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    What is your main style of playing? Generally speaking I am a technical minecraft player but do try to ensure that any builds I do intend to build look as good as I can make them, I also try to join bases with other players as building on your own is not as fun as playing with others.

    What is your building style? I would say I attempt to build futuristic which usually drags me towards the quartz and the grey coloured blocks.

    What are you looking for in an SMP? Im looking for a server which tries to bring in all of its players together rather than drag them apart. I do have a long lasting single player world but building things on your own and having nobody to look at them or others builds to gain inspiration from is not as fun as playing on a server.

    Any other hobbies or interests outside of Minecraft? I watch a lot of football (soccer for americans) and generally speaking spend the weekend with my significant other. I also play a lot of Pokemon Go when the weather permits.

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