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    posted a message on I'd appreciate some help with conflicts. (mc1.6.4)
    with NEi installed its easy when you know how.

    1) remove the mod that crashed
    2) load game, start a test world
    3) when in game , hit "E" to bring up the NEI inventory screen
    4) hit "Options" bottom left
    5) click "Tools"
    6) click "Data Dumps"
    7) click the "all Option" on all the buttons,
    8) click "Dump" buttons
    9) close the game, and open the .minecraft directory. in there is a "Dumps" folder. Open up the items.csv file with a text editor.
    there are all the used and free ID in use in the game.
    10) put mod back in the mods folder
    11) open up the mod cfg file in the config folder and change the block IDs to free ones from the item.csv file
    12) PROFIT!
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    posted a message on Brand new and my daughter wants mods
    do yourself a favor and watch this ,
    its about the launcher and how to set it up for multiple instances/ versions of modded minecraft
    Its a little dated (1.6) but the rules still apply.
    Plus it explains very simply how to install mods also.
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    posted a message on problem with mod (umbrella)
    Quote from Fixided

    Minecraft default Launcher, if you change which version you played, your configs, resource pack will go back to default and you'll have to re-bind the configs + change back the resource pack.

    And you'll have to move your mods then re-move em' back in, if you play on different modpacks.

    MultiMC on the other hand, creates "instances" which has it's own individual .minecraft file.
    Meaning you won't have to re-do everything if you changed versions.
    Go to your config folder in .minecraft
    And choose the mod's config, open it, and change the IDs.

    you sir are wrong.
    if you create a separate folder(directory) to store your MC profiles/ versions/ instance in, then edit the profile to point to said folder(directory) it will install all the needed files and folders of the created profile in there (basically copying the .minecraft folder and sub folders) . So that when selecting a profile to play it loads from the directory you told it to. So it will not default to the original configs.
    I know because i have several profiles of different versions (1.4.7 to 1.6.4) and different modded mincraft instances all having their own separate folder to launch from. Plus I still have an original vanilla 1.7.4 Minecraft in the original .minecraft folder when i want to play vanilla.
    sounds familiar, no? It's the same thing multiMC does, creates seperate folders from which to launch instances.
    there are a lot of people that don't know this feature about the original MC launcher that has been there since 1.6.4. Nobody ever clicks on the "Edit Profile" button in the MC Launcher. they just click play.
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    posted a message on problem with mod (umbrella)
    you need to edit the config files (in the config folder of .minecraft) of the conflicting mods to have different ids
    look at the spoiler above and read it, it will tell you what mods are conflicting and what id number is conflicting.
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    posted a message on problem with mod (umbrella)
    mc launcher = the original / official minecraft launcher. By adding and editing the profiles you can have multiple instances of minecraft same as multiMC.

    multiMC = a external program that launches minecraft with mods.

    forge is needed for almost ALL mods to run in the minecraft game. at least all the mods in your list above need forge to run.

    I read your crash log and I told you a couple posts up " that you have a lot of ID conflicts " "look at the spoiler" thats why your minecraft is crashing. when blocks or items from two different mods have the same ID then minecraft crashes. you need to edit your configs.

    All i was saying is that you really don't need multiMC when the original minecraft launcher does the same thing. Thats what redundant means.
    But if you want to use it, by all means use it.
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    posted a message on Help needed please for my son before I break something
    for starters you really don't need Magic launcher. the minecraft launcher works just fine.
    all you really need to do is install forge, make sure you download the installer version of forge, and it installs itself. it will create a mods folder in the .minecraft directory.
    run minecraft once first to make sure forge is indeed installed.
    then just drop mod .zip or .jar into the mods folder.
    thats it.
    sometimes it gets complicated when you install a lot of mods, you run into id conflicts, but they are not that hard to deal with.

    here"s a by direwolf20 about the newer minecraft launcher. It's a little dated (1.6.x) but the rules still apply.
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    posted a message on Installing Mods Error 1.6.4
    in the mods ->1.6.4 folder
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    posted a message on 1.7.4 Mods
    go ahead and try, if it crashes then you have your answer.

    my personal opinion is, if it says 1.7.2 then it for 1.7.2 and not 1.7.4,
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    posted a message on Minecraft staying at mojang screen forever
    the best way to install mods is "ONE at a time"
    then run MC to make sure there are no errors or conflicts.
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    posted a message on Please help my kid get mods!
    1) there is no "forge" for MC 1.7.4

    2) you cant run mods made for 1.6.4 in MC 1.7.4... it just don't work.
    1.6.4 mods are for MC 1.6.4. There are only a couple mods for 1.7.4 but they don't use forge.

    3) get rid of magic launcher, you don't need it.

    4) on how to use the launcher for multiple instances/versions of MC. A little dated but still applicable.

    5) if all else fails, you should look at FTB (Feed the Beast) its a mod pack that self installs everything for you, just pick a pack that you like.
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