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    posted a message on LF streamer or youtuber to help populate server!


    I run a towny server with a lot of plugins like mcMMO and jobs. Currently, it has started out decently. We have gotten up to 20 players on and normally have 5-7 on. However, expanding past this point has become hard. I can't repost on server websites and don't have enough votes to be seen at the top. The server seems to be liked by most people that join, there just isn't enough people joining.

    I am looking for a streamer or youtuber who can stream and/or post a video of our server. If you want more info about it, just message me or post contact info below. In return you would of course get a staff rank and would be a face of the server and provide good content that viewers would enjoy. Also, the server could help advertise your stream/youtube once it gets bigger.

    Please contact me or post contact info below if you would like to help.

    Thanks a lot.

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    posted a message on Looking for a way to total up Player Statistics

    I was interested in finding a way to total up all of the player statistics. For instance, some website that can add the data from all of the files. A plugin may also work. Let me know if anyone knows how to do something like this!

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    posted a message on [1.8] Can't increase render distance
    I set my render distance down to 6 chunks and now I can't increase it at all. Every time I try to make it higher, the game doesn't load any other chunks. Instead it shows a recurring pattern of about a chunk of land. I know that sounds confusing, but the idea is that I can't increase my render distance. This has been true sense I started using snapshots.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks a lot
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    posted a message on [1.8-pre3] Can't get farmer villager to spawn
    So I have a village with around 60 villagers and I have plenty of every type of villager except the farmer. I have fletchers, shepherds and fishermen (which have the same skin as the farmer), but no farmer. I have also visited and explored 2 villages and haven't seen a farmer there. I was wondering if this is some sort of glitch or if there is a way I can get a farmer to spawn. I need a farmer so I can trade it for melon. One time I went into a creative world to see if I could spawn a farmer and the first egg I spawned was a farmer in the creative world. Anyways, I just really want a farmer villagers and was wondering if I could get any help with this.

    Thanks so much in advance
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    posted a message on Starting FTB Server...
    IGN: dabomb3112
    Screenshot or Video of something you've made. (Doesn't have to be FTB related): youtube.com/dalargebomb
    Gender(optional): boy
    Age: 15
    YouTube(optional): dalargebomb
    Why do you want to be on the server: to hang out and meet new people and play Feed the Beast!
    How will you contribute to the server: I will be able to make group builds or things the whole server will use. I am also a nice friendly guy for people to talk to or if they need help i will b able to
    What's the best way to contact you if you get accepted: skype at dabomb3112
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    posted a message on Feed the Beast Server!
    Minecraft IGN: dabomb3112
    Experience with mods: played for several months know almost everything about the main mods in the pack
    What do you expect form the server: A expect a fun environment to play FTB and enjoy myself and spend time playing FTB with other people.
    Pepsi or Coke(very important): Pepsi
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    posted a message on New Feed-The-Beast Server! (No Lag, No Hamachi, Whitelisted)
    1. IGN: dabomb3112
    2. Age: 16
    3. Why I should allow you onto the server: I am a nice person I have some FTB experience and would love to play on a server with other people. I will be on daily and would like to meet people and make friends!
    4. Have you ever banned from a server before?: no
    5. If so, why?:
    6. Do you have Skype? If so, what is your username?: dabomb3112
    7. Do you have a microphone?: ya
    8: Any other additional info. you would like to share with me: I really hope I am able to join!
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    posted a message on Godcraft (Mindcrack Fan Server) Professionally Hosted, Whitelisted, Active, Vanilla, FTB
    Application Form:

    Age: 16

    Minecraft Username: dabomb3112

    Why do you want to join Godcraft?: to play minecraft with other people on a small vanilla server
    I really enjoy watching mindcrack and would like to play on a fan server

    How often do you plan to play on the Feed the Beast server?: daily

    How often do you plan to play on the Vanilla server?: every couple days I am really into playing FTB right now but I will also play some vanilla

    What do you think you're best at in Minecraft(Such as building, or redstone)?: building cool redstone creations that are usefu such as farms and such. I don't know everything about redstone but I can do a lot of things with it

    Youtube Channel(Only if you post or have posted videos useful for the application): youtube.com/dalargebomb this is an old channel that I used to use but I plan on starting a new one because I had some trouble with it

    Skype(You can message me it if you want): dabomb3112

    Who's your favorite Mindcracker?: Etho but I watch most of them

    Tell me a little bit about you as a person and minecrafter: I am a nice helpful person I started playing minecraft in alpha and know mostly everything about the game I have played on other servers as you will see on my youtube channel but I dont anymore and would love a new one to play on!
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    posted a message on New Public Direwolf 20 1.5.2 v1.1.6 All Mods Hardcore 24/7 PvP
    In-game name: dabomb3112

    Age: 16

    Something about yourself: I have been playing minecraft since alpha I am experienced and love the game, but I would like to get into feed the beast. I already have some experience in single player, but I feel I would have much more fun in multiplayer so I would love to play!

    I agree to the rules: Yes!
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    posted a message on Feed The Beast [Vanilla or maybe Bukkit] [Whitelist]
    IGN: dabomb3112
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    posted a message on Yet another Feed The Beast whitelist server =P
    IGN: dabomb3112
    age: 16

    I would like to play feed the beast because I am getting tired of old minecraft and would like to play something new. Also, I will probaly start recording down the road for youtube and I would like to create a lot of cool things. I also love to talk to other people on small servers like this one and really hope to join this one!
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    posted a message on Anyway to check if Chunks were made in 1.3?
    I was exploring trying to find new land in my Let's Play world, I was wondering if there was a way aside from find emeralds to see if the chunk was created in 1.3?
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    posted a message on [16x][1.6.2]Modern Apocalypse: A Minecraft style MineZ Texture Pack, Minecrafty yet Modern yet Post-Apocalyptic
    This is sick I will definitely use it next time I play MineZ
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.3 - All New Features

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.3 - Automatic Cocoa Bean Farm!
    thanks and I think I said that about the pistons in the video, but maybe not
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