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    Whitelisted my friend, welcome aboard

    FYI to everyone, the parasites mod was just updated and the changes have been reflected server side.

    i put all required mods into a curse forge modpack titled BIOHAZARD

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    I have a dedicated server thats something a little different. This server Is based on the SCAPE AND RUN parasites mod that i have taken further to create a brutal experience where every choice matters.

    This sever will test your skills to act under pressure with a constantly evolving threat from these parasites. Craft Turrets, firearms, explosives and static defences to try and defend yourself and hope you can make it to sunrise.

    this server also contains dynamic weather, improved villages, the odd ruined city to explore and loot (if you have the gear for it) bloodmoons and invasion nights.

    This isnt your mommas minecraft, i built this experience to match what i like in my open world survival worlds.

    if i can get a big enough group i may even make a mini youtube series documenting our struggle for survival.

    do you have what it takes to survive no matter the cost?

    server is white listed so please drop your name and a reason you want to join this nightmare.

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    posted a message on Looking for players to join my survival realm: Realmington McRealm

    IGN d3athl3sskn1ght

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    need that ip

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    IGN: d3athl3sskn1ght

    Age: 27

    Time zone or country: ct usa

    Email: [email protected]

    Youtube channel:

    Link(s) to where you stream:

    What are your plans once you are on the server? redstone builds and help the community grow

    How often will you be able to be on the server? daily

    How long have you played minecraft? since beta

    What are your minecraft strengths? redstone

    Do you have a mic and discord? yes and yes

    Tell us a little about your channel if you are a youtuber or streamer. Example: How long have you been streaming/uploading? How many followers/subscribers? Times per week? na

    Any additional information you'd like to share? na

    Any questions you have for us? na

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    posted a message on JOIN MY NEW REALMS SURVIVAL WORLD!


    My IGN is d3athl3sskn1ght. I'm 27[/b] years old and I'm living in the USA

    If you want more information about me please PM me.

    Will be very active on your realm

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