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    Quote from stormbrecher

    I'm having trouble downloading/extracting the file. Any help?

    1. Download it.
    2. Download 7-zip if you don't already have it.
    3. Install 7-zip if you don't already have it.
    4. Open the downloaded file with 7-zip.

    Not difficult XD
    Quote from Jtborth

    Though I couldn't find Doru Areaba while exploring the world, I saw it in your video. How are you going to fit an entire city inside such a small area? Another issue is there is basically no chance you will fit all of Tronjheim in Farthen Dur without having to build the entire thing underground instead of inside Farthen Dur.

    Onto general suggestions:
    • At certain points the rivers go so deep and steep into the ground that it looks terrible, while this can be fixed manually it would probably be a lot less of a hassle to do it in World Painter...you should also consider adding artificial wash-ups and streams while in worldpainter around the map....remember that the world map you are using only shows major things...there is plenty that is mentioned in the book that is not shown on the map....even cities and rivers were omitted from the official Alagaesia map.
    • While I do like the hills near where spawn is on the map, I find them far too large for the southwestern section of Alagaesia which is generally very flat.
    • The edges of the Hadarac are not brushed with a desert biome.
    • Some of the southern Spine mountains are WAY too sharp, the Spine is a range, not a bunch of points mountains..possibly making the spine more uniform and less sharp similar to the Beors would work better.
    • Getting away from spawn, a lot of the land makes awkward circles that looks very unnatural...the only thing to cause this that I can think of is you must have taken a brush and used smooth on it.
    • Du Weldenvarden is almost too dense, you might want to try to start it off with a lower density and gradually make it thicker. Remember: There were spots in the forest that a dragon could walk in with ease...especially near the natural paths.
    I really liked some of the northern Spine mountains...especially the ones that didn't get ridiculously points towards the southern end...I also liked the mountains in Du Weldenvarden.

    Overall this is a great improvement over your previous map and I wish you the best of luck.

    Thanks for all the pointers. I will reply my thoughts in order:
    • I realize that some of the major rivers would have issues. These would be fixed. As for the smaller stuff, I never assumed that there was more to it, but I will take another look at the books and see.
    • To the south/south-west are the beors, they should be huge...
    • Biomes don't really matter to me
    • Yea the spines were bad, I know
    • I personally like DuWeldenvarden the way it is, but you do have a point.
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    The Inheritance Cycle Map
    By DtrollMC/Dtr011
    For those of you who don't know, Alagaesia is the world described in the "Inheritance Cycle" series of books by Christopher Paolini. If you haven't read these amazing books, or want to learn more, check out this site: http://www.alagaesia.com/Anyways, I have made other versions of this map, but they all pale in comparison to this map. Last time around, the map was designed on World Painter, but without custom brushes, trees, or terrain. The time before that, the map was made on a superflat world, with WorldEdit. I have come a long way! This map contains expertly crafted mountains, forests, and lakes. It really excites me the scale and beauty of the map.

    To see the map, check out this video:

    You'll need 7-Zip to open it.
    BuildersLast time around, we had trouble getting a server, so unless someone donates a server, we will do this building a different way. If you want to help build, download the map. I suggest putting it on a server so you can use commands like /tppos. I will post coords of places that need building, and you can build something there. Then take some screenshots, and make a .schematic of the build. Tell me where to stand(where you stood when you copied it). I recommend using WorldEdit for this. If it's good, I will ask for the schematic, and will add it to the official world. This way, people can contribute at any time, and its easier for everyone. So, heres an example if that wasn't clear: Say, you and a friend(friend not necessary) want to build Carvahall. You would get the coordinates from this thread, and teleport to them on your world(again, a bukkit server is recommended here). Build what you want, take some screenshots, and then copy it. to learn how to copy and paste with World Edit, see here.

    Texture PackI've chosen an 'official' texture pack for the map, SMP Revival. It has a great Medieval feel, and works great with the terrain and water and trees. Get it here.

    FeedbackI really appreciate feedback, and it will help the map grow and be great, but let's keep this organized, shall we?
    1. What did you like?
    2. What don't you like?
    3. Do you see any errors in the map? (Puddles, weird glitches, things that shouldn't be there? If so, what are the coords?
    What This Map Is ForAll of us Eragon fans were let down by the movie. It was awful. This map will allow us to make machinima episodes that follow the book, and would be plain awesome.This map will also allow Eragon fans to put themselves in the world, and roleplay with friends! I plan on making a mod to go with this map, and add quests, dragons, weapons, mobs, and more! Basically, in the long run I want to make an Eragon game based on Minecraft!
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    Map has been exported. I haven't explored it yet, and will make a new thread soon. I am currently rendering the map in Overviewer, and it will take a long time. The map itself is 3gb large, uncompressed. More info will be posted tomorrow!
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    Quote from Kidro0
    Is there more space for builders ? 1. Buidling skill, 6+ i think 2. Aesthetic Skill Ehm, what does that mean :s 3. What are you best at building/designing? Towers/castles and houses (decorations too) 4. Do you have Skype/mic? No mic... 5. If you have Skype, put your Skype User here! angry.angry123

    Don't apply here, wait until i remake the thread for the new map! And with a building score so low, i woul dneed to see sample builds

    Anyways: THE MAP IS ALMOST COMPLETE, well the terrain I mean, which is the biggest part. Once it's done, we can start building.
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    You seem to have a lot of random water on the map (seen from the imgur album)

    You must be looking at an old image. I've fixed the terrain since then.
    This is the most recent one:
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    Quote from THe_Woodland_Elf

    If yer still need it I will lend yer a hand.
    1. Building Skill 4.
    2. Aesthetic Skill 3.
    3. What are you best at building/designing? decoration and smallish details.
    4. Do you have Skype/mic? Nope
    5. If you have Skype, put your Skype User here! Nope

    Yes! But keep an eye out for a new thread in the next few weeks, as this thread is obsolete
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    Okay everyone to see the latest snapshots and prograss of the map, please refer to this album: http://imgur.com/a/fCK7Z#0 I will be making a new post once the map/terrain is done.
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    The idea is great, but the terrain is pretty bad. The thing is with Worldpainter many people think terrain is great if they just spam the circular brush, but it makes it look too procedural and unnatural. Try using the noise and smooth brushes on Worldpainter for much more realistic terrain.

    I do realise this and please note that the terrain is not being worked on. The two screens you see is to show people size of the map,and it's progress. Put you do hold a valid point. Do you recommend using noise and smooth together on all terrain? I've used raise/lower with noise and the results we're hideous IMO, unless on mountains. What do you recommend?
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    OKay here is the size the new map will be:

    Kepp checking that album for more pics
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    Quote from FindACreeper

    I have a mac, think you cn make it into a .zip file please?!?!?!?!??!?!

    Once I release the newest map, I can do that
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    Sorry for the wait! This map has had a huge response and I am currently remaking it, this time with more accurate dimensions. I will be testing sizes, to see if my computer can handle it. I will be starting at the 20224x20224, and see how it goes from there. Anything larger and i would need more ram. A 6000block world is huge as well, taking a half hour or more to fly across.

    One of the biggest complaints was the size of the map, so I will try and do it larger this time.
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    Quote from hunterboerner

    No problem.

    Can you help me? Forge keeps failing at downloading some of the libraries, and whenever I try to launch the server, it crashes immediately and tells me it can't find com/google/common/collect/List
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    The High-Tech Mod

    I have been working on this mod a long time, and now I feel there is enough to make a public release. This mod adds new armors, machines, weapons and ores, and will add much more later on. I plan on adding vehicles(ships, suits(think Iron Man), planes, cars) weapons(rifles, explosives) and machines(ore doublers, etc.)

    I also would like to add high tech power generation, to generate BuildCraft power, and that is what the Uranium and Thorium ores are for. But anyways, lets see some of this!


    This mod requires forge and works for 1.5.2. Please do not ask for a 1.6 version, I will likely be fixing this one up and then jump straight to 1.7. Anyways, install forge, and simply drop the Futurology.zip into the mods folder! Easy!


    Thank you for taking the time to check out my mod. I am dying to hear your thoughts, so please leave them below! Also, stay tuned as I plan to rapidly add more and more features!
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