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    posted a message on M02 Network - Looking for staff & Builders! - A TON OF RANKS LEFT! Including a Co-Owner slot! Also, a Head-Admin slot!
    IGN: 115massie

    Age: Currently 15 years old

    Ways of Contact: Skype and Email (PM me for details)

    Experience as Staff: Unfortunately I do not have much experience as staff but I know how to behave like a Staff Member and I know quite a few commands. (Can learn the rest easily)

    Rank: I would like to be Co-Owner or Head Admin but considering I don’t have much experience I don’t think you would pick me for those at this time.

    Why I deserve to be Staff: I think I deserve to be Staff because I think I bring a lot to the table. I am very loyal, a hard worker, responsible, honest, trustworthy, innovative, creative, confident and impartial. I believe these skills are needed to be an amazing member of Staff, to treat everyone equally and as I’d like to be treated, because what makes a great server is it’s Community. Without a great community, a server would be almost nothing, and I would like to help this community grow in any way possible.

    Thanks for reading

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