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    Hmmm I wonder what my favorite thing is with redstone......
    v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v
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    Quote from rtjamerson13

    If I place a seed, as in "Glacier" and go looking for clay, will it be in that seed because of the update OR will that seed continue to be clayless since the seed itself didn't have clay before the update was released... In other words, will the update make an old seed have clay when generating a new world, or will that only apply to seedless worlds that are made on the spot without a seed? Sorry if this is a ramble, but it's difficult to explain exactly.

    There is probably clay there, just look for it harder.
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    Quote from starfox1o1

    its been a long hour

    Yeah sorry about that I went outside while it was uploading and my mom decided to close my laptop.
    It's here:
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    Quote from overkill064

    I used to be a splicer too about 2 years ago but I stopped.
    Anyways, can you splice Raquaza and Dialga?

    Finished it, uploading. Will be done in about an hour according to the uploader.
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    Quote from overkill064

    I used to be a splicer too about 2 years ago but I stopped.
    Anyways, can you splice Raquaza and Dialga?

    Sure thing, I will post it as soon as I finish.
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    posted a message on Pokemon Splice Requests.
    Any requests? I really need inspiration.
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    Hello, I am dazonkey, aka dazonkable on my YouTube channel.
    I used to have a hobby of splicing (mixing) Pokemon sprites to make new monsters. I stopped doing it for a while, but I am going to start again. My problem is, I have no inspiration right now, so I want YOU, the community, to state whatever 2-5 Pokemon you want me to splice and I will do it. The only thing is, I choose which game the sprite comes from, but obviously if it is a 5th generation I can only get it from Black/White.

    If I make a splice based on your choices, I will post your forums username and YouTube username in the description, so leave your YouTube name if you have an account.

    My YouTube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/dazonkable/videos , I would appreciate any thumbs (either direction), views, and comments.

    I hope to be making your requests soon,
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    posted a message on Cracks - A Way To Break Blocks In Adventure Mode
    Quote from fatdadd10

    Why not? Did you even read the OP?

    This is a great idea. In the current adventure mode the only way to make secret rooms is through use of pistons which is annoying and takes ages.

    Pistons are rather easy, I don't know what everybody's problem is with redstone.
    In any case, this is a rather great idea.
    If this goes through to a mod/the game, you, Sir Hexadron, win the internet. Not explorer though, you win like Google Chrome internet.
    **** explorer.
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    Quote from eftj

    I'm pretty sure you just described me.....

    Like weirdly accurate.

    Same here....
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    posted a message on [REQ] Realistic Breeding
    Needs to be added, no arguing
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    posted a message on [Need mods!]Minecraft PvP Factions based server Battlecraft ip:

    Name:Chris Johnson :YFlower:
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    posted a message on school sux
    Quote from Rdemption

    It's advertisement, mostly.

    Activision has millions and millions to spend on an ad campaign for their rehashed game. The only significant change in Call of Duty games is the art on the box. People then buy the game because they saw a shiny trailer or commercial that bears no resemblance to the actual game. For the record, if you look past the fact that CoD has annual releases nowadays, the games are pretty solid, especially in the multiplayer department. but as long as people keep buying new CoD games, more will come to keep up with the demand. capitalism can be quite sad sometimes.

    I'm sure if Mojang had the budget to create trailers, TV commercials and have big posters on billboards everywhere people would buy it. It is well known people will buy products purely based on the advertisements they've seen. they don't need to though because Minecraft is doing great, has an active community and lots of satisfied players.

    You are right about people judging a game by its graphics, which is very dumb thing to do, but it's just the way it is. it's mostly the younger generation, with exceptions, that believe graphics make a game. graphics are considered important though. While I never put graphics before gameplay, story or atmosphere, I do expect AAA games to look at least decent because there really is no reason for those not to look good.

    I can also see why it's very difficult for some people to see past the graphics considering they can make a big difference for people to really get into the game. Graphics improve all the time, and when people see something that looks significantly worse, they simply can not get past that because they are used to having much better. It's a bit like watching television shows or films in HD quality, only to then watch an older series or film in standard definition. It takes some getting used to.

    That being said, graphics should never come before gameplay, story or atmosphere and I wish some people who just play CoD or similar games would give minecraft or any other not graphically impressive game a try. Not just for five minutes but for an hour or two so they can at least come up with some good arguments if they still don't like it.
    It's the same thing with your friend really, he can't get past the graphics and even if he could, Terraria is difficult to get into.

    You can't decide for people what to play though, and if they don't want to play a game for whatever reason, so be it. They're the ones missing out, or not. We don't know because they never tried the game and were not able to form a proper opinion about it.

    I know I was arguing with you in another thread, but I completely agree with you here.
    I just wanna **** all over the people who say graphics is all that matters.
    For example, my dad and other brother though that ****ing Roblox was better than Minecraft because of the graphics.
    Whoever the **** thought Roblox was a good idea can go throw themselves in a ****ing torture chamber and die the slowest most painful death ever.
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    posted a message on whats bad about minecraft?
    Quote from Rdemption

    Let's say you're driving your car, and it's got some flaws. Nothing that makes it undriveable, just some minor things. Are you just going to deal with it because you can't build a better car yourself and thus, in your own words, don't want to ***** about it? Or are you going to go to your mechanic to have it fixed? Seems like a simple answer to me.

    Exactly, it's still drivable, so why complain? If it works, why would I pay some $200 just so it can be a little bit 'nicer'.
    Minecraft works, it serves it's purpose completely, stop bitching.
    If you hate the game, why the **** are you on the forums?
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    Quote from Rdemption

    Naggity nag nag nag rant rant bitchy ***** ***** *****. *insert more things mom would say here*.

    Let's think about what you have said, with a focus on the
    Quote from Rdemption

    Saying people can't criticize a product they bought and played simply because they can't code something better is just dumb, and sadly it's an argument used by many people

    If you could do better, you should stop complaining and make something better.
    The problem is, not many people have that skill.
    So basically, what you have said is , "Those guys can program a better game than me, they are retards."
    I am willing to uphold this argument until I lose the thread, so keep coming.
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    posted a message on whats bad about minecraft?
    Quote from exe626

    a good number of reasons, really:

    it's a survival game that has not a single challenging aspect
    you can 'complete' the game in a few hours with ease
    there's no real replay-ability, only another play through
    little variety when it comes to the different resources, and armour/tools have no balance what-so-ever
    limited to only a sword and bow, a 3rd combat style would be beneficial
    there's no bonus or negative when using a heavy set of armour. eg: archers don't typically dress up like knights when they're going out hunting
    still can only be male
    still no world-size options to help with lag
    nether is still mostly useless
    sky city is still unreleased
    no more animal shaped hills and mountains
    the credits sucked
    dungeons are still lame
    mining is ridiculously easy
    ocean is still empty
    potion system is lame
    mod api still isn't released
    smp is still glitchy as hell
    relies heavily on mods for content

    wtb> active development team

    Someone forgot their tampons this morning.
    And their coffee.
    And their cornflakes had crap in them.
    And there were bees in their underwear.
    And someone put an asshat on their head.

    The only viable argument you had was that mod api still isn't released.
    It is challenging, you can't kill the enderdragon with ease in 'a few hours', there is tons of replayability, every world is different, the resources may lack variation, but have you ever tried to get full diamond armor, every diamond tool, and an enchantment table? Practically impossible, unless you have xray. There is a third combat style: fists. There's even a fourth one: redstone contraptions & dispensers. You do START as male, but you can change the skin to whatever the hell you want unless you are EXTREMELY retarded. World size doesnt account for lag, you only load a few chunks at a time, not the whole world. Nether is no-where near useless, there is blaze rods for potions and eyes of ender (required to beat the game) then there is the pigs that drop you nice gold nuggets, magma cubes that drop magma cream, and ghasts that drop ghast tears and gunpowder. Noone on the Mojang team ever said ANYTHING about 'sky city'. Since when were there animal shaped mountains? The credits sucked, but their credits, they all suck, from every game, ever. If dungeons are 'lame' then how do you suppose people make mob farms? With pumpkins? Mining is nowhere near easy, there is lava, mobs, cave spiders, diamonds are extremely hard to find. The ocean is the ocean, what do you want in it? Pumpkin juice? Potions aren't lame, clearly you lack sophistication required to make them. Jeb is working on the mod api, meanwhile get off your retarded ass and learn how to install mods the old-fashioned way. It's not that difficult. Sure SMP is glitchy, look at any multiplayer game, they have glitches too. Sure, mods DO add a lot of content, but let me ask you, have you completed EVERY achievement in the game? If not, you have not explored the original game's entire content.

    And before anyone else starts bitching, let me ask this:
    Could YOU make a better game? I doubt it.
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