."
    • On what grounds do you hate ATI/AMD? Please cite your examples explaining the logic behind hating a chip manufacturer. What trouble have they caused you?
    Thank you.
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