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    I think he needs a stable 1.8 Forge to unfreeze it.
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    Quote from Ham62

    I have the Windows version of Minetest installed on my, and my dad's computer. I think It's a neat game, but it won't load on a stand alone PC with no internet. It's not that bad though I guess. All you people should stop shooting it down for being like another game though! It is a free, open-source game that a guy made for fun. He is not making money off it so it is fine. If you people are shooting this down for being like Minecraft, why don't you learn how to program and make your own game instead. I don't think you realize how difficult it is to make a big 3D game like this. I think it is great that someone decided to make a game like this to share for free with every one. Why do all you think that no one is allowed to make a 3D sandbox game like this? If no one is allowed to make a game similar to another, why don't you get mad at every other company that makes a game similar to Need For Speed speed, like Muscle Car 3 for example. There both racing games, but each company makes it a bit different. This is like Minecraft vs. Minetest. I think this is a silly argument and if you don't like the game, then don't play it! It's that simple! stick with you little Minecraft, just don't shoot down another open-source game just because it's similar.

    it isnt that good, but then again, ive played minecraft's old alpha versions, and pretty much matched. PEOPLE, give the game time to develop, minecraft didnt get like it is in a few days, it took years. minetest has potential (really, they have nyan cat x3), it just needs time to get going and be bigger. Ham, these people dont understand how much minecraft has grown from years. EVERYONE, MINECRAFT IS AT 1.7 RIGHT NOW AND GOING ON 1.8, MINETEST IS 0.49, CAN YOU REALLY COMPARE THE TWO?!?!
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    Quote from Enderdoesmc

    Dagget, we are of the same kind. We can teleport out of the safe. And when we are out of the safe, we can go block collecting!

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    Quote from Raffilcagon

    Can I have your pearl?

    i have extras :3, so yea
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    Quote from enzozo

    she's an elf?

    you look like a brave, strong, courageous, great derpy midget...
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