About Me

RL name: Blake Stevenson
Minecraft account #1: d3master
Minecraft account #2: d3skinner
Minecraft account #3: Lawlman
Xbox Live gamertag: d3skinner
Steam Community name: d3master

Follow me on Twitter: @d3skins @d3skins2
Watch me on DeviantArt: d3skinner

Hey there! My name is Blake, but here you can just call me d3!
I'm a traditional / digital artist whose constant inconsistencies have made me the madman I am today. I'll put a smile on peoples' faces, even on those who hate on me. I’m just creative and spontaneous, and people love me for that...
-- I tend to make jokes if I get the opportunity, if anything is found disrespectful, I apologize. My humor is stale, but I just hate missing those opportunities.


Minecraft, ponies, art (all forms), and music (all genres)

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Minecraft d3skinner Xbox d3skinner Steam d3master

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Skype b1ak3.5t3v3n50n